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Charlie and Watson stood outside the hospital room where Ella was getting checked out by Sid. Charlie peered in through the door and watched as Ella sat on up on the edge of the bed not moving a muscle
"Poor kid can't catch a break, can she?" Watson said rhetorically. Charlie sighed while shaking her head and glanced down at the statement they'd just gotten from Ella.
Sid emerged from the hospital room, leaving Ella by herself.
"Just finished the rape kit and have taken DNA from under her nails, so hopefully something might come up in the lab, but other than that he used a condom... was there anything left at the beach?"
Watson was quick to reply to the doctors question by telling him the wind had blown away any chance of finding anything.
"Ella couldn't give us much of a description either, he had some form of black bandana covering his face... we don't have much to go on..." but before Watson could finish, a voice from behind interrupted
"So, is that it then? Your just givin' up?!" Brax had returned from trying to get a hold of Heath on the phone but hadn't had any luck. Watson went to talk back but Charlie was already ahead of her
"We're not saying that at all Mr Braxton.." she said in her usual professional tone, making Brax feel like an dumb idiot. Before things could get even more heated, Taylor had called Brax.

"So ya haven't seen him since last night aye? When he left the party?" He asked, looking at Charlie who then avoided eye contact while he listened to Taylors answer as Watson walked off with Sid somewhere. When he got off the phone, he was starting to question where his brother was until
Heath appeared, looking like he'd had no sleep and wearing the clothes from last night.
"Where ya been? Why haven't ya been answerin' ya phone?"
Heath couldn't think of what to say and shrugged his shoulders "I didn't do anythin' last night..." he said making sure he wasn't looking at either Brax nor Charlie.
Brax knew his brother like the back of his hand and knew he had done something when it hit him... how drunk he was last night... how angry he was at Brax and Ella... Just as Heath was about to ask why he had even been asked to meet Brax at the hospital, his older brother had him up against the wall
"What kind of man are ya? Are you that angry that we're together you'd go and do this to her? After all she's been through already!? You of all people know we don't tolerate rape! "
Heath shook his head in disbelief as his brothers words sunk in "What? Whats goin' on Brax? Rape? Who was raped?! What the hell are you goin' on bout!?" Heath retaliated, pushing his brother away from him.

Charlie was between the two brothers now and Watson and Sid had come running once they'd hear the commotion "HEY! THATS ENOUGH!" the two police officers yelled, holding the brothers back as Sid reassured passing bystanders it was all under control.
"This is not the place or time to do this!" Charlie added once the brothers had taken a step back from each other, but by the looks of it could go another round.
"Dad, whats so important you couldn't tell me over the phone?" Indi said with an annoyed tone, obviously holding a hangover from the previous night. Her annoyed presence soon changed to worry when she realised she had walked in on something serious between the brothers, and automatically knew when it came to the brothers acting like this, it could only mean one thing.
"What's happened to Ella?"

Later on that day after been able to be released from hospital, Ella had been driven by Indi back to Irene's while the brothers had been told by Sid to let her have some rest and so should they. Ella insisted that she was okay and would just like to lay down so Indi let her be. But as soon as Indi left, Ella's reassuring smile disappeared completely and she stood in the lounge room, holding herself. Irene came out from her room, holding a towel. Ella thanked her by nodding faintly and headed for the bathroom, with Irene watching on. Once she had the shower taps running, Ella hopped out of the clothes she'd worn from the hospital because her dress had been taken for evidence and slid into the warm shower. As she began to wash herself with soap and shampoo, Ella started to scrub harder and harder – but couldn't shake the feeling of being dirty. After a few minutes of scrubbing, it felt as though her skin was about to come off but it still hadn't had helped. Ella felt humiliated, ashamed and disgusting yet again and all she could do was start to sob quietly to herself and hope no one could hear her because nobody knew how to help her.

The following day, Ella awoke just after midday after catching up on some sleep. For a split second, she thought she'd awoken from a terrible nightmare but reality came crashing down as soon as she got up and felt the bruises coming up and winced from the pain. Ella got her laptop and laid back down in bed, opening the disc compartment and placed a dvd in. An hour or so later, someone lightly knocked on the door, still managing to frighten her. Bianca and Indi walked in and sat on the edge of the bed, as Ella continued to keep her eyes on the laptop. Without looking at either of the girls, Ella spoke with no emotion
"Did you know that 1 in 3 women will be sexually assaulted sometime in their life..." Indi and Bianca both shared looks of worry, and then their attention was back to Ella when she spoke again, turning the laptop towards them to show what she was watching.

"Why can't I be more like Buffy?..." Ella asked them as she watched the blonde slayer fight off vampires "You know, after what had happened to me in high school with Mr McKinley you'd think I would've done something to help protect myself like take up kick boxing or something... but I didn't.. and look what happened...Did I do this to myself? Was I asking for it? Do I have a sign on my back saying Rape Me?"
Bianca could see Indi didn't know how to respond to this so decided to have a go "Ella, no girl ever asks for this... and no girl ever deserves this. You can't blame yourself for what's happened."
Ella snapped back at Bianca
"Well obviously I'm doing something to let men think they can do this to me!" Bianca could see Ella wasn't in the proper mindset to hear reason so they decided to let her be, watching the tv show.

The whole afternoon, Ella stayed locked away in her room watching Buffy the vampire slayer when Brax turned up on the doorstep, wanting to see her. When Brax walked into her room, Ella's blinds were still closed and she was curled up on the bed, starring at the laptop. He closed the door shut and leant up against it, waiting for her attention.
Ella closed the laptop and looked up at him, crossing her arms over her legs
"You know what the worst thing about this is? At least with Mr McKinley I knew he raped me and I had to see him everyday ... but this time... I have no idea who did and it could be anyone..."
Brax went to sit down on the bed but Ella got up momentarily, shifting herself towards the window. Brax shut his eyes, catching his composure
"Is there anything else you can remember? From the attack..."
Ella shook her head violently, with her eyes shut
"No, no! I told Charlie everything! He came up from behind and knocked me to the ground, while covering my mouth so I couldn't scream..." she said with her eyes still closed, as she was reliving the moment.
"He had a black bandana over his face..."

Brax got up and moved towards her, with his hand out to comfort her "Did he say anything?" he asked and then lightly touched her hand. Ella's eyes shot open while she flinched backwards into the window as she screamed.
"It's okay... it's only me..." he said moving a bit more towards her.
Ella put her hands up in a defensive manner"Stay away from me!" she yelled. Brax had no idea what was going on and as she backed away, Irene and Bianca came rushing into the room.
Ella fell to the floor and wailed into Irene's arms "You should leave now" Irene told Brax who nodded, still confused as to what had just happened.

Before he knew it, Brax had made his way down to the beach and leant his hands on the wood railing looking out onto the water when he heard his name - Bianca must've followed him from Irene's. When she caught up to him, Brax knew what she was going to say
"I know, it was stupid..."
Bianca half laughed, pulling back her blonde hair so it wasn't in her face "You could say that again Brax. You shouldn't have cornered Ella in her bedroom like that... after what she's been through... that was really stupid".
Brax shook his head again at his stupidity "
I don't know what I was thinkin'..."
Bianca sighed, noticing the redness in his eyes and the lines under them "Have you slept yet?" she asked and Brax shook his head and rubbed his eyes.
"I can't... not until I find whoever did this and make them pay" Bianca knew that tone and that Brax meant business. At the corner of her eye, Bianca saw Heath walking towards them
"Indi told me what happened at the hospital yesterday... do you really think Heath could do something like that?"
Brax's jaw tightened once he'd seen his brother getting closer and closer "to tell ya the truth Bianca, after seein' the way he acted the other night... I really don't know."
Heath finally got within 5 metres of the two and stopped "How could you think id do somethin' like that?" Heath asked, completely ignoring Bianca's presence.
"I dunno mate, after what you pulled at the party, nothin' would surprise me."

Heath gritted his teeth "I would never hurt Ella, I love..." Heath stopped before he finished that sentence and Brax sarcastically laughed
"Oh you love her aye? Well let me tell ya somethin' Heath. She's my girlfriend, not yours and it's my responsibility to protect her, not you"
It hit Bianca then that by the sounds of it, Brax was blaming himself for what had happened to Ella
"Its not your fault..."
Brax glanced at her for a split second but then returned back to Heath "If you didn't do it, then who did? And why won't ya tell me where ya were last night then? I don't understand ya Heath. "
Heath pursed his lips but remained quiet as Brax, for the last time waited for an answer but didn't get one.
"For your sake Heath, whatever you did do last night... I hope it was worth it..." he said turning and walked away down towards the sand.

Bianca and Heath stood in silence as they watched Brax walk up along the sand towards Angelo's "What were you doing last night Heath? Why won't you tell anyone?"
Heath stared off into space, thinking about the night in question. Flashes of images went through his mind of a females body with her dress being taken off, their lips colliding and then their bodies hitting a bed.
"It'll just make the situation a whole lot worst... "He finally responded.

After Bianca came back from talking with the brothers, Ella had showered and was looking like her old self. Bianca was surprised to see her looking so normal again but decided not to question it right now
"I've been cooped up all day and I wanna get out of here."

So Bianca drove Ella around the Bay, letting her stare out into the ocean which seemed to make her smile
"So whats with the sudden change of heart? No more Buffy marathons?" Bianca lightly joked as they hopped out of the car and began walking towards Angelos.
"I just thought to myself, after what happened with Mr Mckinley and how I didn't tell anyone, I lived with that for a very long time but this time, I'm not going to let him or whoever..." Ella stopped as she stood where the other night where she had been attacked. Bianca stood next to her and went to put her arm around but stopped, remembering how she freaked out when Brax tried to comfort her. Ella had her arms around her body, in deep thought.
"I over heard what Indi said to you the other day, about Brax and Heath at the hospital..." Ella turned her "And I honestly don't think Heath... could do something like that to me..." Speaking of Heath, he came rushing out of the surf with his board under his arm. Bianca nodded, because she thought the same.
"I'm not going to let him win Bianca. I've been through this before but its different this time. I have so many people standing behind me and I'm not..."
Ella gazed at Heath as he slowly began to walk up the path towards them. He looked towards the restaurant and saw his brother walking outside.
"Going to lose them, I'm not going to lose myself."
Bianca left Ella and Heath alone, while she watched from a far and Brax joined her. Heath didn't know what to do with himself, he couldn't bring himself to look at her in the eyes, instead he kept peering over at Brax.
Ella knew what she needed to say "I know you couldn't have done this to me".
Heath felt such a relief when he heard those words leave her mouth.
Ella played with the strays strands of hair covering her face "Brax thinks it's his fault that this happened... but it was no one's fault. Give him time Heath, he'll realise that."
Heath half smiled and then strode off past Bianca and Brax, who then went and joined Ella.

"I'm so sorry about before, I wasn't thinkin'.
Ella looked out into the ocean as Brax waited for her to say something, anything. It seemed as though it had been hours before she spoke back "I just want you to know that none of this is your fault..."
Brax wouldn't listen "See, but your wrong, I let you walk home... when I should have been there to protect ya".
Ella could have sworn she heard Brax's heart break from his voice and by the look in his eyes, she could see guilt.
"What's done is done." She said blatantly "I've got to live with what's happened but I'm not going to let it take over my life, I've been through so much and I've overcome all of it, this is just another obstacle. I have you Brax and it may take some time, but we BOTH will get through it."

Brax shook his head, he couldn't believe at what he was hearing from his girlfriend and laughed "Aren't I the one that's suppose to be sayin' all this to you? Not the other way around?"
Ella looked up into his eyes, keeping her composure "You don't need to say it to me, because I already know you will be there for me and for whatever else comes our way."
Brax automatically went to put his arm around her, but yet again Ella flinched away as Bianca kept watch. Brax couldn't believe he'd done it again, how stupid was he? She had just been attacked, he couldn't go touching her like that!
"I'm sorry" Ella said looking down at the ground, she felt so useless and ashamed but still managed a sweet smile "Don't be sorry, I'll be here and I'll wait".

All Ella wanted to do was have him wrap his arms around and cuddle her but just the thought of his arms, or any mans around her... just kept bringing flashes back of what happened and she couldn't deal with that right now, just getting through each day was the beginning.

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As Ella tries her hardest to regain her normal life, her mind keeps straying back to that night...
But little does she know, the person who attacked her has returned.
Will she be able to find out who it is in time before he can hurt her again? Or will this face from the past completely throw her off her game and she'll continue to think he's a friend... not the enemy.

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A night of passion turns into a night of regret,
leaving those involved heart broken and confused.\


Someone is murdered, but most importantly who is the killer?
Everyone in the Bay is a suspect.

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