Deidara woke to the soft sound of Sasori's carving. He'd only heard it once before but it sounded so nice, the flick of the knife, a soft sort of buzz noise as a piece was shaped off in one clean stroke, and the soft noise of the shaving falling to the floor. When the wood was carved it also gave off a nice smell and Deidara wondered if that was the sap or if wood naturally smelled like that. He flipped over in bed to see Sasori with his back against the headboard of the bed, his eyes narrowed slightly in concentration as he worked. Deidara had decided he liked his Danna's eyes, whether they were happy or focused intently like they were now they were always such a nice shade of brown, it reminded him of the chocolates his mom used to give him before the war started. "Danna?" His voice was soft and laced with sleep however even the softness caused Sasori to jump slightly.

"Oh, morning Dei." he said with a small smile. Deidara glanced at Sasori's arms, frowning slightly when he noticed small red stains in a few area, however he looked up confused at Sasori.

"Dei?" he asked confused.

"Yeah, if you're going to give me a nickname then it's only fair you have one too." He said with a nod of his head and Deidara accepted the explanation with no questions. "You hungry? My mom's probably made breakfast by now." with that Sasori hopped out of the bed and looked up at Deidara expectantly.

Deidara's stomach growled with ravenous hunger and he realized he couldn't remember the last time he ate.

He nodded excitedly and hopped out of the bed, however his legs were slightly wobbly and he grabbed onto the bed for support. Sasori laughed, "You look like a newborn horse."

Deidara glared, "Do not un!" and soon found his balance and let go of the bed.

"Come on, the kitchen is this way." Sasori grabbed Deidara's hand and led him to the kitchen, however the room was dark and empty. Sasori frowned, "That's weird, mom is usually up by now."

"Sasori?" The voice made them both spin around in fear, only to relax as they saw it was only Sasori's mother.

"Mom don't do that." Sasori scolded and the elder smiled softly.

"Guess what you two." They both looked at her with confusion. "We're all going to stay at Granny Chiyo's for a while!"

"Aww man." Sasori pouted as he crossed his arms, he always hated his grandmother's house.

"Who un?" Deidara asked looking at Sasori for guidance.

"My crazy grandmother, I don't like her."

"Sasori!" his mom scolded.

"What? She smells and she always has to pinch me cheeks." he whined and placed his palms over his cheeks as if to protect them.

"We're taking the train."

At that Sasori's ears perked, "Really mom?" She smiled and nodded. "Dei did you hear that? We're going too…" Sasori froze as he noticed Deidara looking absolutely panicked. "Dei?"

"They, they're not going to take us to a camp are they?" he asked, fear clear in his voice.

Sasori frowned and thought, "No they don't usually stop at camps but they stop at lots of other cool places!"

Sasori's mother understood and she smiled softly at Deidara kneeling in front of him. "No sweetie." She placed her hand on his cheek making the younger boy flinch before looking up at her dark brown eyes. They weren't as pretty as Sasori's but they still had the warm gaze of truth in them and soon Deidara found himself relaxed.

"Danna will be there right?"

"Yeah of course I will!" said Sasori smiling, "It takes forever though!" he whined, "Like hours and hours!" Deidara wondered what this train was like, the one he'd been on they all had to stand really close together and you had to pee where you stood. They didn't get fed and there was a horrible smell. "So when are we leaving?" asked Sasori and his mother looked up.


"Now? Already?" asked Sasori surprised and his mom nodded. "But we're hungry." Sasori whined.

"We'll get something on the train, now come along I've packed some of Sasori's older things for you Deidara." said Sasori's mom smiling. "Come on, we're going to miss the train."

"Here." Sasori grabbed Deidara's hand. "I know where the train station is, so just hold onto me ok?" Dediara blushed deeply and smiled shyly and Sasori.

"Kay un." he said softly. Soon the three were outside the house and on their way.

"Hey mom is dad coming?" asked Sasori, his arms shuddering as he remembered the night before. Deidara frowned as he looked at Sasori wishing he could rub the redhead's arms to help him get through the pain, but he was afraid he could possibly hurt him even worse.

"No sweetie, he's a bit busy right now." said Sasori's mother with a sad sigh which made Sasori look confused, but shrug it off.

"Okay!" After walking a short while the arrived at the train station. Sasori's mother bought the tickets and they walked onboard, Deidara was stunned. it wasn't scary at all, in fact it looked really nice with comfy looking seats and a delicious smell was wafting through the train.

"Shall we go to the dining car first?" Sasori's mother asked when suddenly another door slammed open. Deidara looked in the direction of the sound only to flinch and cower.

The Nazis were here.