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Lucius Malfoy is having a major head ache.

He had been busy these past few days and only until now that he was able to take a break from the hell of things his Master is ordering him to do. It was terrible but there's nothing much that Lucius can do about it. He'd be dead before he can even protest a single word.

That was the very reason why he was seated with a Firewhiskey by his side. People need to take a break once in a while and Lucius definitely needed his. Getting a long swig, he thought back to what was bothering him. He groaned as he remembered.

The Dark Lord was getting restless and was eagerly awaiting the downfall of Albus Dumbledore. But that's not the matter concerning Lucius Malfoy. He couldn't care less as to what would happen to his Dark Lord 's evil plan victim. He's more preoccupied by the evil plan's executioner...which would be his only son, Draco. It was decided by the Dark Lord himself and Lucius is feeling a lot helpless right now.

Heaving a deep sigh, he sat straight up on his chair. He was alone right now, wallowing on his worries. He stared at the raging fire on the fireplace with distraught feelings.

The fire casted eerie shadows to his disgruntled face, the bags under his eyes were getting darker with each passing day from lack of sleep. He unconsciously scratched his messy long hair. It also has been a while since he took a shave. To sum it all, he wasn't a pleasant sight to see right now.

He didn't want the Dark Lord involving his family let alone his son. But there's no way escaping his current situation except, perhaps, death. He shuddered at the thought. How he wished he never knew the Dark Lord. How he wished he'd never joined the Dark Side. It was a mistake from when he was still young. Now, he was suffering the consequences.

Oh, how he wished that there would be something to protect them even if it would only save his son..

Suddenly, a loud CLACK resounded throughout the room.

Lucius gasped, quickly looking around the room for any kind of threat only to find a compartment has been opened at the top of the fireplace. He gingerly went near and looked what the compartment revealed: a small notebook.

He rubbed his eyes. He couldn't be sure if this was the cause of the Firewhiskey or his desperation that finally made him mental or both. But then again, it's there, plain as day.

The notebook was considerably old. It was battered in many places and the pages were decorated by aged brown blots. It had a fancy design on the front along with a title that Lucius cannot work out. It was probably a foreign language from the east, he thought as he inspected the notebook. Flipping the pages, he discovered with great surprise that the notebook belongs to his great grandparent, Grandpa Malus. Flipping more, the notebook was written in a different language just like the title.

Grandpa Malus had already died a long time ago but even though he still remembered the old man. Lucius had always considered him as unpleasant and a bit off in the head when he was still a kid. The old man kept on going about things that people wouldn't understand. People say when he was young, Grandpa Malus was a genius. Lucius highly doubted it. A genius wouldn't be spouting nonsense about Joot Sue or shin-o'-bee. He's more demented than genius, considering his personality and all. Even though wizened with age, he is not a pleasant person to cross. Lucius was absolutely certain of that fact.

Muttering a translation spell, Lucius was able to read the book. And as he did, he's getting more bewildered by the page. His eyes are getting bigger and a mixture of expressions kept fluttering on his face as he kept on reading. When he was finished, he was breathing heavily and his head was pounding. He couldn't believe it. Is this it? Is this really it? If what is written in this notebook true, then this could be the answer to his problems.

As he calmed himself, he vaguely remembered what his great grandfather said.

"Insolent brat! What are you doing here?"

"N-nothing sir. I-I just came to inform you that father asks your presence.."

Grandpa Malus grunted. "What does he need now?"

Lucius didn't answer but instead asked his Grandpa a question that has been bugging him for ages.

"What is so special of this room, sir?"

"Special, you say?" Grandpa Malus cackled. "This room listens and hears the occupant's worries and doubts. And if the old magic that resides here deems you worthy, it will help you."

Lucius eyes widened and took note of that piece of information.

"Tell Abraxus that I'll be there shortly. Now leave me be!"

Lucius didn't need to be told twice.

That was particularly the reason he was here in the first place. Good thing, he shared that to his dear, little Lucius.

He smiled. The old coot wasn't that bad after all.

After days of studying the notebook thoroughly, Lucius decided to take his plan into action. He discovered a chant that will open a portal to the world that the notebook was talking vividly about. The notebook, unbelievably, was talking about a world of shinobis (oh, so that was the spelling) or ninjas as he painstakingly researched about. Grandpa Malus had described them as superior beings with a different type of magic inside their bodies. He had described in the book his encounter of them and him mistakenly pissing off a shinobi in which Lucius wasn't very surprised of. After all, Grandpa Malus had a different way of dealing with words. He read that after Grandpa Malus involved himself in an argument, the aftermath wasn't exactly pretty. Furthermore, he was also left dangling in the tree. Oh, how he'd love to see the sight.

The chant required a full moon and a kind of special incense. He had waited for the full moon which was a week away from when he discovered the notebook while preparing the incense. The incense was very tricky and he had spent quite an amount of money on it as its ingredients required unicorn hair, phoenix claws and other parts of magical beings that Lucius didn't care to remember. He was indeed very tempted to ask Severus to do it for him as his old friend was definitely a genius in potion-making. But in fear of him being suspicious and reporting to the Dark Lord, he didn't dare as so much mention a word about it in front of him. He can only wish for his hard work and hard-earned (really?) money to pay off.

Now it was already midnight and Draco and Narcissa were asleep. He had also finished his Dark Lord's orders. The full moon shone overhead. It was now or never.

He had set up his things and incense at the highest tower of his manor. There were about six windows surrounding the room. All were big and all were currently open, allowing the eerie moonlight to pour over the room. An occasional breeze would swish his cloak.

Lucius had prepared himself for this night. He had shaved and combed his long blond hair for the counter he soon would be having. He had muttered a spell to keep perfume from wearing off his clothes. He had to be presentable, of course! Though, indeed, the wizard's definition of being presentable was far more lavish and extravagant than any normal human being. But even with his preparations, he couldn't keep himself from being pale. Paler than usual.

A howl was heard from afar. He was slightly startled. Truly, this night Lucius felt very jumpy.

Hell with it, he thought. This could be our only chance of survival. There's no backing out now.

Gathering his nerves, he lit the incense and started the chant. All throughout the ritual, he was swishing his wand as instructed by the notebook. After about five minutes reciting the chant, Lucius was starting to doubt it. Grandpa Malus must be an old coot after all, he thought grimly.

But just as soon as he started to doubt, foreign magic started to form in front of him. It was moving in a circle motion like a whirlpool. Swirling and swirling endlessly of blue and green energy. It started to grow bigger and bigger. Lucius didn't stop chanting until the portal was big enough to fit a man.

"This is it," he muttered. And off in a dive he goes.

The feeling as he travelled through the portal, Lucius discovered, was the same as Apparating though longer. As he arrived, he landed face first and a mutter of "should have dived more elegantly" could be heard from the man as he struggled to upright himself.

Dusting his robes, the blonde man looked around himself. He was stunned to see that he was surrounded by nature and trees so big that they covered the sky. Grass was abundant on the ground and a buzzing sound of cicadas can be heard from every direction.

Was there some kind of mistake? And for one wild moment, Lucius panicked. I'm supposed to see a village right now.

What if i can't contact any people? All sorts of thoughts whirled around his head. Where can I get help? What if I can't accomplish something out of this? What would happen?

"Stop!" he commanded himself. Lucius knew that there's nothing to gain from panicking. He forced himself to breathe in and out.

He went through his plan again. He needed to get to a village. A shinobi village. Then, he'll ask for service from the village's leader. Then, he'll see how things will turn out after that.

He hurriedly pulled the notebook from inside his cloak and went to the page where a map was drawn. But the thing is, he started to realize, he doesn't know where he is at all. He stared at the map stupidly.

Oh well, I'll need to ask people for that.

He started to trudge a rough path and for a while he was managing quite well until, that is, his long cloak was caught by a thorny bush. Lucius, being quite the elegant man that he was, pulled his cloak elegantly but it didn't quite follow his wishes. He tried again and failed again. Annoyed and forgetting all elegance, he pulled his cloak long and hard. Unfortunately, on the process as the cloak was released, he suffered an inelegant fall.

An inelegant fall on top of a body.

As his brain processed that bit of information, he stood up and managed not to scream. You'd think that Lucius Malfoy would be used to death by now being a Death Eater and all. But no sir! No, he's not. One of the reasons he hated serving the Dark Lord was because of death and him forcing Lucius to do heinous crimes.

He looked closely at the body and realized much to his relief, that it was not dead. The body belonged to a boy with blonde hair much like his own only a bit to the yellow side and a little too spiky. He was also about the same age as Draco which would be around 14 to 15 years old. He had odd markings to his face much like whiskers. The boy was wearing a tracksuit with orange (he crinkled his nose at this) as the dominant colour and black extending from his upper shoulders to his sleeves.

There are times when you suddenly don't know what to do and poof! you go off right ahead and do something(1). Unfortunately for Lucius, this was what happened to him. For a minute, he was staring. The next minute, he was poking the boy's cheek with his wand when somehow it went to poke his nose when the boy rolled to his side.

And being like any normal sleeping being, anyone with a stick up his nose would soon wake up yelling. The words that came off the other blonde's mouth were something foreign but it wouldn't take a stupid person to know that it was a something unpleasant. Judging from the tone and the rude gesture and all.

Lucius Malfoy fell back as he stared at the boy. He was startled to see the boy had bright blue eyes, much like the colour of the skies.

The boy stared at him, suddenly wary. His hand was touching the pouch that was on his leg.

Quickly, he took a translation charm that was hidden on his cloak and put it on. He saw the boy tensed with his actions.

"Don't worry; I won't do anything to harm you."

He said this in a very arrogant tone. It's almost as if he never really poked a stick up his nose. The boy regarded him and suddenly remembered what woke him.

"Old man! How could you poke a stick up a sleeping person's nose! Who are you, anyway? What are you doing here? Are you an enemy? What do you want from me?"

The boy said this all in one breath. A feat that Lucius thought was impossible. Then, his mind slowly caught on what the boy had called. He felt affronted. This boy clearly needs some manners but Lucius wouldn't chastise him just yet. He might help him.

"For your information, I am not an old man. But anyhow, do you know any near shinobi village around here?"

At Lucius' question, the boy had tensed. He had crouched and his hand was again touching the pouch that was in his leg. He idly wondered what could have been inside the pouch. It could be a wand, he thought.

"What do you want old man? What do you want with a shinobi village?," he said in a wary tone.

"I-I wish to speak of the leader," he said rather reluctantly. He wondered if he could trust this boy. The boy didn't look like a threat but Lucius can make out the tense actions and the wary tone that the boy had used. "I require of his services."

The boy regarded him again as if sizing him up. Lucius became annoyed and was about to reprimand the boy when he cut in.

"The nearest shinobi village would be Konohagakure no Sato," the boy said as he stood up. The boy clearly deemed him as a harmless man. "So you're one of those people who requests for missions, right?"

Lucius nodded in agreement, glad to know that there is a near shinobi village and it seemed as if the boy knows what he is talking about. He started to follow the boy as he was presumably helping Lucius to get to the shinobi village.

"But what are you doing here, old man? The road is quite far back. And really, poking sticks up a person's nose?" he scowled at him. "What the hell was that for?"

"I was simply lost. I am not quite familiar with the place. I came from a land far away," he said, cooking up an excuse and blatantly ignoring the question about poking sticks and noses. He was also about to correct the boy about the stick being a wand but quickly shut himself up. The boy was obviously not familiar with wizards. Come to think of it, does anybody around here know that wizards exist?

He was left to his musings while following the blonde boy to a wide trodden path. The boy seems very familiar with the place. He asked the boy if he was from the shinobi village.

"Yes, I am. I live there!" the boy said with a bright a smile. The boy then proceeded talking how great the village was nonstop much to the Death Eater's chagrin. The orange clad boy could talk really loud and fast. Really.

Great, he thought. I'm stuck with a noisy one. He was almost tempted to take off the translation charm. Oh well, I can't do that just yet. He's important right now. But then, he realized, if he did take off the translation charm, he would still hear the loudmouth although he'd be talking gibberish and that exactly won't help. The wizard sighed. I hope the village is nearer than I thought it is.

Finally they were nearing the gates, much to Lucius' relief. The gates were quite big and strong-looking.

"We're here!" the boy exclaimed and was all too eager to enter. Lucius had to hurry to keep up with the boy. He saw that the said person was talking to someone and had greeted them.

He saw that there are two guards at the gate. One guard had a bandage across his face and the other was wearing a bandanna with a metal plate with what looked like a leaf insigne. They had greeted the boy back and turned warily at the unknown person that was Lucius.

"Ah, Kotetsu! This person here wants to talk to obaa-chan(2)," he caught the noisy brat saying.

"For missions," the bandaged person replied knowingly. "I see."

"Well then, I'll leave it to you." the whiskered boy exclaimed. "Man, I'm hungry!"

He then turned to Lucius. "Ja!"

Before Lucius could reply, the boy had already vanished. Before Lucius could figure what had happened, he was motioned by Kotetsu to follow him.

The way to the Hokage's office (as what had Kotetsu called) was a quite a blur to Lucius Malfoy. His brain couldn't take his surroundings all at once. The village was quite lively with occasional people jumping on roofs. Lucius' eyes had nearly popped out of his head when he saw someone doing this and he realized that this must have been the power that shinobis have. But Lucius has yet to see what the extent of shinobi powers are.

He was led to an office where he was interrogated by masked men who called themselves Anboo though it didn't make much sense to him. Grandpa Malus didn't include this tidbit of information in his little notebook. He was about to ask what an Anboo is when he stopped himself. He doesn't like to being thought of as ignorant.

He was asked to what kind of mission that he would be asking and without hesitation, Lucius answered a guard or protection mission. They inquired how long the mission would be and answered at least a year. He also added for good measure that he'd be paying at any price with an airy tone.

Finally, he was now standing in front of a door and knocked tentatively. The door was opened by a black-haired woman carrying a pig. He was astonished and disgusted when he saw the pig dressed in a red jacket with pearls on its neck. He thought it must be a pet; as such as frogs are to wizards. But obviously, they didn't have much taste. Ignoring the pig, he turned his attention to another blonde woman with the biggest bristols he'd ever seen.

The Death Eater was quite surprised that the leader or Hokage was a woman. But the woman cannot be taken lightly as he concluded; she had an air of authority around her and was the type to command respect. She must be strong, the wizard thought. After all, she's leading those roof-jumping shinobis.

He shook his head with his thoughts and regarded the woman with respect. He doesn't want to get on her bad side. He doesn't want to get on the wrong side of his last lifeline.

"Lady Hokage," he bowed with much respect like he would if she was the Dark Lord.

The woman nodded and motioned for him to sit down. She eyed him just like how the brat back the forest did. It's not like he suddenly sprouted another head... or did he?

"I was informed that you need a guard. A year.. Rather long, isn't it?" she inquired straight to the point. "There were also details, as I have been told, that you would only want to reveal to me.."

Lucius nodded. He then started to explain his whole ordeal. About the wizarding world and its people. About the Dark Lord and his evil reign. About him wanting to quit and seeking protection. About his son and the Dark Lord's plan for him that would ultimately break the child. About him discovering this place and his decision of hiring a guard. While explaining, the wizard noted that the woman had watched him with guarded eyes, betraying no emotion.

Behind the guarded eyes though was curiosity and doubt. She had heard of other worlds and this was her first time encountering a person from another dimension. True, the man had proven to be quite peculiar and different. The woman could detect a difference between him and the people occupying this dimension. The aura and chakra was different from any civilian or shinobi. Though weaker, it also held some power. But as Hokage, she needed proof that what this man had been spouting was true and that he wasn't just some raving nutcase. She had listened closely to the man's words and she could tell she wasn't the only who's interested. Shizune had come closer to them than intended, obviously trying to make sense of what the man had revealed..

As the man finished talking about a certain villain that was resurrected from his world, Tsunade decided to venture and clear her doubts.

"I completely understand what you have been trying to tell us, Mr. Malfoy. But I need proof of this said world of yours which you have to admit is quite unbelievable."

"Let me then demonstrate, my Lady," he said with a smirk. Tsunade certainly doesn't like the tone of this man and of what he had called her.

The wizard, as what the man had proclaimed to be, pulled a stick. At this, Tsunade's brows had raised. What possibly could he be doing with a stick?

With a flourish of his wand, Lucius made a chair opposite him turn into a frog and back. He could see, triumphantly, that the Suenahde (he couldn't figure out why she had to have a difficult name and a ridiculuos one at that) woman was astonished as well as impressed. He couldn't help but smirk again at this.

Naruto had only finished His 9th bowl of ramen when Iruka-sensei had come in barging at Ichiraku.

"Ah! Iruka-sensei!" Naruto exclaimed brightly. "Are you here to treat me?"

"Naruto, I knew you'd be here," Iruka said while sitting down the chair. "Tsunade-sama had called for you."

"Whaaat!" Naruto whined. "I'm still not finished with my ramen yet and I'm still way too hungry!"

"But Naruto, Tsunade-sama has wished to summon you immediately," the academy teacher told him firmly.

"She was quite serious about it too," he murmured weakly. Iruka does not want to cross Tsunade-sama when she was THAT serious. He came with an idea. An idea that would empty his pockets.

"Tell you what, I'm going to pay for your ramen if you go immediately to Tsunade-sama," he said.

Naruto thought about it. He would be able to save some money and he certainly would not get bonked on the head if he goes immediately. Eating 6 out of at least 15 bowls of ramen would be not so bad.

"Fine!" he grumbled. "Tsunade-baa-chan better had a good mission for me or something or else you'll have to treat me again!"

"What?" he argued. "What does Tsunade-sama's mission and me related to?"

"Nothing," the blonde answered. "But still."

Iruka rolled his eyes. "Fine. Just go already, Naruto."

"Great!" Naruto said happily while turning to leave. "See yah, Iruka-sensei!"

Iruka laughed fondly. "Be safe, Naruto!"

"I will!"

Naruto was now going full speed to the Hokage's office. He wondered what Tsunade-baa-chan could want from him. It could be another interesting mission or information on Akatsuki or Sasuke. Naruto thought about it excitedly. Now, that would be worth something!

Naruto hopped on each house and was content to notice that Konoha is standing on its two feet again. Repairations are being made in each direction and people were being busy again. Pein's attack had certainly weakened Konoha.

Naruto was ever so glad that he was able to defeat Pein and bring back everyone to life especially Kakashi-sensei. It was dreadful to think Kakashi-sensei being dead. He had also somehow gotten recognition from the village from then on. If only the Akatsuki be defeated and Sasuke will return to Konoha, Naruto would be so happy than he would be ever be in his life. Except perhaps, he mused, when he would be declared as Hokage.

Naruto can now see the Hokage's office and with one last jump, he was now on Tsunade-baa-chan's window.

"Tsunade-baa-chaaaan, what is it that you want with me?" Naruto asked, glaring pointedly at Tsunade. "I didn't even finish at least 15 bowls of ramen and I was going for 25."

"NA-RU-TO!" the Godaime thundered, pronouncing the brat's name by syllable. "You do realize that you are in the presence of your client, don't you? Show some professionalism!"

"Client?" Naruto blinked. It was only now that he noticed the other occupant of the room besides Tsunade and Shizune.

Tsunade sighed. Naruto may have defeated Pein but he was still the Naruto she knew- the loud, obnoxious and grinning one. But the busty woman knew that Naruto had matured and gotten a lot stronger than she would ever thought he would ever be since Jiriaya's death. Heck, it was him who saved this village.

"You!" Lucius exclaimed, astonished.

Realization dawned over Naruto.

"Ah! Old man!" Naruto asked excitedly. "Would you be the client?"

"You know each other?" Tsunade inquired, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, well..." Naruto said rather hesitanty. "I fell asleep while training.. I was so exhausted and- and he saw me.."

"Again!" the other blonde said, exasperated. "Naruto, you should take a break! You just defeated Pein-"

"You know I can't do that" he said quietly while looking at Tsunade with serious eyes.

"But Naruto-"

"I can't just sit here and do nothing! The Akatsuki could come any day and I have to be prepared to face them!" he insisted. "And.. I also need to be strong to bring Sasuke back.."

Tsunade understood. She understood what Naruto has been doing and the reasons behind it. But Naruto- even NARUTO- should take a break. She rubbed her temples. Maybe sending him in this mission would be a good idea, after all...

Lucius, meanwhile, recovered from his shock and was then quite lost about what Naruto and Tsunade began talking about. He quickly dismissed it as Ninja stuff. But still, Red Dawn.. Creepy name.. (and this coming from a Death Eater)

Lucius was interrupted from his musings when Tsunade spoke again but this time in an authoritative tone.

"Naruto, you are being sent to a mission to guard Draco Malfoy, son of Lucius Malfoy. You see to it that nothing would harm this boy and guard him 24/7. Mr. Malfoy will see to your arrangements..."

Tsunade continued to fill Naruto the details with the help of the wizard. It was quite hard for Naruto to take it all in considering his shock at the existence of wizards and of another dimension. But it was when Tsunade mentioned the duration of mission that Naruto protested.

"But Tsunade-baa-chan, that's long!" he exclaimed.

"Naruto, you can treat this as a break and-" she said while silencing him with her hand seeing as the boy would open his mouth again. "If you still so wish, train yourself. This mission will improve your other shinobi skills."

Naruto was left in a stump. He doesn't mind taking the mission but A YEAR! That's way too long for Naruto's taste. But then, Naruto is a shinobi and he is not the one to refuse a mission. Besides Tsunade-baa-chan trusted him to do this and he really doesn't want to dissapoint her.

"Fine," he grumbled, admitting defeat.

Tsunade expecting a longer argument was quite surprised. Naruto did mature, she mused to herself. Nevertheless, she was quite relieved too.

Naruto was now following Lucius Malfoy back to the place where the latter landed after entering the portal; the place was not far from where the first two met.

Naruto followed quietly as he felt a mysterious aura surround them and he felt that it was quite foreign to him. He kept glancing left to right, being wary and vigilant to his surroundings as grilled into him from the many years of being a shinobi.

Lucius abruptly stopped as he finally pinpointed the exact location. Recalling the words, he chanted again all the while swishing his wand back and forth.

Naruto watched this with fascination as what he considered as magic was flowing freely from the stick. It was quite a sight to behold. The magic then developed them like fog and formed into a swirling mass of energy which formed into a portal.

Lucius Malfoy beckoned for him to go first.

With great reluctance, Naruto stepped forward and he felt an immense tugging at his navel.

(1)This is what you called Id. Id is one of the three parts of the psychic apparatus defined in Sigmund Freud's structural model of the psyche. We studied this earlier in psychology and I just thought to share it to you guys. ;]

(2)At this part of Naruto's story, Tsunade has already recovered from her comma. This story happened after Naruto returned back to the village after confronting Sasuke and Madara. I made up a time period gap between the earlier said event and Naruto's training with Bee. Assuming that it took time for the shinobis to form an alliance. Assuming.

My first story so I'm not really that good. Please bear with me. Please R&R!