Me- "Any one else like the IM fics? I do! So here is my shot at it! The list will be in all just to be safe but not every one will be in it! "

Danny = Halfa101

Sam = Gothica148

Tucker = Meaty15

Dani = Phantomcuz12

Lancer = Englishnut39

Vlad = Fruitycatman1

Maddie = Huntress38

Jack = fudgepop10

Val = Rhuntress15

Dash = Footballstar16

Star = shiningstar15

Paulina = Prettyperfect16

Jazz = Bookworm17

NO ones POV

Halfa101 is logged on.

Gothica148 is logged on.

Meaty15 is logged on.

Bookworm17 is on.

Halfa101: Hey guys! Sup?

Gothica148: Nm. You?

Meaty15: Same here, got a new PDA!

Bookworm17: Just reading.

Halfa101: Lucky. I just got done stopping a fight between Ember and Skulker!

Gothica148: Are you hurt?

Rhuntress15 is logged on

Bookworm17: Danny! Are you hurt?

Halfa101: I'm fine.

Meaty15: Dude I saw you go by so don't lie.

Halfa101: FINE! Jeez. Okay. I twisted my ankle, have a bad cut going down my other leg, have at least two broken ribs and three bruised ones and yes I already bandaged them and the healing is already kicked in.

Rhuntress15: Danny! What did you do?

Gothica148: Val?

Rhuntress15: Yea.

Gothica148: -_-'

Meaty15: -_-'

Halfa101: o_O

Bookworm17: O_O

Gothica148 has logged off.

Meaty15 has logged off.

Halfa101 has logged off

Bookworm17 has logged off.

Rhuntress15: … That was odd... even for them.

Rhuntress15 has logged off.


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