Shizuo clutched onto the side of the couch; feeling something warm squirming under him. He slowly opened his eyes and looked down to see Izaya wrapping his arms around his waist and snuggling deeply under the blonde. Shizuo was about to strangle the blonde when he felt his stomach start to feel…. weird.

"Izaya let go." Shizuo said trying to get out of the brunets grip.

"No, you're keeping me warm." Izaya said kissing Shizuo on the cheek.

"LET GO!" Shizuo ripped Izaya's arms off of him and ran to the bathroom. Izaya moved off of his couch and peered into the bathroom to see Shizuo throwing up violently into the toilet.

"Aww poor Shizzy." Shizuo moved his foot back and slammed the door shut in Izaya's face. He sighed and moved to the kitchen to get the blonde a glass of water; thinking that Shizuo would probably be really dehydrated after that. Shizuo came out a couple minutes later holding his stomach and whimpering; Izaya walked over to him and put a hand on the blonde's back.

"Why don't you go lie down in my bed; I have to finish up some paper work anyway." Izaya said handing Shizuo the glass of water and two medicine pills for the illness.

"Your gunna do work even when you're sick?" Shizuo asked as he ate the pills and drowned them in the water.

"I just have to do a few things, then I can just leave the rest of the paper work for Namie; she should be here any minute. So just go lie down and relax; and if you need anything just call me." Izaya lead Shizuo to his bedroom and closed the door behind him as Shizuo snuggled under the covers.

"Oh, hello Namie." Izaya said as the woman walked into his office; Izaya quickly grabbed another tissue and started up a sneezing fit again.

"Eww are you sick?" Namie said backing away from the brunet.

"You sure you don't want to be a nurse Namie? You're so caring." Izaya said sarcastically.

"Whatever, do you need me to do any work for you?"

"Well I've already taken care of all the clients today so all there's left is paperwork that I need you to finish for me; I piled it on your desk. After you finish that you can have the rest of the day off." Izaya said taking another tissue and blowing his nose.

"Paid day off?" Namie asked taking the paperwork up in her arms.

"Of course " Izaya said a grin spreading across his pale face. Namie looked back at Izaya from the front door.

"You sure you don't need me for anything else?"

"No, I'm fine; you go enjoy the snow." Izaya said waving her away. She shrugged and closed the door behind her. Izaya took the medicine that Shinra had given him and went to go lie down with the sleeping beast. Izaya peered in to his room to see Shizuo had thrown all of the blankets off the bed and had taken off his shirt. The brunet stepped over the pile of blankets and put a hand on Shizuo's forehead…it was burning hot! Who knew Shizuo could get so sick? Izaya opened up one of the windows to let the cold winter air bring Shizuo's fever down. He sat next to the blonde for a while, seeing of his fever would go down…it didn't.

"Maybe I should call Shinra." He quickly dialed Shinra's number and waited a few rings before the doctor finally picked up.

"Hello Izaya, what can I do for you?" Shinra asked in a cheerful tone.

"Yeah Shizuo has a really high fever."

"Oh well I don't think it's anything to worry about, just keep him cold. If you get an icepack and put it on his forehead that should bring his fever down; but if his fever gets to high then call me."

"Ok, thanks Shinra" Izaya hung up the phone and went to the freezer to find an icepack for the blonde. Shizuo opened his eyes from his peaceful slumber to see Izaya come into the room and place something cold on his head. He sighed at the refreshing feeling and fell back to a deep sleep.

(The next morning)

Izaya woke up next to the sleeping beast whose fever had finally gone down; he looked up to see it was snowing again. Izaya groaned and moved out of the bed; quickly closing the window so the already ice cold room didn't get even colder.

"Izaya….I'm so cold." Izaya looked back to see Shizuo curled up in a ball and shivering furiously. Izaya crawled back into bed and wrapped his arms tightly around Shizuo; bring his freezing body close.

"Looks like its my turn to warm you up." Izaya said cuddling Shizuo; trying to give him his body heat. After a while Shizuo stopped shivering and nudged his face in Izaya's neck.

"After we get better…can we play in the snow again." Shizuo mumbled into Izaya's neck.

"Sure Shizu-chan…but this time we have to remember to put on warmer clothes." Izaya said brushing his velvet lips against Shizuo's forehead.

"….I love you Shizu-chan."

"..Sigh….I love you to flea."

Author's Note: Yes I just did that I posted another chapter because I LOVE YOU ALL! *Hugs and kisses to my humans* Love you all! My next fanfic will be up soon! Oh yes my humans of course it'll be Shizaya!