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Love Forever: The Outtakes.

Edward Leaves the Cullens.

Edward's POV

I sat in the living room watching my family, they all had their mates, they were happy.

And here I was, sitting alone, I was miserable and I hide it well, OK tell a lie, Jasper know my truth feeling but I hide it from the rest quite well.

Or so I thought.

"Hey Eddie, how about we try and find you a mate this year?" Emmett asked.

"Don't call me that." I hissed getting up from my sit and walking out the front door.

I didn't want a mate, I had a mate. Or I use to.

I still hurt to think about her. My lovely wife. My Bella.

It's been 110 years since she when missing, since I was turned.

All the pain had yet to leave me, but that I was grateful for, it meant she was real, that what I had with her was real.

I stopped walking, I could feel something in me wanting to continue, wanting to follow this pull that I feel, but I could not do that to my family, I could do that to Bella.

I knew what this feeling meant; I read it in Carlisle mind when we moved to Ashland, Wisconsin this was how he found Esme again after all these years.

It meant that my mate was close. I had been feeling like this for a while now and I had yet to allow my body to follow the pull.

I didn't want anyone other than my Bella.

But as the wind picked up a sent I thought I would never smell again washed over my face.

No it can't be.

Without thinking of what I was doing I ran towards the pull, towards the sent I had missed.

With one thought going throw my mind.

I'm come Love. I'll find you Bella.

Mean while at the Cullen household.

Alice's POV

Edward had just walked out the front door.

Rose had hit Emmett over the head for being a twit.

And Carlisle and Esme where looking down, trying to hind there faces from us, but I could see how sad they were.

We all knew how unhappy Edward was.

We all knew it was a matter of time before he left and never came back.

I was going to say something when I was pulled into a vision.


Edward was standing in the middle of the woods when a sent hit him, Edward smiled and started to run towards it.

Then the vision changed.

Edward was smiling down at a woman with brown hair and golden eyes.

"I can't believe you're alive. I've missed you so."

Edward lean down and kissed her.

The vision changed one more time.

Edward was sitting in a house that was sounded by trees. The female smiled.

"Are sure you want to stay Edward, won't your family miss you?" she said.

"Your my family Love, But I promise I call them."


A sob passed my lips as the vision ended.

Edward was never coming back.

At that thought I could not control the sobs that wanted to escape.

"Alice?" Jasper asked worried.

He pulled me into his lap and let me sob into his chest.

"Dearly what's wrong?" I could not bring myself to look at either Carlisle or Esme, I knew this would upset them, but I also knew they had a right to know they would never see there son again.

"Edward" sob "Never" sob "coming" sob "back" I sobbed into Jasper chest.

"What?" Rose said shocked.

Carlisle had his arms wrapped around Esme as she cried tears that would never fall.

I looked at them then, saw How miserable we all where because of Edward.

I tryied to calm myself. We all feared this day would come.

"I saw him in the woods, a sent had him smiling, then the vision changed and his was kissing a brunettes, then it changed once more and Edward told her, she was his family."

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