A Sinful Deal

Authors Note: So this is another bad boy Winchester story. What if John had taught the boys the wrong way of hunting. How would the boys have grown up? This is what we think.

Dean pounded his hard cock into the girl below him. He had her head face down onto the mattress and her hands behind her back. Dean grunted with each blow into her tight pussy. "You better fucking take it. I'm gonna blow a huge load in your tight little pussy."

Dean gripped the girls hair tight and pulled and listened to her whimper. Dean smirked, he loved hearing them whimper.

Just then there was a knock at the door. Dean glared at the door, "What?"

"Dude stop screwing around in there!" yelled Sam, "The Sanderson sisters are here!"

Dean rolled his eyes, "Fucking cock block," he growled as he pulled out. He smacked the girls ass as he got up, "Get back out on the floor and make me some money."

The girl quickly grabbed her dress pulling it on and running out the door.

Sarah and Chloe Sanderson waited in Dean's office for Sam and Dean. Chloe the oldest sighed looking at the clock.

"He better have a good reason for being late."

"Yeah I was fucking a piece of ass," said Dean walking in with just a pair of jeans on hanging low on his hips.

Chloe rolled her eyes, "Well, next time how about we just drop your money off to your brother. Since it seems he at least can hold back some temptation."

"I don't know about that," said Sam eyeing Sarah up.

Sarah scoffed and cross her arm across her chest.

Dean smirked at Sam then looked a Chloe, "And miss your fine ass, no thanks. Now where is it?

Chloe just stared at him as she pulled two huge envelopes from her jacket and threw them on the desk.

Dean whistled then smirked, "Do I need to know how you two got a hold of $500,000?"

"It wasn't easy," said Sarah.

"Yeah, so how about you give us what we want?" asked Chloe. She didn't like being in the Winchesters presence more than five minutes. She didn't trust them.

Dean put an envelope down and looked at Sam with a smirk. Sam got the signal and walked to the door. Dean turned to the vault and put in the combination. Chloe and Sarah waited impatiently. Dean finally opened the vault and grabbed what the Sanderson sisters have been waiting for...the Colt.

Sam quietly locked the door as Chloe walked up to Dean. She stared at it and went to grab it when she heard, "Hey!"

Chloe quickly turned her head and saw Sam with a gun under Sarah's chin. Chloe reached for hers but Dean grabbed her wrist. She looked at him and glared, "You bastard! You said if we give you the $500,000 you'd give us the Colt."

Dean chuckled, "Yeah about that see change of plans, Sam and I talked and well we don't want to give up the colt and well, we don't want to give up two fine piece of asses either."


"I know...I lied..." He gave her a pout, "Boo hoo..." He smiled, "We're gonna have some fun."

"I'm going to kill you for this!" Chloe snapped as she struggled against Dean.

"I would love to see you try. If I were you I would calm the fuck down. Sam tends to have an itchy trigger finger and might slip. You wouldn't want your sister to die would you?"

Chloe stopped and looked over at her sister who was sobbing, "Please...let her go." Chloe begged him.

"Not until we have a little chat."

"Can he at least move the gun?" Chloe said.

"Why not." Dean said and motioned to Sam and Sam took the gun away abut held tightly onto Sarah. "Better?"

"Not really." Chloe said. "Tell me what you want."

"Its simple. We want you to work for us." Dean said.

"Forget it!" Chloe snapped, "We are not going to be your sluts!"

Dean smirked, "Who said anything about sluts? We're just going to make a deal."

"Forget it! Last time we made a deal with you two you fucked us over!"

Dean licked his lips his eyes wandering her body, "I haven't fucked you yet."

"Ugh! Just tell us what you want!"

Dean kept his smirk on his face as he opened the top desk drawer and pulled out to pieces of paper. "Now Sam and I went through these contracts every square inch to make sure there was no loop hole for you or Sarah to get out of." Dean grabbed a pen and threw it on the desk, "Sign."

Chloe glared at him, "No."

Dean chuckled and looked at Sam, "You hear that, she said no."

Sam smirked, "Oh I heard and I don't think she gets it," he pulled the gun out again and placed it under Sarah's chin.

"Stop it," said Chloe staring at Sam, "Put the gun away!"

Sam shook his head, "You see we know the only reason you two want the gun is to avenge your parents death. We know you two are the only people you have left in this world. We know your weakness," Sam pouted and turned Sarah's head to look at him, "Don't hurt my sister please! She's all I have!" Dean laughed as Sam teased Sarah.

"Leave her alone!" yelled Chloe watching Sarah's eyes widen as Sam continued to tease her.

Dean turned Chloe to face him and he pinned her between him and his desk, "Sam and I can kill that demon for you."


Dean bit his lip shaking his head, "You have no say, you see we can't have pretty little girls like you two running around out there unsupervised carrying weapons that demons would love to get their hands on. You're weak, I'm strong I can do it for ya."

Pretty little girls and weak are the two things that really got to her in his little speech. One she was not a little girl anymore and two she was far from weak when it came to hunts. She was taught from the best and so was Sarah.

Chloe stared into Dean's eyes with a slight glare before she spit in his face. Both Sam and Sarah stared at the two and waited to see what Dean was going to do. He wiped the spit from his face and without hesitation slapped her hard across the face causing her head to turn. Her breathing escalated with the hit and she touched the side of her face. She looked back at him to see a scowl on his face. Dean forced her to turn around at her moment of weakness and grabbed a handful of hair having her stare at Sarah and Sam.

"At any fucking moment I can have her brains on the floor," he seethed in her ear, "Do you want that? Do you want to see your sister laying in a pine box six feet under in my backyard?"

Chloe looked at Sam and begged, "Don't hurt her, please."

Sam smirked, "I would never hurt her Chloe." He looked at Dean and the both of them laughed, "Who am I kidding I'd love to smack this little bitch around for a while."

Sarah looked into her sisters eyes and knew what she was thinking as the tears rolled down her cheeks, "Chloe...no. Please."

Dean leaned down next to Chloe's ears, "What's it going to be? You going to listen to me or your sister. Sign she lives and I promise Sam will take real good care of her. You fuck with me and she dies. The choice is yours. Tick tock tick tock." He teased and leaned away.

Chloe straightened up and gave her sister one last look. "I'm sorry." She whispered. She would rather be Dean's rag doll then lose her sister. At least they would be together and they could find a way out.

Chloe sighed and turned back to Dean, "Give me the fucking pen." She said through gritted teeth.

Dean smiled and pulled one from his pocket and threw it out her, "Times wasting." He said.

Chloe turned to the paper and looked down. There was no use even bothering to read over it. They were fucked either way and that was pretty much what it said. She leaned over the desk and Sam smiled, "You're next baby. We are going to have a lot of fun together." He whispered into her ear and Sarah just closed her eyes.

Chloe put the pen to the paper and began to sign. Her had was shaking as she wrote, "F..U..C..."

Dean grabbed her hair and jerked her back causing her to cry out in pain, "No funny business you bitch! Last chance or she dies." Dean said and Chloe heard Sam cock the gun and Sarah yelp.

With tears in her eyes she sighed her name and pushed the paper over to Dean, "There you go you son of a bitch!"

Dean gave her a small smile before he backhanded her and she fell onto the desk, "That's my dead mother you're talking about."

Sam pushed Sarah over to the desk and pushed her down, "Your turn baby."

Sarah saw her sisters red cheek and didn't think twice before signing. Chloe was always the strong one.

Dean jerked Chloe up from the desk and saw that she had blood running from her nose, "Let that be your first official warning."

"You may own me but you will never have me."

"We'll see about that."

Chloe looked over at Sarah and gave her a reassuring smile letting her baby sister know that everything was going to be ok. Chloe looked up at Sam and pleaded once more, "Please don't hurt her."

"She is no longer your concern. She just signed herself over to me. But don't worry. I am going to take really good care of her." Said Sam as he ran his fingers through Sarah's hairs.

"Time to go sweetheart." Said Dean and he jerked Chloe over to him and pulled her out of the room. This must be what hell is like Chloe thought. She had to find a way out of here.