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Ch. 15: Shut Up And Drive

Hotch wasn't sure if he felt more relieved or angry when he saw Reid and Morgan standing together outside of a small tool shed in back of the quaint looking home. Their arms were wrapped around each other, and he would almost bet it had as much to do with needing help standing up as it did with wanting to be close. They were alive, at least. But Roderick had damn sure done a number on them.

Roderick must've been inside the small tin building. Hotch, Rossi, Prentiss and JJ rushed toward their clearly injured friends. "Are you alright?" JJ demanded immediately, her keen blue eyes sweeping over every bruised or bleeding part of them.

"We're fine," Morgan answered, "A little banged up… Reid's got some bruised ribs and I think I sprained my wrist…" he lifted his left hand, the wrist swollen and bruised.

"We've got a couple of ambulances waiting up front," Hotch told them. "You two go with one of them and get checked out."

"Hotch, I'm -"

"That's an order, Morgan." Hotch's voice left no room for argument and the two agents nodded.

"Is Columbus in here?"

"Yeah… he's been shot. He's bleeding pretty bad." Morgan said, throwing a glare toward the small building. "Sounds like he's in a lot of pain."

"Bastard deserves it," Prentiss said, her eyes lingering on Reid for a moment, hard and angry.

Hotch quickly called over the paramedics with a waiting gurney and they rushed inside to check on the injured murderer. He offered one more look toward his agents, motioning for them to get going.


Reid winced as the doctor in the hospital looked him over carefully. Morgan was standing over him, his eyes filled with worry. The rest of the team was out in the waiting room, being ordered to wait while they examined them. Morgan had gotten his wrist looked at, suffered through stitches on his lower lip and then pushed the doctor's away, giving anyone who tried to stop him a hateful glare as he made his way to his lover.

"Is he alright?" he asked nervously.

"Agent Morgan, please." The doctor sighed, "Try and be patient, alright?"

Reid just rolled his eyes at the other man. "Derek, go and wait outside. I'm fine."

Morgan shot him a faint smirk, "Not a chance, Pretty Boy. Not until I know you're alright."

Reid sighed, shaking his head. "Fine. Then please be quiet and let the doctor work." He told him, shooting him a smirk of his own. The older agent rolled his eyes but took a small step away from the table and watched intently while the doctor thanked Reid and continued his examination.

Morgan felt rage boil in his chest all over again when he caught sight of the ugly bruises on Spencer's torso, dark patches of swollen skin standing out like stains on Reid's pale chest. Roderick had done that to him. He wished he'd beaten him a lot more than he had, thinking about what he'd done. Maybe used that damn bat on him a few good times.

He snapped out of his bloody, vengeful thoughts when the doctor looked up, "Well, you've got a couple of bruised ribs, Agent Reid. But luckily, nothing's broken. You're going to be sore for a while to come and I can give you some pain medication if you'd like… "

"I don't think I'll need it," Reid quickly rejected the offer, shaking his head.

The doctor looked surprised, but continued anyway, well aware of Derek's eyes boring into him as he spoke. "You don't seem to have a concussion, but you gums are pretty bruised and you should probably see your dentist to make sure there wasn't any other damage done. You jaw took a bad hit, but it's not broken. Chewing may be painful and difficult for a while though, so try to eat soft foods, ok?"

Reid nodded, absently rubbing his aching jaw as he thought about that particular hit. He was glad it hadn't done more damage than it could have.

"Is that all?" he asked.

"…I suppose. Just take it easy for the next few days, alright? And if you feel any discomfort or pain in your lower abdomen, I want you to come straight here, Agent. We didn't find any damage to your internal organs, but we can't be too careful, alright?"

Reid nodded and slid down from the table, "I understand. Thank you doctor." He said, offering the man a grateful smile before turning to face his lover. "Satisfied?" he asked, raising a brow.

Morgan frowned, seeming to think it over for a moment before nodding. "For now."


As they walked into the waiting room, bruised and aching, they were attacked by the colorful ball of energy known as Penelope Garcia. She wrapped her arms around both of them, not minding their injuries, just happy to see them still alive.

She had happy tears in her eyes as she smiled at them and pulled away. "I swear, if you two don't stop scaring me like this I'm going to have to hurt you." She told them, her voice quavering a bit, but carrying her usual Garcia perkiness nonetheless.

"We're sorry, Baby Girl." Morgan smiled at her, his hand sliding into Reid's as he tugged the younger man closer to him. "We didn't mean to get kidnapped by the crazy gang-banger. It just happened."

She smirked at him, swatting his arm playfully and rolling her eyes.

"Derek Morgan, now is not the time for your sarcasm." She chastised him. He made a look of mock apology and she narrowed her eyes at him for a moment.

"Any news about Roderick?" Morgan asked, glancing over at the rest of the team.

"He's in surgery now," Rossi said.

"The bullet was stuck in his shoulder blade." Hotch added, "They're having a bit of trouble getting it out, but he'll survive."

"Bastard," Garcia muttered under her breath.

"Still," Prentiss mused. "He was beat up pretty bad," her eyes lingered on Morgan for a moment, small spark glittering there. "And the wound is going to give him hell for a long time to come. Physical therapy's going to be hell for him; he'll be in rehab the better part of a year."

JJ smiled slightly, "Nice shot, Spence."

Reid's faced heated a little, a faint pink color, but he shrugged.

"And he is going to back to prison too," Rossi added, "So, all in all, I suppose he got what he deserved."

"Not even close," Garcia shook her head. "That bastard deserves to be skinned alive and roasted for what he did to my boys."

"Remind me to never get on your bad side, Garcia." Hotch murmured lightly, a faint smile on his face for the first time in days as the rest of the team laughed, happy that their little family was still intact after all the damage that had been done.


They celebrated having everyone back together with a small party at Rossi's house after they left the hospital. Rossi, the reluctant host, allowed Prentiss, JJ and Garcia to use the pool and he and Hotch barbecued outside in the fading afternoon light while Reid and Morgan sat on the deck, talking and joking with the rest of the team.

Once everything was ready, the girls got out of the pool, telling Hotch and Rossi that they would be joining them after they ate. They didn't ask Reid or Morgan, knowing that neither of them was quite up to swimming, though Garcia did insist that once the two were more properly healed they would have another party. Any excuse to get Derek out of his shirt.

Drying her damp hair on a towel, Prentiss grinned at Rossi from across the table sitting on the deck. "We are definitely doing this again, Rossi." She said. "I can't believe you held back on us for so long."

The older profiler groaned, making face. "I really wish I'd never said anything about this now…" he muttered.

Hotch smiled, "It had to come out sometime, Dave. Just be glad they aren't demanding a sleepover."

After they were finished eating, the sun was just setting and the sky was lighting up a brilliant orange and pink color. Reid and Morgan sat in lounge chairs near the pool while Hotch and Rossi reluctantly joined the girls and yelled whenever one of them splashed them playfully.

"That's a beautiful sight isn't it, Pretty Boy?" Morgan asked, glancing over to see Reid staring at the sunset with out of focus eyes.

"Hmm?" Reid turned to look at him, those wide brown eyes somehow still filled with innocence and naïveté.

Morgan chuckled, shaking his head. "Not as beautiful as you though…"

Reid looked slightly confused, his brows coming down over his eyes and Morgan grinned, leaning over and giving him a soft, gentle kiss, mindful of the stitches in his own lips and the bruises that were still sore.

Reid smiled slightly, deciding that it didn't matter what Derek was talking about, and leaned into the kiss further, parting his lips and allowing his tongue to slip inside and tangle with his own.

"WOO! Sexy!" Garcia called from the pool, causing Reid to blush. He started to pull away but Morgan reached over and caught him gently around the neck. "Forget about them…" he murmured against his soft lips. "Right now there's only you and me…"

Reid smirked slightly, returning the brief kiss. "You realize how corny that sounded, right?"

Morgan snorted, "Shut up." He muttered, pulling away.

"Aw, c'mon!" Prentiss teased. "We were watching that!"

"Thank you," Hotch said, shaking his head. "I was worried we were going to have to pull you two apart…"

"Could you two refrain from doing that in my house?" Rossi asked. "Please?"

"But we're not in your house, Rossi." Morgan shot back, smirking.

Rossi rolled his eyes and splashed water in his direction, laughing when Morgan swore and jerked out of the way to avoid getting soaked.

"Ignore them," JJ said, smiling. "They're just jealous because no one's ever kissed them like that. …And Prentiss and Garcia are just pervs."

"Ah, Jayje, don't be like that. You know you were enjoying the view as much as we were."

"I'll never understand women…" Rossi muttered.

"Which is why you've been married three times…" Prentiss informed him with a sly smirk on her face.

Reid was blushing slightly, trying to ignore the immature arguing. Morgan rolled his eyes, sighing. "I think Spencer and I are gonna head home…" he announced, standing and stretching. Reid was quick to follow his example, clumsily dodging a blast of water from Prentiss's direction.

"Tired already Morgan?" Prentiss teased.

"Of you people? Yes." Morgan nodded with a grin, taking Reid's hand.

"Remember to use protection!" Garcia called after them. Reid winced and Morgan shook his head. "And take some pictures for me!"

Morgan chuckled, watching Reid's face, a deep shade of red now as they headed out to his SUV. Climbing in, he turned to his lover and took his hand in his.

"So… I guess 'taking it easy' means we can't have sex tonight?" he asked, glancing at him.

Reid sighed and rolled his eyes at him. "Derek, shut up and drive."

Morgan grinned widely, "Yes, sir." He teased, releasing his hand and cranking up the SUV, happily driving off into the sunset with his boyfriend like some twisted cliché in an old romance move…


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