Mason and Justin established relationship

"ummm... Justin you taste so good" Mason whispered pulling up for breath after a heated make out session with his boyfriend. Mason lifted his boyfriends top up over his head and then started going down on Justin, starting from his neck, to his nipples all the way to his lower abs before he heard Justin clear his throat.

"What? No ones here it's just you and me." Mason asked secretly rolling his eyes because he already knew the answer but he went back to kissing Justin anyway.

"Mason I told you I am not putting out!" Justin spoke forcefully and Mason knew he wasn't getting any... again.

"Please babe, we've been dating for almost 3 months know and we haven't done anything!" Mason was practically positive that Justin wasn't gonna put out but you can't blame a guy for trying. At this point Justin had pushed Mason of him and was sat at the end of the bed putting his shirt back on.

"Mason we've been dating for 1 and a half months and I don't care what you say, I'm not some cheap whore you can date for a while, fuck and then dump." Justin was practically shouting Mason. Why has Justin reacted like this for god sake does he not know he's dating a were-wolf? He's smart enough to know that were-wolfs are very sexually active and even if he didn't Mason was still a teenage boy. Justin then stood up and began heading for the door but Mason couldn't just let him walk out.

"No Justin I'm sorry but you have to know I'm not that kind of person well... wolf and and... I love you Justin." Mason shot Justin a reassuring smile.

"I do love you Mason but sometimes... I feel as if you only want me because... well because your horny, lonely and well if I'm not exactly the most unattractive person in the world." Before Mason had chance to react to what had just been said, Justin was out the door walking down the metal spiral staircase and was sat on the couch watching some American television sitcom program.

"Well this is going to be awkward." Mason said to himself before standing up off the bed breathing out and following the same path that Justin had took he could smell Justin's sent from a mile away, Mason sat next to Justin on the couch. They sat there for a minute or so in silence before Justin forgave Mason and lay down on Mason's lap and looked up to make eye contact with his boyfriend in a daze, Justin slowly leaned up planting a soft peck on Mason's lips, pulling away and he stared deeply into Mason's eyes, Justin was completely and utterly in love and smitten by Mason he was the perfect boy. Justin repeated his kissing technique two more times and on the third time he placed his right hand on Mason's cheek and then gave the most deep passionate kiss he could and then began to adjust himself so he was straddling Mason and had both hands on either side of Mason's cheeks, practically sucking his lips from his face.

Mason had his hands on either side of Justin's hips, and was fighting every instinct of his human and were-wolf being not to buck his hips upwards or tear every piece of clothing from Justin's body and have his way with him right then and there. Mason pulled away for a split second and spoke.

"Urghh Justin I want you so fucking bad right know!" Mason then went to work on Justin's neck sucking and biting the tender area. Mason was growling low in his throat. That moment Mason realised that he had actually just said that out load but Justin was still straddling him.

"Maybe this mean that he's changed his mind and what's to fuck me!" Mason thought to himself .
To test out his theory Mason took of his shirt with one quick rip and did the same to Justin's. Justin couldn't help but gasp at the sight of his boyfriends muscled torso and run his hands all over it. This was by far the furthest they'd ever gone before and Mason loved the way the skin of his torso felt against Justin's, he loved the friction between the two bodies but he longed for more, he needed more!

With out any warning Mason moved both his hands from Justin's hips and slid them into the tight gap between his boxer shorts and ass, it was a tight squeeze for Mason to get his hands below the waistband because Justin was still wearing his skinny jeans. Mason didn't really care about the tight space he enjoyed the way it made Mason's hands squeeze Justin's ass just that bit harder.

Justin tilted his head back and moaned at the feeling of Mason's hand massaging his ass cheeks, it took Justin a few seconds to recover from the ecstasy and mutter

"M...Mason s...stop." Justin barley managed to get the sentence out.

"Really cause I don't think you want me to stop." Mason said with a wink and then as seductively as possible.

"OH MY GOD." Justin's eyes nearly popped out of his skull and he couldn't help but buck forward to Mason's touch.

"Mason please... ARGHHH FUCK that feels so good!" Mason had slipped his index finger on his right hand into Justin's hole and was pushing in and out teasing Justin with how slow he was going.

"No Mason stop... MASON I SAID STOP!" Justin shouted and went from Straddling Mason to standing shirtless in his living room shoot a angry look at his confused boyfriend .

"What did I do I?" Mason was genuinely shocked by the way Justin had melted into him and moaned Mason was sure that today was going to be the day Justin would finally let him fuck that ass.

"I told you multiple times to stop. Hell we had a whole conversation in my room earlier but obviously I was right when I said you only want me so you can fuck me. I'm going to be staying at Zeke's tonight."

"Zeke! But you know how I feel about you staying with him over night, You know I don't like the Kid!" Mason protested but then realised that's exactly why Justin was going to Zeke's.

"Well right know I don't like you very much but I realise that you have no were else to live so I'm giving you still tomorrow morning to arrange something... I want you out by the time I get back." Justin couldn't look Mason in the eyes while speaking.

"Are... are you breaking up with me?"

"No but I just need my space." Mason understood and responded with a single nod. Justin walked out the door and shut it with a bang.

"Well done Mason you fucked up again." Mason said to himself

"Really cause from where I was standing it looked like he was completely over reacting" A unknown voice spoke from somewhere by the stairs.

"Who's there?"

"Calm down dude it's me Max and let me just say you look really hot without a shirt" Max was giving Mason elevator eyes and then he winked at him.

"Thanks... wait what did you just say!" Mason thought he must have heard Max wrong.

"I said you look hot, what just cause I'm hot means I can't be bi." Max had grown so much in such a short space of time he was almost as tall as Mason. Mason only realised this as max walked slowly towards him placed his hands on Mason's naked shoulders and kissed him softly and sweetly as Max's right hand snaked round and squeezed Mason's Jean covered ass cheek. Mason grabbed Max's arms and pushed him away

"Max what are you doing you know I'm dating your brother and I would never cheat on him."

"Well as far as I could tell you guys have never had sex right...?" Max reached out and stroked Mason's muscled arm up and down.

"right..." Mason wasn't sure where Max was going with this.

"Then technically this isn't cheating" Max moved his hand from Mason's arm to his cheek, to the back of his neck and pulled him in for a hard kiss. Max pulled away and Mason almost groaned at the loss.

"What's wrong" Max asked sensing something was off.

Mason eyed Max up and down "Get your sexy little bitch ass upstairs." Max was puzzled for less than a second when Mason slapped Max's ass and squeezed it.

"Oh ok" Max smirked and walked in front of Mason swinging his hips side to side a little on purpose, behind him he could hear Mason's animal pants and grunts "This is gonna be the hottest sex I've EVER had" Max thought to himself.

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