Morganville Vampires


Ghost Town

Oliver stroked Amelie's hair as she lay on the floor, the wound Ysandra had caused was healing nicely. Amelie looked up at Oliver, her body was weak but her eyes shown determination and strength, that was what attracted Oliver to Amelie in te first place, her strength.

"You…need to help Claire"

Oliver shook his head

"I'm not going; you're at a venerable state"

She sighed

She held his free hand which rested on her upper thigh which was covered by her long dress.

"Why" her voice was still croaky but she was getting better "Why over rule and humiliate me and then look after me?"

"Because I don't hate you Amelie"

Oliver leaned down and kissed Amelie gently on the lips, she pressed her lips back to his creating more pressure.

Then as Oliver was about to deepen the kiss he felt Amelie's hand around his throat, he looked and saw she was furious

"What do you think your doing Oliver!"

I frickin love Morganville vampires series I've just finished book 10 and I cant wait for book 11, any suggestions of what books to read after the series? I know it's short but I'm testing the waters