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» A Game of Cat and Mouse «

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Hallways were dusted with brand new dress shoes and white knee-high socks. Brightly colored flyers were taped to walls and windows, while a few club students stood at corners to lash out an ad from their stack with a bored expression.

Everything was in order, everything was in place, everything was perfectly normal like any other morning ― until an uncanny cluster of underclassmen girls started to bulge out from one of the classrooms, adding an unruly mix of squeals and sighs to the morning bustle.

Encased in the crowd of skirts and hair ties was the prince himself, seated at a simple wooden desk. Though with his presence, the room seemed to be treated with care and compassion.

"Good morning, Prince Harmonia," a blonde girl sighed, emphasizing his esteemed title with wistful fascination.

"Good morning, Miss Bianca." He titled his head politely, purposely letting his hair fall off his shoulder. "I trust you're doing well this morning?"

She opened her mouth to reply, but her answer was drowned out by the yowls from the other girls. They huddled closer, hoping to have their voice heard by their adoring monarch. They sung the same kind wishes of good mornings and good days, their voices mixing into one.

He leaned back in his seat, content. He thought of closing his eyes, relishing in what few minutes of adoration he had left until first period started ― until reality sunk in.

But today, reality came three minutes early.

"Geez, is this what it's like everyday?"

A leather briefcase clattered onto a desk.

"Did I miss a fight or something?"

The room fell silent, and everyone swung their heads around to look.

His wrinkled uniform was still unbuttoned, with his blue shirt poking out from his chest. His layered brown hair was unkempt, as stray strands poking out from the top of his head. His light eyes drooped as he rubbed them, hoping to hide a few dark circles under his moody expression.

He looked back up and over at the offended group of girls.

"What?" he barked.

"How can you talk to ladies in such a fashion?" the prince asked, still sitting.

The boy's gave a casual shrug.

"Because I can?"

The girls instantly started to bicker amongst one another, pointing out a few insults of their own about the boy's ragged appearance. Then, with a pale hand, they were silenced.

He stood up from his throne, casually strolling over to the rash younger boy.

"Listen, my little ruffian," he began, his voice calm, light, effortless. "People like you aren't welcome here. You've always wasted two minutes of my time, and every boy knows that this room is off limits until it's time for class. So tell me, who are you?"

The bell rang, sending an earsplitting wave across the school. When its screeching stopped, the boy opened his mouth to answer.

"Touya. From Nuvema."

And then the girls started to squish their way through the rows of seats to leave for class.

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