I was just really in the mood for a change from MEET THE FAMILY, as I am having writer's block with it. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO I decided to torture Robin. :D FUNSIES!


WARNINGS: Blood, (tiny bit) language, awesomeness, bald bast***

TIME FRAME: After "Targets"

CHARACTERS: Dick G./Robin & Wally West/Kid Flash


Chapter One: Bullet

They were in Metropolis, following up a lead on Lex Luthor. Apparently, he was going to try and rob this Museum of it's ancient Aztecan Ruby, that, supposedly controlled the shape matter took. Kid Flash and Robin were on the roof, peering down into the dimly lit area as the moon shined down behind them. Aqualad and Superboy were inside, crouching in the shadows of a gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex. Superboy looked up at its jaws and smirked. Cool...

Miss Martian entered his thoughts. What's cool?

Superboy jumped. M'gann!

Sorry! You're just thinking so loud!

Leave me alone, please.


She cut the link, and Superboy couldn't help but smile. Miss Martian and Artemis were hiding behind the Museum, waiting to see what kind of goons Luthor would send to get their hands dirty so he wouldn't have to. Her bow taunt, Artemis rested her back against the cool bricks as she watched Miss Martian mindlessly playing with some lights. She made it fade from red to green to blue to yellow, then back again, repeating the cycle.

"When do you think he's gonna show?" Miss Martian asked.

Artemis shrugged. "How am I supposed to know?"

Kid Flash vibrated in his spot next to Robin. The younger boy scowled. "Dude, you're hot."

"I know."

"No, I mean you're hot! As in, stop touching me."

Rolling his eyes, Kid Flash scooted over and stopped his vibrating. "Sorry. Just kinda' excited."

Robin cocked an eyebrow. "Um... Why?"

"Because- this is a big case! This is Lex Luthor, for crying out loud!"

Robin slammed his hand over Kid Flash's mouth. "Speaking of 'crying out loud', Kid Mouth!" he hissed.

Kid Flash rolled his eyes, fingering his goggles. "Whatever."

There came a small crash, and Robin's eyes were suddenly glued to the window as he inspected the shadows. Squinting, he grinned and grabbed his grappling hook before opening the skylight with a tiny creeeeeeak! "C'mon, Carrot-top. I see 'im."

"I'm not a carrot-top..."

"Shut up!"

They rappelled down to the floor and dashed over to Superboy and Aqualad. "I have sight of the target," Aqualad said in a whisper as Robin crouched next to him. Boy Wonder grinned.

"Watching too much Borne Ultimatum, are we, Kaldur?"

Blushing, Kaldur shrugged. "It is a good movie."

Robin rolled his eyes and pushed his comm unit. "Alright... Miss M? You got the plan, right?"

"Right, Robin!" came the scratchy reply.

Nodding, (not that Miss Martian could see it, or anything...) Robin stood slowly.

"Alright, Luthor hates to get his hands dirty, so-"

"I do hate to get my hands dirty," came an unmistakable voice. There came a metal crack, and Robin almost swore as he slowly turned to face the barrel of a gun.

"Hands up," Luthor ordered. "All of you, or Boy Wonder get a bullet to the brain."

"Feeling alliterative, are we, Lex?" Kid Flash snapped as he stood, hands up. Superboy and Aqualad were already up.

Lex shrugged, rolling his shoulders. "Maybe. And, Boy Wonder," he snapped, spiting in Robin's face, "I don't really mind doing the dirty-work every once in awhile. Sometimes, you have to do things yourself."

Robin snorted. "Yeah. Like you actually do work! There's a brain behind your face, Luthor. And when we figure out who it is, we'll totally kick your arse."

Luthor rolled his eyes. "Of course you will. Now, stupid children, let me take the Ruby, and this'll all be behind us. I'll even credit you in my supervillian monologue."

Superboy snorted, following Robin's example. "You can't beat us-"

"Says the boy who's been beaten by his own father."

That was it for Superboy. With a roar, he rushed at Luthor.


The gun went off.

With a cry, Robin fell.

Kid Flash rushed to his friend's side as Aqualad pulled Superboy off of an unconscious Lex Luthor. "Robin-ohGodohGodohGodthebloodmyGod... Kaldur! Robingotshot- ohmyGodohmyGod!"

Kid Flash was speaking rapid-fire as his heart shot into his throat.

The bullet had gotten Robin just next to his heart, square in the chest. Blood absolutely poured from the boy's red tunic, staining it an even darker shade of crimson. "MyGodmyGodmyGod!"

Kid Flash put pressure onto Robin's wound. A rasping wail emerged from the boy's lips, and Kid Flash blinked back tears. Blood seeped into his skin as it passed easily past his suit's fingers. "Superboy!" he cried to the clone. "Help me!"

Superboy ran to Robin's side, Aqualad on his heels. "Here," Wally said, nodding to Robin's chest. "Put pressure on his wound- not too much, though."

Superboy pushed gently on Robin's chest when Kid Flash pulled back. The younger hero moaned, and Superboy let up. Aqualad put his webbed hand on Superboy's shoulder and shook his head. "No, Connor. Put more pressure on- to staunch the bloodflow."

Superboy nodded and pressed down, trying to block out the sound of Robin's moaning.

Kid Flash was tearing up pieces of his uniform- first the arm, then the leg- and told Superboy to let up. The clone did, and Kid Flash sopped up some of the blood before ordering Superboy to put down more pressure.

Miss Martian flew into the room, Artemis on her heels. "We heard the shot but couldn't locate it- Holy crap..." Artemis froze at the sight.

Robin was pale, paler than usual, and laid in a pool of his own blood. Kid Flash had his friend's crimson all over his suit, and a good portion of the liquid covered up Superboy's hands and arms. Aqualad stood, blood on his knees and bare feet, and pressed his comm unit.

As he spoke into it, Miss Martian looked around. "Where's Luthor?"

Artemis swore. "You let him get away?" she yelled at Wally, fully expecting a come-back.

But Wally was furious beyond comebacks. "DAMN IT, ARTIE! ROBIN'S SHOT AND ALL YOU CAN THINK ABOUT IT LUTHOR?"

Artemis froze. "I- I'm sorry," she hissed reluctantly. "I- I just-"

"Wally!" came Superboy's voice. "Robin isn't breathing!"