a/n: A drabble collection for PrincessPearl's 200 Flavourful Prompts challenge on NGF.

cinnamon hazelnut
mist & charcoal

She's all these different shades of brown, you see. Her hair is made up of about a thousand of them, from chestnut to chocolate to copper. It falls in messy curls past her shoulders (she hates them, but there's nothing Scorpius loves doing more than tangling his hands in them and letting them spill over his fingertips like ink), spiralling to ends that flick inwards slightly.

Then there's her eyes (Scorpius doesn't mean to sound like a gushing teenage girl, but Merlin, are they gorgeous). They're a sweet, soft swirl of cinnamon, blended with the perfect amount of hazelnut, and oh, how they shine like little glimmering city lights on a dark night. (Not at all like his steel grey ones misted by experiences he's let pass him by.) They're filled to the brim with life, sparkling and shimmering when she turns to smile widely at him from halfway down the hallway.

(Scorpius pretends his stomach doesn't lurch with this strange thrill every time she smiles that smile.)

He believes her soul is brown too, you know. She might disagree with him there, because she thinks brown is an ugly colour, but it may just be Scorpius' favourite. It reminds him of all things earth and nature, all things good. If you were to look at his soul, though, he images it would be charcoal black, stained by his ancestors' treacherous acts.

He can't help think that each moment he's with her, he's tainting her, but he just can't seem to stay away from that cinnamon hazelnut swirl of a girl.