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The Many Versions of 'Fucked'



That's what I was.

Totally fucked.

Utterly fucked.

Epically fucked.

Anyway you could possibly be, fucked.

Yea, except by her.

Shut the fuck up you fucked up dick.

Just reminding you of what you need…

He was right, though. I did. I needed it. So fucking bad.

Me. The man that had never needed anything in his life.

The man that prided himself on being able to handle any kind of agony, no questions asked.

Hence, the tattoos.

Hence, the piercings.

Hence, the grueling physical sports. The workouts.


ANY kind of agony.


I've officially been proven wrong.

Oh, how I've been proven wrong.

Face palm.

And I didn't see it coming. Blindsided doesn't even begin to describe this.

And at this point I just couldn't take it anymore.

My brain was a mess. An over stimulated, jumbled, fuck mess of images, memories, tormenting little glimpses.

HER tongue running across that bottom lip, leaving it glistening, just before said lip is caught between her teeth.

I fantasized about it. Constantly recalled the numerous times lately that she had done it.

Remember that little session on the couch?


Damn you, dick! Straight to fucking hell.

I'll go if you do, we're attached. You know how this works.

Fuck you.

The damn dick reminded me of the one mishap that I was trying so hard to keep from resurfacing.

It's the best damn malfunction that's ever happened to your cocky ass!

He was right about that.

Couldn't deny it.

No mistaking it.

At all.

Not so cocky now are you? The dick smirked.

Shut the fuck up!

I was seriously starting to hate the fucker.

My own dick. Oh my God!

Especially after images of that night came to mind.

I whimpered as my dick strained against my jeans even harder.

The things that went down on that couch haunts me. I shuddered every time I walked past it.

I remembered it all.

Some first kiss that was.

Yes it was Dick…..yes it was.

I struggled to keep my smirk at bay while subtly nodding to myself.

Think we rocked her fucking socks that night.


Think? I fucking KNOW we did.

I was now sporting my full fledged panty dropping smirk.

Couldn't help myself.

That's how the so called "mishap" freaking started.

Yes. This is true.

I had invited Bella over for drinks and a movie. Nothing serious. Just didn't wanna be bothered with any of my 'groupies'.

Anyway, we were having a good time. As always, with her it was easy to just be myself.

We joked around through all the movies until she turned on this one vampire flick. The one that had all the books and now they were making movies based on them.

It was really scary and just downright freaky what these movies had turned legions of women into.

All the girls claimed I looked like the lead guy. I didn't fucking see it. I was not pale, far from a prude and my dick DID NOT sparkle.

At all.

Moving on you, conceited prick….


Anywho, this kissing scene came on and even I must admit it was fuck hot. It was. The girl was just so freaking sexy as she climbed up on the guy's lap.

There sounds filled my living room. Beyond that I noticed something that was frankly quite odd. Bella had gotten very quiet. I mean pin-drop-in-church quiet.

Bella was never quiet. Well, not around me at least.

Curiosity is a bug that won't stop making you itch until you fucking dig your nails into it.

I had to look over and make sure she wasn't asleep. And she wasn't. Far from it actually. She was staring at the TV.


With a strong, longing look. As if she was willing the fucker to do something.

"Hells, Bells? What's wrong?"

She immediately shook out of her longing stupor and then proceeded to flush the brightest pink. Oh, was I intrigued. I knew that blush only came out when she was embarrassed.

"It's nothing Edward. Really it's not."

I quirked my eyebrow at her. We both knew she was lying.

"Tell me, Bella. Please? Or I will be forced to take more desperate measures." I wiggled my fingers and her eyes immediately widened while she made her way to the other side of the couch. I smirked while shaking my head. This fucker loved making the simplest things so much harder.

I moved with her 'till she couldn't go any further. Raised my hand up over her stomach. Gave her a look of warning.

"Tell me Bella or I'm going in." I started reaching for one side before she cracked.

"Okay, okay! I'll tell you! Just stop it!" she squealed, already on the verge of laughing from just having my fingers over her.

So ticklish my friend was.

And predictable. Utterly predictable.

I smirked. I knew she'd crack. Always did.

She pouted fiercely at me as I backed off.

"So what embarrassing thought has you pink this time?" I asked smiling cheekily.

She rolled her eyes at me before she turned away while mumbling something that I didn't understand at all.

I sighed. Always the hard way with her.

I started tickling her immediately. She was thrashing all over the place. Couldn't find a way out of what I was putting on her. Smacked me with that damn braid but I didn't care. She was gonna tell me.

"Okay! Oh my God! Okay! I said I want my first kiss to be like that!"


Everything froze. Including me. Including her.

I stared at her, dumbfounded.

First kiss?

That must be a mistake. I sat up and looked at her while she sat up trying to regain her composure.

"Your what?" Yeah, it came out shocked. Of course it did. The girl was, what? Nineteen?

She gave me a look that said 'fucker you heard me correctly'. Followed by an exasperated sigh while standing up. I followed suit. I didn't know what was going through her mind.

Hell, I couldn't make sense of the odd thoughts suddenly going through mine.

"Yes Edward, you heard me right. First kiss," she said angrily. She turned and was slightly startled by me standing right there but she continued what she had to say.

"I mean you remember me telling you about high school and my dad. No one wanted to take out the police chief's daughter. And I mean, it wasn't just that. Look at me. Who the hell would want me?…"

The things she was saying hit me somewhere deep. Somewhere hidden.


And before I knew it disbelief was mixing with something else.

The last thing she said registered in my head.

Did she really see herself that way?

I mean she wasn't sex walking on legs…at least not that I could tell with the way she hid behind her clothes and all but still.

No one?


The urge hit me out of nowhere. Strong. Confusing. Overwhelming.

My brain decided for me.

Did it without my consent.

But part of me agreed with it. There was no way that I could let this continue.

Nineteen years old and never even been kissed?

And she was just telling me this now?

It was decided.

Scary as it was, there was no backing out now.

I was going to give her her first kiss.

And yeah, I didn't see her that way but why not? She had been a great fucking friend since the transfer. Took some of my shifts at the library.

Every girl wanted to be kissed.

Girls uglier than her had been kissed by now.

It's the least I could do for her. Right?

She was still going on when I stepped into her and placed my hands on her hips.

A breathless sound left her. A shocked gasped.

My fingers clenched on her hips as an odd tug pulled at my insides from that sound.

They were soft. Even with the baggy clothes in the way I just knew. I could feel how small and soft they were.

The male in me awoke, appreciated that which he had never noticed before due to the fact that those hips were always hidden from view.

She was looking up at me from behind those large, black frames with wide and questioning eyes.

She hadn't caught on, yet.

She still hadn't noticed what I was doing.

I smirked at her adorable confusion while watching her.

She started up again, jabbering in a rapid and nervous manner. I couldn't quite catch most of what she was saying, her lips moving so fast.

"…like who takes their secretly gay best friend to…"

I wouldn't let her finish that thought. I didn't know of any 'secretly gay best friend' nor was it something that begged enlightening right at the moment.

My mouth was suddenly firmly planted on hers.

Shock vibrated through me at the feel of her soft lips.

I shook within, confused but still determined.

I wanted to give her this.

She stiffened under me. I couldn't have that. I needed to give her this.

I pulled back and she looked up at me. Shaking. Looking like a little frightened mouse.

"What…why?" she asked breathlessly.

"Bella, please relax. Let me do this for you. Let me be your first. Please?" I asked in a coaxing and low tone.

I watched that bottom lip get caught between those teeth. She was nervous.

"Edward, I…"

I grasped her chin, made her look me in my eyes that I'm sure were blazing by now. I wanted her to see that I was so damn serious.

"Bella, please?" She was gonna give me this kiss. I was prepared to fight for it.

I almost stepped back from the shock of realizing that it felt like I was yearning for it all of a sudden.

I told myself not to question it now. Later. I could mull this over later. Right now I had to convince her.

I watched her chew her bottom lip. Seeming at war with herself.

She's thinking about it.

Yes, Dick, I know. But she was taking entirely too long. I raised her face so I could gaze back into those big browns.

"Bella?" I needed a fucking answer. Like now.

Something was twisting and turning inside me. Churning and chaotic. It was like there was a hungry lion within me that was two seconds away from just taking it, her consent be damned.

I stared at her with wide eyes.

She trembled, staring up at me.

Could she see it? Could she see what was happening to me?

Most likely, yes. There was no way I could fucking hide this. It was too big. Too sudden.

I was shaking.


"Yes, Edward."

It came out low. Uncertain. Shaky.

I almost didn't hear it. I hoped…no I PRAYED she was saying yes to me kissing her. I was so ready to beg.

And realizing that scared the fuck out of me.

Why do you care about being her first kiss? You don't even find her attractive.

Hell, I didn't know the answer to that myself.

Maybe I just cared that she was my friend and had to be starved for some sort of physical contact with the opposite sex.

Yeah, you keep telling yourself that.

Fucking Dick.

"Yes what Bella?"

Say yes! Please say yes! The dick within me cried, shocking me and unbalancing me further.

I can tell you this now, I had lost track of what was really going on. I was aware that I initiated it but now I was lost in the direction this whole event was taking me.

"Kiss me Edward," she whispered so shyly.

Yes! Fuck yes!

I tried my hardest to ignore the excitement in my inner voice.

Nothing else needed to be said. I had the consent I was seeking. I tightened my grip on her hip and placed my other hand on the nape of her neck.

I was beyond determined now. Beyond ready to hold her down. She wasn't getting away easily.

Fuck, no.

I tilted her head, watched those lashes flutter as she closed her eyes.

Beautiful, isn't it?

Yes… Hold on, what?

This was nerdy, overdressed Bella.

You keep telling yourself that. You KNOW I know better.

Ugh. Damn fucking dick.

I shook my head, trying to regain my wits about myself. Wasn't gonna let Dick ruin this.

I watched her as I descended. Caught a glimpse of tongue running across that bottom lip once more.

That was it. I was gone.

My lips couldn't reach hers fast enough. And when they did I was lost. They were so soft.

I kept the kiss soft at first. Gentle even. Lips barely touching, barely moving against each other.

Even so I was rocked to my core.

Our lips moved perfectly together. So smoothly.

But it wasn't enough.

With a great inner roar that I had never heard before I realized it wasn't enough. Not for me. I needed more.

My lips got bolder. Bella's hand had moved up to my chest. She exhaled in surprise. Her breath slipped into my mouth, sweeter than anything I had ever tasted. I felt the slightest electrical charge around me. Everywhere. What the fuck?

Man, I felt so good. So, so good. Better than I had ever felt just kissing someone but I still needed more. Was afraid to take it further because this was Bella I was kissing.

My best friend.

Keep telling yourself that….


I was doing this for her. So she would know what it was like. Nothing more.


I was struggling with myself something fierce. The decision was taken out of my hands by Bella herself. Soon I felt her tongue brushing across my mouth. Seeking permission. I groaned when I felt it again. Who was I to deny her?

Fuck! I wanted this.

I opened my mouth and let our tongues meet. She moaned and that sound alone was enough to make my dick grow to full mast.

I realized something belatedly. This was gonna get very out of hand soon.

And I couldn't bring myself to stop.

My grip tightened on her and I felt her hands tugging in my hair. Pulling me down. Trying to get better access to my mouth. I didn't know the girl had it in her. Our tongues were now battling. Stroking roughly. Trying to see who would cave first.

I broke our kiss. Had to. Looked into those brown eyes that were so dark. Pupils dilated with what had to be lust. My body shuddered as I moved my head to her neck. I stayed there for a few seconds and just breathed against it, trying to gather my wits.

But that wasn't working. No, it made everything worse. Because right here the one thing I had noticed about her before was beyond concentrated.

You see? Bella has the most unique smell to her. And I know for a damned fact that she doesn't wear any perfume. So it's all her.

I shouldn't have been surprised when my lips found their way to her neck all on their own. They pressed against it. I felt her heartbeat pulse against the flesh of my lips. My tongue slithered out. Tasted her.

I was lost. Kissing the smooth creamy texture I gave into how good she tasted. Her gasps, whimpers and soft moans spurreding me on. Encouraging me to lick, suck, nibble and bite.

And don't think for a second my hands were still on her hip and on her neck. I told them to be but the fuckers didn't listen. Oh no! They found their way to other areas of her body like she was my dick and I need to masturbate. Touching every surface. Rubbing thighs…shockingly, I was now squeezing her ass…just EVERYWHERE!

I couldn't help but wish she wore some much revealing clothes just for this moment.

I moved my mouth back to hers. Desperate. Hands coming to rest on the back of her thighs. Right under her ass. Kissing her once before sucking that bottom lip into my own. Biting it before I released it.

Her eyelids fluttered as she moaned so wantonly. It was so sexy. I'd give my left nut to hear it again. Her own lips traveled to the bottom of my jaw where she ran her tongue all the way up to my pierced earlobe before roughly biting it and my earring.

Ungh!That move alone mad my dick harder and my knees shake.

What the fuck? Shit like that didn't happen to me.


Ungh, someone fucking shoot me! Her voice, which was normally very sultry, was so low and husky and choppy from the panting she was doing. It was key to my undoing. She could've asked me to slap her dad and I would've. No questions asked.

"Yes?" I barely croaked out…she had me whimpering. All from a fucking kiss.

Best kiss ever!

Yes dick I know! I fucking know!

"Edward?" that voice was in my ear again. "Pick me up."

I didn't have to be told twice. I lifted her up from where my hands rested under that ass. Felt her legs wrap around me. Felt the heat from her pussy right above my dick.

Fuck! I think I was gonna collapse from sensory overload. My legs were a quivering mess. Her mouth was back on mines now. She was clearly the aggressor here. That magic tongue of hers was getting me to succumb to her will. My knees were buckling. I had to sit down. I reached behind me, trying to guide myself to the couch cause Lord knows I wasn't breaking this kiss for anything. If we ended up on the floor, hey so fucking be it.

I found the couch and safely guided us to it. Sat down and bought her right along with me. Placed her right on top of my hard dick. She pulled away from me gasping, wide eyed. I knew she felt it. Felt it throbbing and straining towards her like it had never had pussy before and she would be the first.

She was probably surprised at the size. Yes it was all me. I wouldn't leave her curious about it for long. And this time when that thought came I wasn't as shocked. With my dick this hard and needy there was no longer denying what she was doing to me.

I grabbed her hips pulling her down as I thrust up.

"Uh, shit, Edward."

Her cursing…

The spot between her legs…

The heat! The fucking heat! Her pussy was so hot. I could feel the heat just radiating off of it. Through my jeans. Through her pants. That shit was scorching. Blazing. Oh fuck, and it felt amazing running along my cock.

My mouth was back on hers. Swallowing the whimpers coming from her. I continued thrusting up. Rolling her hips to my steady tempo. This shit was amazing. Would you believe me if I said this shit was better than any sex I'd ever had? Because I promise the honest to God truth, it was. And we were just dry humping! I hadn't even touched her pussy.

Damn I bet it would feel amazing.

I wondered if she was wet for me.

I wanted her drenched.

It's funny how your thinking has changed in regards to your unattractive best friend. Don't you think?

Dammit Dick! Don't start. I know this is a fucked up situation. I know!But damn it all if I wasn't gonna sit back and enjoy the fucking ride.

I'd deal with the consequences later.

Because Bella was now moving her hips on her own.



As if she had no control over what her body was doing to her.

Just going along with the wonderful sensations this shit was causing.

Fuck me, yes. I wanted her like this.

Her hands were tugging on my hair as if it was her last lifeline. Moans were getting louder with my mouth on her. Was she on the verge of….NO! I couldn't handle that shit!

Oh yes, Eddie boy, I think she is.

Shit! Bella was gonna cum.

Hunger gnawed at me. I had to see this.

I pulled my mouth away from hers but not before she caught my bottom lip between her teeth.



Before she sucked on it. Then released it. Then she proceeded to give me the sexiest look. All hunger and need and fuck me I was gonna burst from it.

And the twinkle in her eye told me that she knew what she was doing to me.

Hell, she could feel it, there was no hiding it.

Could probably see it clear as day, too.

Well….two could play at this fucking game.

She might've had a few fucking tricks up her sleeves but I'm the master of this shit.

Had girls eating out the palm of my hand… and I knew I could make Bella come.


Probably not harder than she's about to make you cum.

I was back to placing frantic kisses everywhere. Trailing to her neck. Found some spot between her neck and ear that made her moan louder and grind harder.

"You like that, babe?" I asked breathlessly into her ear. She jerked above me rotating her hips in a way that had me hissing. I licked around that one spot some more before sucking on it. Hard. I gave no fuck about leaving a mark there. In return she pressed harder, panted deeper, moaned lower.

She was almost ready. She couldn't even respond verbally so she just nodded.

"Have you ever had an orgasm before Bella?" I had to know. And if she hadn't…well I would glad to be another fucking first.

Fuck glad. Fist pump, motherfucker. Enthusiastically, too.

"No…ungh…..never had one…shit…..tried….but couldn't….." the ramble left her in a mess of breathless moans that made me ache just as much as her words did.

Wow. So she could never get herself off. Well I was definitely going to change that one.

I guess you need that orgasm like you needed that kiss. huh?

Now's not the time, Dick. I'm busy here.

That I can see sir….that I can see.

Shut up!

"Are you close, baby?" My hands were back on her hips. Tugging her harder, faster. I definitely was almost there. But I wanted to wait 'till she got hers first.

"Yes Edward….so fucking close….just a little bit more….right there….don't fucking stop!"

Oh fuck me. So hot. How had this little nerd turned into such a sex kitten on top of me?

And, shit she was almost there….

Stop slobbering on her ear like a mad dog and catch her cum face, you jackass.

Right. That was a must. I learned back on the couch. Gained more leverage for pulling those hips at me. Watched her face for the first time since we started this shit.

It was beautiful.

Hair loosened from that tight braid, light sheen of sweat on her forehead, big brown bedroom eyes staring back at me, lashes fluttering, and that pink flush.

It was over for me. I was about to cum.

"Shit Bella! I'm gonna cum," I moaned, my head falling back and my teeth baring themselves to her as I fought for control.

I pleaded. Because I was lost. Because I was too close. Because I was passed the point of caring about my image as macho man.

I begged, lost in the pounding, throbbing waves of hot pleasure she was unleashing inside me. "Cum with me….baby, please?"

She nodded breathlessly, little mouth wide open as I thrust harder, riding my shit out when I saw it.

It happened.

It was there.

Before me.

So hot…

Her cum face.




Her eyes rolled back, her mouth in a silent 'o' shape before her teeth clamped down on that quivering bottom lip. Soft whimpers leaving her.

That was the sexiest shit ever.

She jerked and clawed my shoulders. Her head fell back exposing her long, straining neck. Her voices assaulted my ears, the sounds born of her pleasure dragging me under. Drowning.

I almost roared, rearing off the couch and pressing my throbbing dick into her as the first waves of the most intense, toe curling pleasure slammed into me and destroyed my reality irrevocably.

It did. Nothing was the same anymore. NOTHING.

It's what currently had me stumbling like a madman towards the student office.

My dick was so fucking hard the fucker was messing with my equilibrium! I stumbled, slamming loudly against the wall, righted myself.

Looked around, over my shoulder, making sure no one heard.

I didn't want anyone coming near the office for the next ten minutes at least.

You got me tripping, stumbling, flipping, fumbling, clumsy cause I'm falling in love!

Oh holy shit, would you shut your fucking trap! I don't even know how you could possibly know that damn song. I hate Fergie!

I thought the song was very appropriate with the current circumstances.

Grrr! Shut the fuck up! I almost broke my fucking ankle stumbling in here, YOU are hard enough to cut a fucking diamond and you wanna sing fucking Fergie? What the fuck?

You know instead of arguing with me, you have a more pressing, and I do mean that literally, issue at hand.

Ugh the fucking dick was right. I did.

I was dying to pull my dick out. Offer it some type of relief. He had been up and at attention ALL DAMN DAY!

Just like it was every day.

Every moment.

Even when I wasn't around her.

And it hadn't always been like this. No. Just a few weeks ago we had been on cool ground. My dick had been blind, my eyes as well, and there had been a time when I had been completely oblivious to the temptation before me.

Ah, those wonderfully ignorant times. What I wouldn't give to get them back…

It's bad enough I have THAT night constantly in my head. But now the fucking transfiguration that had accompanied it was just too much.

The girl I knew before seemed to almost be someone else. Physically at least. It's like the girl I knew had gone away leaving behind a soul sucking, dick enlarging, sanity shriveling, sinning temptation in her wake.

My dick was in pain. I know we covered that. But it really hurt.

It hurt because it couldn't stop being hard.

It hurt because of how much I was beating it off.

Seriously, the skin was red, raw, enflamed, chaffed, you name it.

Did that stop it from getting hard? No. Of course not. It was always hard, always forcing me to take care of it.

I mean, the thing was nowhere near tiny. And the less I took care of it the more it got harder and walking around in public like that regardless of how big I decided to get my pants was not an option.

So I was stuck in a vicious cycle. One that I thought I'd never be in.


Ever since the 'new' SHE came sauntering in here.

Those long, wavy chocolate locks flowing. What the fuck happened to the tight braid she used to wear it in?

Those curls were evil. EVIL I tell you. The way they suddenly decided to frame that heart shaped face. And in doing so they only managed to accentuate everything else.

And I can't believe I never noticed before those full, pink, pouty lips. They were beyond perfect. Beyond a wet dream. Do you have any idea how many times, lately, I had imagined them pouting, kissing the head of my leaking dick, opening slowly, sucking me in, and wrapping around my…

Move on asshole, we got the picture.

Anyway, the fact that the curls now framed her face perfectly only brought out all the other features of her face. Said mouth. Her little cute button nose…

The eyes, asshole. Get to the most important part!

Yes. The eyes. How the fuck, seriously, had I been blind to them before? They were nothing short of killer. Large, expressive, chocolate brown, doe shaped with hazel tints, framed along with these monster-long curling lashes to match.

All hidden behind these fucking glasses.

The glasses.

The motherfucking glasses!


Let me tell you, these aren't your typical girlie, cat framed lenses. Oh no!

Nerd or excuse me…Retro specs is what I call them. Think Steve fucking Urkel glasses.

I don't recall Steve looking fuck hot in his.

Would you please shut the fuck up? Please? I'm begging now because you're starting to piss me off.


Anyway. Like I was saying, I didn't care for them. Thought the fad was lame as hell actually. Well until she came along. Wearing them every fucking day. Way before the fad started. I had seen the high school yearbook from freshman year.

Now, oh now those fuckers were known as the bane of my fucking existence.

Or maybe it was just her. I don't know. Hell I didn't know anything in regards to HER anymore.

Other than the fact that me and my dick craved to take her.

Especially at this particular moment. I had felt as if I was going through sensory overload. It had been the smallest things all day but they drove me wild. Subtle glances, slight touches, looking up me shyly through those eyelashes, small slithers of her

creamy pale skin that was usually covered, and that damn lip biting!

I was done for.

I had just slammed the office door and I couldn't get my dick out fast enough.

I almost fell. Ended up leaning and bracing myself against the desk, the damn chair was too fucking far. I had a massive struggle with my belt just so I could slide my jeans down far enough to grasp my dick.

When the fucker bounced out, faster than anything I had ever seen, and swollen red because of his need for attention it was an immediate reflex to wrap my hand around it.


"Ungh. Shit!"

It felt so fucking good. Suddenly every thought was of her. Fucking Bella Swan and those damned glasses! I had one hand on the desk for support while the other gently caressed my dick. I circled my thumb around the leaking head, knees buckling at the sensation it caused, while imaging Bella down on her knees. Pink tongue swirling around the head before sucking me inside her warm mouth.

"Oh fuck Bella. Your mouth feels so good baby." I started pumping my hand over my dick slowly. I wanted this shit to last.

Somewhere in another totally active part of my brain I was trying to figure out how our friendship had taken such a turn. I had deemed her as one of the guys. The only girl I could actually sit up and talk to without trying to get in her pants. She was someone I shared all my secrets with. My deepest fears, my strongest desires. Hell even how I seduced the fucking ladies! My hang out buddy when I didn't want to deal with the superficial girls on campus. My best fucking friend. And now I'm fantasizing about taking her in every fucking position possible and having her choking on my dick.

What the fuck was wrong with me?

My brain couldn't function enough to comprehend that or give me a reasonable answer. It had more important things in mind. Like how far Bella could take us down her throat.

With my eyes clenched tightly, head thrown back, chest heaving heavily and a light sheen of sweat on my forehead I'm sure I was a sight to see. By now I was pumping my dick furiously while thrusting my hips trying to keep up with fantasy Bella who was bobbing up and down on my dick fiercely.


Oh shit, part of me kind of wanted her to chomp down!

I was so damn close. Felt the pressure building EVERYWHERE. I was gonna cum so fucking hard.

"Fuck…ungh…Bella baby…so…so fucking close love…ungh." I whimpered as I tightened the hold I had on my dick. Just then fantasy Bella looked up at me through those fucking lashes with those big browns nearly black with lust from behind those frames pushing me further down her throat. That was it. I was fucking done.

"Shit baby! I'm coming…ungh…oh fuck baby! So good!" I thrust one…two…three times before my cum was spilling over the floor, chanting Bella's name as if it was a dying man's last prayer.

And then I heard it. A gasp from the sweetest voice. It was soft but it still registered with my subconscious.

Oh, shit…

You've been caught you pervy bastard, now what?

Ugh shut the fuck up you! I hurried up and pulled my jeans up, shoving my dick in on the way.

"Edward?" Her voice rang out to me, sounding a bit choppy. I took a deep breath because I knew where this was headed.

I was gonna lose my best friend. Just because I couldn't keep my shit together while at work.

You just couldn't wait to get home to play with your dick, huh?

Fucking subconscious actually had the nerve to laugh after saying that shit to me. That fucker wasn't trying to stop me, either. Oh who was I kidding, the President couldn't have kept me from that shit.

I spun around slowly to face…yeah, you guessed it…Bella Swan. Her chest was heaving, panting hard, an unreadable expression on her face.

I just KNEW she was gonna let me have it.

We stood there staring at each other for what felt like forever though I knew it was only a few seconds. Then something clicked. I saw Bella get a look of pure determination on her face.

I think I heard her mumble something but I couldn't be too sure. I was too worried about what she was gonna say or even worse what she was gonna do to me for what she had just witnessed. I watched her closely as she squared her shoulders, pushed her chest out, took those glasses off and sat them on the desk, and stalked towards me.

I was actually fucking scared. Her dad was the chief of police in her hometown. Who knew what type of kick ass techniques she had?

I was attempting to back away. Forgetting I was by a desk with nowhere to go and trying to figure out how to explain this while protecting my balls at the same time.

Hey, judge me all you want but those are treasured fucking items.

Imagine my fucking surprise when Bella got close enough, I'm talking tits to abs cause she was so damn short, reached up and put a death grip on my neck, pulled me down while pushing up on her tip toes and stared at me right in the eyes.

Her eyes were burning and her words were tremulous. She was pissed, which was expected.

What wasn't expected was the boiling curiosity staring back at me from those big browns.

"You have a minute. A minute to explain to me what this whole thing is all about. You pretended that nothing happened between us, now this? Start talking, Cullen, or I just might walk out of here and you'll never see me again. Got it?"

Oh. My. God.

Ok, right. How to do this?

Fuck it; perhaps going back to the beginning would help it make more sense?

I stared into her eyes, feeling my body waking up once more. Everything tingled, especially my neck where her two tiny hands were wrapped.

It was obvious. I needed to make it make sense. Because the thought of her walking out and never coming back did not sit well with my equation of life.

I couldn't let it happen.

But how did I stop it?