I try running, it catches me. I try hiding, it finds me. I move to the tail end of nowhere just to have a little peace and still trouble comes knocking in the form of my half-dead neighbor giving me a warning about krug coming, telling me to find some guy in a town on the other side of said incoming horde, and promptly bleeding out on the little bridge to my farm. Then came the krug, lumbering down the trail with torches and cudgels and various other implements of destruction intended for use on both myself and my house. I locked eyes with the one that seemed to be leading the assault, and we both cried out a challenge.

His was a battle cry to charge, pillage and destroy... mine was more of a shrill scream that said "You're going to have to catch me first!" before I quickly turned and ran like hell in the opposite direction. Not that I had anywhere to go. Like I said, I lived at the tail end of nowhere. Aside from the bridge over that creek, my land was surrounded by steep mountain slopes and cliffs that are impossible to climb. Which left me with some very unfavorable options.

Weighing those options wasn't really something I had time for though, especially since the shouting krug was still coming right at me. I stopped by my chicken coop, the feathered residents also being very vocal as they fled after seeing the krug, and grabbed the tool leaning against it. I took it in both hands, spun in place when the monster got close and bashed my shovel into the side of its ugly head. Blood splattered in my face and it went down hard. I was almost pleased with myself, until I saw three more of the little beasts heading in my direction.

Running on pure reflexes, I raised my hand and unleashed a brief flurry of fireshots at them. They were- What? You're wondering why a simple farmgirl like me knows magic? Well, I did say I moved out here. It's something I picked up when I lived in a town. It's also part of the reason I had to quickly move away from that particular town. What was left of it. Anyway, that's another story entirely, so back to the krug.

They were fried, extra crispy and rolling around in a frantic attempt to put their burning pants out respectively. I was feeling kind of sorry for the third one so I helped him out... by giving him a few skull fractures with my shovel. I offered the same treatment to the pair that had chosen to lay waste to my house and barn as well, though I didn't bother to put them out when they started screaming about their flaming shorts.

Watching as my house burned to the ground thanks to those stupid krug, I sighed, glanced at the corpse of my neighbor and was careful not to slip in his blood as I walked around him. With my home turning into a pile of ash, going back to town was really all I could do. At least if I wanted to stay alive. I'd go there, talk to the guy my former neighbor mentioned and hopefully find a place to stay. Provided I can remember the guy's name, I hadn't really been listening at the time, what with him bleeding all over the place and freaking me out. Oh, and let's not forget the hordes of krug lying in wait between the town and my toasty abode that would like nothing more than to slaughter me, a simple farmgirl with nothing more than a shovel and a handful of fire.

Yeah, they don't stand a chance.