"Take that Shizu-chan!" Izaya said throwing a snowball at the blonde; Shizuo quickly ducked before it could hit in the head. Shizuo ran through the snow and pounced on the brunet as he tried to make another snowball. Shizuo grabbed a mountain of snow in his hands and shoved it down Izaya's shirt.

"Cold enough for you?" Shizuo laughed as Izaya jumped to his feet and tried to shake the snow out of his black shirt. Izaya grabbed the snowball he was making and nailed Shizuo right in the head.

"You're going to get it flea!" Shizuo said trying to pack another snowball; right when he was about to throw it he got nailed in the face by another snowball.

"Will I get it in bed?" Izaya said moving over to the blonde and pressing his cold lips up against Shizuo's neck. Shizuo grabbed the brunet up by the shirt and threw him hard into the snow.

"You fuckin pervert." Shizuo growled. Izaya started up again with that insane laugh as he was picked up by the collar of his shirt and thrown back down in the snow. He moved out of the way when the blonde tried to pounce on him and moved swiftly back to his feet.

"This was fun Shizu-chan, but I'm freezing so I'll see you later." Izaya said cheerfully. Right when he was about to run off Shizuo grabbed his ankle and knocked him face down in the snow.

"No way am I letting you run off again." Shizuo grabbed another handful of snow and shoved it inside Izaya's underwear. Izaya let out a pained cry and quickly kicked his foot up; knocking the blonde back into the snow. Before Shizuo could get up and attack the brunet again Izaya climbed on top of him and shoved Shizuo's face into the snow; following that was he loud laugh.

"You're so much fun Shizu-chan!" Izaya laughed.

(After that)

Izaya sneezed three times into his hands and groaned at the pain in his head and stomach.

"Bless you." Shinra said handing Izaya another tissue. Shizuo was sitting next to the sickly brunet; coughing his brains out.

"You do realize this is your own fault for fighting in the snow with no warm clothes on." Shinra said starring at the two sick men.

"Shut up." Shizuo mumbled in between his coughing fit.

"You both have pretty nasty colds so I'll give you some antibiotics to help you get better; but the most you guys can do is to rest, keep warm, and drink lots of fluids….oh and no getting drunk, you'll get even more sick then you already are." Shinra handed them each a bag filled with medicine to get rid of their illness.

"Thanks Shinra." Shizuo said as he slowly got to his feet.

"I'll have Celty to take you both home…but I think you two should stay with each other in case you need me, so I won't have to have Celty drive me all over Tokyo. I'd also like you two to stay together so you can take care of each other." Shinra said in a quiet voice.

"No way." Shizuo coughed into his hands again.

"If we must, then we're staying at my apartment…I don't want to be far away from my work." Izaya sniffed and coughed into his sleeve.

"Shizuo just go stay with him; you're both too weak to harass each other so it really should be that much of a problem." Shizuo looked down at the brunet who was hugging his knees and couching into them.


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