So, first X-Men story. Basically, First Class made me fall completely in love with this fandom and I was eager to make my own contribution. It's just a little ficlet, but hopefully you will enjoy it, nonetheless.

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"Erik, this is my sister, Raven," Charles said, gesturing to the blonde-haired girl.

"Hi," Raven greeted Erik with a bright smile and a small, yet cheerful wave, which he did not return, instead merely nodding to her curtly.

"Raven is a mutant, like us," Charles continued, as he pulled his adoptive sibling into a one-armed hug and dropped a kiss onto her hair.

Erik's eyes scanned Raven once before flickering to Charles in a questioning glance, "What can she do?"

Charles smiled fondly at his sister before turning back to Erik, "Raven's gift, it's really something quite remarkable."

"It's really something quite remarkable," a voice, identical to his own, echoed; he tossed Raven a sideways glance to see that he now had his arm around himself, or, at least, a copy of himself. He exhaled a little laugh as his copy smirked at him playfully. One of Erik's eyebrows inched up a fraction, intrigued.

"She can alter her appearance," Erik said, running an eye over the perfect replica of Charles that stood before him.

"Yes," Raven replied, shifting so that Erik was now staring at himself, "I can," before his masculine features melted away and she returned to her normal, blonde form.

"Interesting," Erik murmured, more to himself than to the others, raising his tone as he voiced his next question, "And that's what you normally look like, is it?" he nodded at her current guise, the flash of blue that was present every time she changed not escaping his notice as easily as she'd hoped it would.

Raven swallowed, her smile fading. She shifted her weight from one foot to the other nervously; Charles picked up on her discomfort and whispered softly in an attempt to reassure her, "Raven, we are all mutants, here."

She glanced up at her brother and stepped away from his embrace as the image of the blonde teenager shifted. Blue scales appeared where pale skin had once been, her dark eyes shone amber and her long, blonde hair became short and red. She looked up at Erik, her embarrassment mounting to an alarming rate when she saw just how intense his stare had become as he scrutinized her. His gaze roamed her mutant form and she met his eyes, searching for the fear, the revulsion, that she knew would be so prominent in them, no matter how hard he tried to hide those feelings - only to feel a wave of shock and confusion wash over her when she discovered nothing of the sort.

"Exquisite," he murmured quietly, without any further elaboration, before he returned his attention to Charles.

As her brother and Erik talked about Division X and the CIA, Raven exhaled an almost inaudible sigh, resuming her normal form. She stole a glance at Erik. Exquisite, he had called her. Even when confronted with her mutant appearance.

No one had ever called her that before.

Not even Charles.

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