Me- "SORRY THAT I HAVE BEEN TAKING SO LONG! But I finally finished a story for a contest winner and checked on my Zim story which was going to be a one shot but I guess not... ON WITH IT!"

Danny (Human) = Halfa101 Danny (Ghost) = Phantom15

Sam = Gothica148 Tucker = Meaty15 Dani = Phantomcuz12

Lancer = Englishnut39 Vlad = Fruitycatman1 Maddie = Huntress38 Jack = fudgepop10

Val = Rhuntress15 Dash = Footballstar16 Star = shiningstar15 Paulina = Prettyperfect16

Jazz = Bookworm17 Skulker = GZGreatestHunter21 Ember = Rockstar16

Technus = Technogeek27 Clockwork = Timemaster1 Youngblood = ghostkid1

GhostWriter = typest32

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Phantom15: Oh no looks like some one wasn't a cannibal this morning.

Phantomcuz12: Good one Cuz. I bet his cat drank all his milk for his cereal though!

Footballstar16: Who is fruitycatman1 any way?

Fruitycatman1: I am Vlad Masters Dear boy.

Prettyperfect16: Wait! The Mayor has an account!

Gothica148: Gross, This is too crowded for me.

Meaty15: We still on for the movie night at your place though?

Phantom15: Yea! I wanna watch that new movie on your screen! It will be just like the theaters!

Gothica148: Um I don't know what your talking about PHANTOM! I don't know you.

Meaty15: o_O' BYE!

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Prettyperfect16: How do you know them?

Fruitycatman1: He is their best friend child did you not know this?

Phantom15: Vladdy you spill mine and I'll spill yours.

Fruitycatman1: Oh look at the time must be going now.

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Phantomcuz12: Can I come with you Danny? PLEASE?

Phantom15: Sure why not.

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Phantom15: Sorta... -_-'

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Timemaster1: That was not funny Daniel, Not funny at all.

Phantom15: What ever do you mean Clockwork?

Timemaster1: You know what I mean! I couldn't find my staff for two days! And because I couldn't find it I was stuck watching what ever you where doing! Till I saw you carry it into your friends house!

Phantom15: Well serves you right for getting me into that mess with Paulina! I mean really dude the next time I saved her she was sobbing into me because she thought I hated her!

Timemaster1: Opps my bad.

Phantom15: No you knew this was going to happen.

Timemaster1: Meh.

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Me- "Again so sorry about the lateness I will try harder from now on but I have very limited PC time now cause my mom is on a house cleaning mission."