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WARNINGS: minor language

PAIRINGS: WonderBat, SuperMartian, Waltermis.


Chapter Whatever: Conclusion

Batman was sitting outside, on the ground, a weeping Diana next to him.

"No..." Barry hissed, eyes wide, and he burst into the room.

Several doctors were checking the machines rapid-fire, and one had ripped open Robin's bandages and was now pressing down harshly on the boy's bruised chest with a pair of AED handles.

"Oh, no... Oh, God, no!"

"Rev it up!" One doctor screamed.


Robin's chest was thrown into the air, but he still made no reply.







Swiftly, Flash shoved the doctors out of his way as he rifled through the cabinets at the Speed of Light. He found a syringe quickly, and poured the vile of antidote into it.


Schreeck! came the shock on Robin's poor chest.

Flash was over at Robin's side. The boy's dead face was pure-white, his lips turning blue, eyes open and glassy as he stared at the ceiling. Not even bothering to clean his arm, Barry shoved the needle into the vein in the crook of the boy's elbow.

The liquid churned with Robin's blood, diving in and out of his arteries and veins, attacking the poison that was in his lungs and heart. But, as they tried to re-start the boy's heart, the antidote froze for several moments, then continued, only to be stopped again.

"STOP!" Barry screamed. All of the doctors looked at him like he was insane.

"Just- just wait for five more seconds..."

Robin was dead.

The antidote flowed through his body, eating away at the last bit of poison.

"NOW!" Flash screamed, throwing his hand down onto a table.

Batman heard Flash screaming, but the words didn't register. He felt the warm Amazonian woman curling into his side, her tender hands draped over his stomach and back as she hugged him. He had a thick, gloved hand on her lower back as he held her gently, her shoulders shaking in sobs.

There came several shouts of- joy?

In an instant, Bruce was in the room.

What he saw elated his heart.

Robin was there, in the bed, breathing huskily, but smiling at his 'father'. "Tati..." he called to Bruce.

"Yes, fiul?" He asked, crossing over. Running a hand over the boy's head, he felt no fever whatsoever.

"What happened?"

Batman looked up to Flash, who was at a loss for words. "I- Uh... we- the doctors, I mean- I mean- uh, um... I-"

"Flash is a hero!" One brunette doctor screamed and kissed his cheek. "Robin was dead, but he injected him with the antidote, and, after that, we were able to start back his heart!"

Everyone cheered, especially Diana. She pulled Flash forward and gave him a soppy kiss on the cheek.

He blushed. "I'm married, Di."

She grinned playfully. "And I'm dating."

Flash raised an eyebrow. "Wha-" At the glare that Batman gave him, he chuckled. "Oh... Right."

Dick grunted and pulled himself up on the bed. His chest still hurt, but that was only because of the open wound. "T-Tati... Where am I?"

"The Watchtower," Batman replied, wiping sweaty hair from the boy's face. "We had to bring you up here for emergency evaluation and medical assistance."

Nodding, Dick closed his sapphire eyes. "Tati..."


"Don't leave me, please..."

Bruce smiled as the doctors filed out. "Never."

They all sat in the living room. They hadn't moved for the past seven hours, besides for going to the bathroom.

They were in the pre-grieving stage, the stage where you know that the person is lost to you, you just can't admit it and are weeping and killing yourself over it.

Wally was sitting next to Artemis, his hand in hers, as he stared at the carpet. Artemis was sleeping, her head on his shoulder. M'gann was lying on the other couch, also fast asleep. Kaldur was reading. Superboy was staring at the TV (his favorite channel- 'the Fuzzy Show'), and Red Arrow was pacing- still.

"Damn, Roy!" Wally practically shouted. "Sit down before you bore a hole in the ground!"

Roy growled and continued to pace.

Wally normally would have rolled his eyes and cracked a joke, but he didn't feel very happy or funny at the moment...

Suddenly, there was a loud ching sound, like the teleporter dock dropping off someone-


That was exactly what that sound was.

With a burst of in-human speed, Kid Flash was in the debriefing room. There stood Wonder Woman, Flash, and Martian Manhunter.

The other filed in quickly, Artemis and M'gann yawning and wiping sleep from their eyes. Artemis stood next to Wally, taking his hand tightly as they all looked up, biting their lips, waiting for news.

A grin suddenly broke out on Diana's face. "He's okay."

Everyone began to dance and scream with joy, just then. It was as if someone had won the lottery. You could almost see the confetti falling from the air.

All of a sudden, Wally had both his hands on either side of Artemis's face, and he pulled her into an violent kiss. After a moment of shock, Artemis buried her hand into his red locks while holding his torso with the other. Wally wrapped both arms around her lower waist as their lips worked over each others. Both made sultry groans in the back of their throats. Wally nibbled on Artemis's lip, and she allowed their tongues to meet.

Everyone just stared at the major make-out session. Flash was grinning, Red Arrow was fuming, Superboy and M'gann were confused, Diana was giggling, J'onn looked disapproving, and Kaldur had an eyebrow cocked to the ceiling.

After about a minute, the two broke apart for air.

"So..." Flash broke the awkward silence. "Wanna see 'im?"

The color had- for the most part- returned to Robin's masked face as the Young Justice team made their way into his secluded room in the Watchtower's Medical Bay. M'gann flew to him and enveloped the boy into a hug, which he returned, if not as hard. Aqualad put a hand on his shoulder, a large smile on his face. Superboy hugged Robin gently, softer than M'gann had, even, afraid to hurt the boy. Robin giggled and rolled his eyes at Superboy. Red Arrow shouted for a minute, but when Robin started laughing, he did, too, and proceeded to ruffle the boy's hair.

When Artemis and Wally came in hand-in-hand, Robin only stared. Turning to Aqualad, he said, "You owe me twenty bucks."

Five weeks later, Robin was completely healed, Artemis and Wally were still licking each others faces, M'gann and Superboy had started 'seeing' each other, and Kaldur was still Kaldur. Batman and Wonder Woman were still 'a secret', but everyone in YJ knew the truth- from KF and Rob, of course. And Red Arrow was hanging out more and more at the Mountain.

Now, as they all sat in the gaming room, duking it out on Mario Karts, Robin stood at the door frame, looking over his team.

Miss M is the mother... She freaks when something happens to her 'babies' and wants to do anything she can to help...

Superboy is... Superboy... Okay, maybe like a very, very overprotective uncle or cousin or something- he's a bit too different to be close-related, but he's part of the family, nonetheless.

Kid 'Mouth' is the big brother, no doubt. The annoying one that likes to pull your leg and snort milk at you...

Kal is the father- responsible, always blaming himself, always trying to keep a handle on the situation. He's the mediator.

Artemis- big sister- the one that acts like she hates you, but really can't stand when you're in pain.

Red Arrow, well, big brother... He's protective, no duh, but he also knows just what you need... What I need...

And Batman...

Robin sat there for a moment. "Batman is my dad," he whispered to himself with a smile.

Superboy's ear twitched, and the edges of his lips barely curled up into a smile. He taunted Wally, "I'm ahead of you by one whole lap, Kid Mouth!"

"Shut up, Supey..."

Robin giggled. Yup... A family... A normal- scratch that... A Super Family...

I know, crappy ending, but hey- I love fluffin' it up.



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