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Eleven Years Later...

"You realize we will have to spend the summer back in England," Hermione said, turning in Severus arms as they looked out at the blue ocean water from their bungalow in Tahiti. With Simone coming home from her first hear of Hogwarts, their year-long getaway was about to come to an end.

"Just as well," Snape answered, kissing her temple, "There is only so much of the world you can cram into nine months before you grow tired of it."

Hermione giggled at that. As true as it was, it sounded ridiculous to think they both actually missed dreary old England. "I wonder how much Simone has grown," she said, her voice becoming more serious. "I wanted her to come with us at Christmas, and she didn't even bat an eye before telling us she wanted to stay at the Burrow." Her forced laugh caused Severus to sigh.

"She's just at that age, dear. You know how it was. Parents are stupid." He tired to lighten the mood, but it had already been ruined. "Hermione?"

"It's fine," she said, "Just, sometimes..."

"I know you want more children," Severus said pulling her tight to him and forcing her to look into his eyes. "If I could give them to you, I would." After Simone was two, he and Hermione had tried for another baby, but to no avail. Finally, the healers informed them that the stress she was under during Simone's delivery ruined her chances to conceive ever again.

"I'm sorry, Severus," Hermione said, wiping the stray tears from her eyes. "It's not your fault. It's mine. And besides, I am happy. I'm just missing Simone."

"I miss her, too." Snape replied. "How about, tomorrow, after we pick her up and King's Cross, we go to the Burrow and spend times with the other kids?"

Hermione's eyes brightened at that, "Really?" She knew he hated the Burrow. As much as he tried, he couldn't change his desire to keep his life private. But the Burrow brightened her. The kids adored her, and the family always made her happy. Her own parents were constantly traveling. They'd checked in with them on their own travels, but it wasn't like having a close family. Snape might not feel the same, but he understood it.

"Of course," Severus replied, kissing her cheek this time. "Now, it's our last night here. Let's enjoy it." Hermione grinned up at him before flipping around to straddle his hips.

Hermione and Severus were both beaming as the escorted their daughter out of King's Cross station. "Oh, honey, tell me everything!" Hermione gushed, ignoring her husband's roll of they eyes.

"Well, I wanted to tell you something," Simone said, casting a worried glance in her father's direction. "I don't want you guys to freak out."

"And why would we, as you put it, 'freak out'?" Snape asked, his tone tight, worried about whatever his daughter wanted to tell them.

"It's just that, well, Teddy and I got very close this year. Even though he was in Gryffindor and I am in Slytherin, things aren't like they used to be," Simone started. She was looking back and forth between her parents, hoping they wouldn't treat her like a child. She was twelve, now, after all.

"How close?" Snape asked, his voice dangerously calm.

"Ewww, not like that daddy." She scoffed. "We have decided to start dating, and I wanted you guys to know before we got to the Burrow, because he's going to be there."

Hermione smiled and rolled her eyes at her husband. "I think that's great," she said. "Teddy is a very nice boy." Simone sighed with relief.

Snape mumbled something under his breath, and Hermione shot him a warning look. "Isn't he, honey?" she asked, her voice indicating that if Severus didn't respond appropriately, he'd be in deep trouble.

"Of course," He said. "I shall like to meet him properly, of course." Simone smiled brightly and hugged her father around the neck.

"Okay, let's get out of here," Hermione said, pulled her daughter's hand in hers before apparating to the Burrow.

"Potter, a word," Snape said when he finally located the black haired man in the sea of red-headed Weasleys. Hermione and Simone were already knee deep in babies as everyone had congregated in the living room of the Burrow.

"Certainly, what can I do for you?" Harry asked. Snape rarely talked to him personally. He knew it was a strain for the older wizard to even come to these family functions, but he always did it for Hermione without complaint.

"I was wondering what you discovered about what we talked about," Snape said, shifting uncomfortably in front of the other man.

"Of course," Harry said, with a slight nod, "It's not very common, as you know, but I found a contact in the Ministry. If you and Hermione agree to a meeting, I'm certain it won't be a problem."

"Thank you," Snape said beginning to turn away from the younger man without a second thought.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Harry asked, his brow furrowed seriously.

"She wants it, and I want what she wants." He said simply. Harry just nodded and let Snape join his wife in the living room.

That night, when Simone went to bed, after hours of catching up with her parents, Snape slid into bed with his wife. "Hermione, I want to talk to you about something."

"It sounds serious," Hermione said, looking to her husband with confusion written on her face. "Just tell me," she prepared herself for whatever caused his serious mood.

"I know you want more children," He started.

"But it's not going to happen, so what's the point of talking about it," Hermione countered irritably.

"Who says it can't happen?" Snape replied. "So, you can't give birth to another child. It doesn't mean we have to be done."

"What are you saying, Severus?" Hermione said, not letting herself get her hopes up too much.

"I'm talking about a surrogate," Snape said. "I never thought about it before because it's almost unheard of in the magical world, but the truth is, they do exist. Potter located one through the Ministry."

"Wh-What?" Hermione asked, her brain racing.

"We'd have to meet with her, with a Ministry official. They just want to make sure it's done properly. Then it's matter of a simple procedure by a healer." Snape said.

"I don't...I don't know..." Hermione said, her voice raspy with emotion. She'd all but given up on the chance of having more children. Of course she'd considered adoption and surrogates in the back of her mind, but she was never sure if Snape wanted another baby or if he was just doing what she wanted. "Do you want this, Severus? I mean, forget about me. If it were up to you, what would you want?"

Snape took a long slow breath before taking her hands in his. "I love Simone. She's the greatest thing I've ever done with my life. If I could have the chance at something that special again, I'd be honored."

Hermione smiled through her tears and pulled his face to hers, kissing him deeply. "Okay, lets meet with them." Snape smiled at that and kissed her deeply.

Ten Years Later

Hermione was an emotional wreck, but she was sure Severus was having an even tougher time. As she sat with her two youngest children, Sadie and Saban, waiting for her eldest to walk down the aisle to the man she'd spend the rest of her life with, she knew that Severus was waiting for their little girl, to walk to down that aisle. Hermione wasn't sure he was ready to let their first born daughter go.

She couldn't help the tears that pricked her eyes when her husband and daughter came into view. Teddy Lupin was everything a mother could want for her daughter. He was kind, smart, and always respectful. His parents had raised him right, and it was obvious. Severus knew this too, but giving up your daughter is never an easy thing for a father to do, especially one like Severus.

She took her husband's hand when he came to join her and he kissed her cheek. "You did good," she whispered. He just rolled his eyes at her, but she saw the faint smirk that played on his lips.

After Harry got them in contact with the surrogate, whom they really liked, they went straight to work, giving birth to their son Saban almost a year later. Two years after that, they decided to have their final child, a daughter named Sadie. They were happy, complete, and free.

"You may kiss the bride," the officiant said, and the people gathered clapped as Teddy dipped their daughter and kissed her soundly on the mouth. She giggled up at him and turned to the crowed who all cheered. On her way back down the aisle, Simone blew a kiss to her family who beamed up at her.

"She's so happy," Hermione observed.

"Yes," Snape said simple.

"Mommy, when I get older, can I have a dress like Simone's?" Sadie asked.

"Of course," Hermione smiled.

"But not until you are 40." Snape added, looking at the little girl seriously.

Hermione laughed out loud and directed her children toward the tent where dinner would be served. After everything, they really were all happy. That was all she cared about.

The End.