Was watching Halo Part 2 and I really couldn't stop watching the part where Adam calls Fiona then runs off and Eli and Clare who were talking seemed deep in conversation just what were they talking about well this is my take. I'm thinking about doing another chapter to this just for a little fun nothing too serious. It all depends on the amount of reviews I get I guess.

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The party was in full swing and they were people everywhere. What Clare wanted was just a nice quiet place to kiss her boyfriend. Judging by the people who were either talking or dancing they're never seemed to be any place to be alone. Short of leaving the party to have a make out session in Morty that was parked a block away but even then she always had the steering wheel sticking into her back because getting Eli to clean the back of Morty was like her or taking the Lord's name in vain.

Which never happened.

Clare was getting more than a little aggravated that people seemed to be standing within breathing distance she swore she actually felt the heavy breather standing three feet away on her neck. The kiss on her porch after last night's date left her feeling frustrated and wanted to relieve some of the friction she was feeling.

Stupid Party.

She saw a pile of crates that were vacated finally she could have some peace and quiet and to try to forget how Eli's hands innocently slid a little lower than her lower back last night on her porch.

She wanted more.

Not all the way more, just more touching, more kissing.

More Eli.

Running a hand through her perfectly curled hair she let out a sigh of frustration she was supposed to the be the good girl in all of this, blushing from just a smirk from a cute boy or the way his hand would casually brush against hers while they walked was supposed to be enough for the Christian girl who decided to wait until marriage to have the taboo word but she wanted it, she wanted to feel like she was the only girl he had ever touched or would want to touch.

To top it all off Eli had left her stating a drink emergency running out of cups or something and he left to take care of it with a small promise he would be back as soon as he could, so even if she was willing making out in Morty was out of the question because she was missing two of the three pieces of a good make out opportunity. Her head dropped to her hand that was propped up by her elbow on the crates.

She was getting super bored, super quick.

Stupid Party.

"Something wrong Edwards?" the very bane of her problem whispered in her ear and she shivered, her eyes followed him as she stood across from her leaning on one arm closer to her this may be her only opportunity tonight to get a little bit of what she wanted.

"My boyfriend left me at a party where I barely know anyone" she wasn't sure if she was angry or was teasing him but with his subtle look down at her lips and back to her eyes she teased him. Seems like she wasn't the only one wanting alone time.

"He doesn't deserve you" his voice dropped lower and leaned closer.

"I know he's pretty lucky having me all to himself" she perked her head up letting her arm drop to the crates her arm scarcely brushing against his in the process and brought her right hand to lightly run her fingers up his arm on the crate. She found her absentmindedly running them up and down his arm feather light as they looked at each other.

"I'm in the mood for PDA" Eli spoke softly as he moved his hand to clutch hers, causing her to smile and it was at that precise moment Adam came rushing past them.


"I gotta go find the princess" he smiled for them looking nervous, anxious and excited rolled into one big bundle of nerves. Eli moved ready to talk his friend down but Adam was not having that and walked off with one last attempt Eli tried calling his name again.

"Adam!" but Adam was already out of sight.

"I hope he's not setting himself up for disappointment"

"Come with me there's something I want to show you" he held his hand out for her and led her through the center mix of the people to somewhere less crowded then before. A yellow hammock stood out against darkness of the surrounded walls and forest.

"You complained that you never got to see the stars at night, well you're hammock awaits" he gestured to the piece of material that had seen better days but for now it would serve its purpose.

"Join me?" she blushed and looked down waiting for his answer.

"No place I'd rather be" Eli got in first swaying gently back and forth before Clare climbed in shifted across his upper body and bit her lip to keep from moaning from his body coming in contact with hers. She shifted around for a few minutes until she found a nice comfortable spot, that kept enough distance between them for it to remain innocent but still touching that she wouldn't need a blanket if she got cold. He was warm.

She couldn't help but smile as one hand took her hand while the other rested on her upper stomach still innocent mind you but hinted at moving upwards only an inch and he'd touch her breast, she felt her nipples tighten, she had to get a grip on these emotions. She was behaving like a little harlot.

If she kept the topics safe then she wouldn't think about how she wanted one hand to move lower from her stomach and the other to let go of her hand and actually cup her breast, but the party still in full swing they would be caught so for now. Safe topics.

"The stars are out"

"What's you're wish?" he spoke slowly glancing at the stars

"If I said it out loud then it won't come true" he laughed and she smiled as she let go of his hand to run her fingers up and down his hands giving him a small encouragement that he was in fact her wish but that was her secret.

"How cheesy would it be if I said mine already has?" he looked down at her and she felt his gaze on her, she shifted her head to gaze at him through her peripherals and she couldn't help but smile and look back up at the stars.

His hand on her stomach was tapping a beat only his fingers knew and she prayed that he couldn't feel the way her skin was heating up.

"This party is what everyone needed" another safe topic Adam

"Thanks to Adam. The hero" he couldn't help but smile at her abrupt change of subject and knew the effect his fingers were having on her but he'd play along only for a little while longer. She smiled again; the boy sure did know how to make her smile and was grateful that he took her sudden conversation change.

"I hope he's okay" she said sincerely and she really wished him happiness.

"Adam can handle himself, now you on the other hand Edwards mind telling me why the sudden change of subject?" his fingers closed over her hand that decided they were going to play absent mindedly with his to still her movements.

"I have no idea what you're talking about" thankful for the position they were in so he couldn't see her blush or bit her lip she was caught.

"You're forgetting I was there last night too Clare . I heard the small little moan when my hands tried to cop a feel of your ass to bring you closer"

"I did not!" she did but she was going to deny it, they were heading down a road she wasn't sure she could be on in front of all these people.

"Did too" his fingers on her stomach stopped and squeezed just a little

"Did not!"

"Did too" his other hand moved slightly lower and gave a gentle squeeze to her breast something he'd never done before and it slipped out before she could stop it just that hint of a moan.

"Told you" he whispered in her ear. She was back into a corner with nowhere to turn, she might as well face it because she was Clare Diane Edwards and she did not back down from anything.