an: warning - cousincest.

coconut macaroon
burst, parade & gemstone

The thing is, they're so opposite that no one would have ever seen it coming. Not Molly and James – eternally at one another's throats about the most ridiculous things.

But it's all hidden in the personality clash; the shouting and screaming. ("Give me back my coconut macaroon, you complete moron!" Molly yells one day after James pushed her over the line.) It's all hidden in the way they seem to hate one another and insult the other at any opportunity. ("You're such a bore," James says, rolling his eyes. "You've always got to rain on everyone's parade, don't you?")

What the others don't see is the bursts of passion that come alive when everyone else has left the room. They don't see the way Molly's eyes sparkle like gemstones when they're left alone, or the way James' lips curve up in a satisfied smirk he shows only to her. They don't see the way James crosses the room and presses his lips to hers (he's been waiting for them to leave for, what, a few hours? Far too long, as far as he's concerned).

They don't see the way Molly blooms under his touch or the way James actually becomes someone decent when she runs her fingers through his hair. And frankly, they like it like that. There's something beautifully forbidden about keeping it a secret and, in turn, keeping parts of themselves a secret too.

(The forbidden fruit always tastes the best, and Molly has always had a sweet tooth.)