"I just love eating cereal manhandled by your filthy hands," she said putting on a forced smile.

You nodded smiled and walked away. Wow if it hadn't been for the stay in character thing you were sure Jade would've tackled you. Hmm maybe Raisin Bran wasn't such a bad thing after all, but then again you can only have so much of a good thing.

You couldn't help but steal glances at her occasionally. What she was wearing made you wonder if she had already broken character, why? Because you highly doubted 'innocent little farm girls wore that kind of outfit. Not that you were complaining. But somewhere inside you secretly preferred the normal jade. The rude, sarcastic mean, non-caring Jade that had you hypnotized since you first saw her.

And her eyes, wow her eyes so blue crystalline but dark and forbidden at the same time alluring one could say. So much energy was stored in them but distant too. But when she stared at you all you saw was confusion, maybe possessiveness. But you convinced yourself it was just your emotional side playing tricks on you.

Yea you liked her probably more than you should, well actually you shouldn't even like her at all that way. It wasn't that you wee scared she'd be homophobic, which you found to be ridiculous, but you didn't want to loose what little friendship you worked so hard to form with her slip thru your fingers. Sure things could recover but you knew things wouldn't be entirely right between you two.

Which in turn let you do little things to try and nab her attention like flirt with Beck which didn't work out and only labeled you as a bitch in her eyes for a little while. As well as trying to be nice to her even if she kept trying to get you to snap. It wasn't going to work even if she never returned your feeling you's be contempt just being her friend. Anything for

Jade West.

Hmm well this was runnin around my head... and with a headache constantly in there I needed to empty this out... yea it's short and yes the headache is still there...

plan failed.