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xChapterOne: Welcome to Pandora Academy

Pandora Academy, a regular school except for the small fact it's for the gifted, the best of the best. Each student was tested and deserved to be in the school more then anyone else. The staff was highly trained and were suited to teach their subject superbly well. The school even had it's own university that students who stay strong with their studies can easily get into. The perfect school to start a perfect life, it was called by regular students.

The school had a sense of normalcy in it's social life though. The cliques that were made from talents, the jocks to the nerds that excelled in their field of knowledge. Though, there were individuals who didn't fit into the regular groups or rebelled against the social groupings.


A certain fifteen was incredibly bored, her feet up on her desk and chair leaning against the desk behind her, she ate her drumstick in silence. Winter break ended a couple days ago though she didn't really do anything except walk around her dorm room anyways. Homeroom had started as she waited for her 'friends'. Everyone was filtering in to their regular cliques. Fourteen to eighteen year old were mixed in with each other, since homeroom in the academy was organized in flexibility for the special classes, but it was also quite random. "Alice!" yelled a particular voice that she recognized as her manservant.

Looking up, she saw Oz Vessalius, a.k.a manservant, drop his messenger bag on the floor and took the seat across from her. Leaning over, he said in a whisper, "There's a new student transferring here!"

The brunette raised her eyebrow at this, it wasn't as if everyday a new student transferred here. Of course, it could be another jock, not like we already have enough of those, she thought, rolling her eyes at the thought.

A flash of caramel brown raced in front of her and quickly sat down. "Sharon!" Oz said with childish excitement, green eyes shining.

"Thank goodness! I wasn't late," Sharon said smoothing out her pink babydoll's dress and carefully placed her violet backpack on the floor.

Alice looked at Oz's new found excitement and with a knowing smirk watched the scene play out. "Dancing again?" Oz said adding in the comment about the new student also.

Sharon Rainsworth was a talented, no, extraordinary dancer. Her simple womanly charm and grace captured many but she insisted in staying with them instead of the Art Clique. Sixteen in years and already winning competitions, she had the mindset of a noble lady. "Yeah, I was trying to finish and master my new ballet routine. I was wondering if you could maybe later come over and play the piano to it or the violin. You know a change in music maybe?" she asked with a shy smile, a hand running through her hair flattening it, "I wonder if the student is a girl or boy?"

Oz, the green eyed and sunshine haired boy, was a gifted musician. He could woo girls with heart-melting serenades that would make them go weak on their knees. He picked up multiple instruments already, but by far his strings instruments were his favorite and most mastered. He was also observant and bright. The fifteen year-old actually did great in academics and could easily follow in his father's footsteps if it wasn't for the fact that he hated Oz.

"I would love too! How about after school? In studio 172? Gender? I was actually thinking more of the person's gift," he mused smiling back at her.

"Good Afternoon, students!" Oscar-sensei bellowed.

All the students snapped out of their daily morning chatter and scurried to their desks if they moved. Oz stopped his curious talk about the new student to turn towards his Uncle. It was no secret that many of the Vessalius family members are here. In fact the school was opened by the the four gifted families, the Vessalius, Nightray, Rainsworth, and Barma families. They were noble, rich, and many of them gifted in different things. Though many times they specifically focus on one area, the Vessalius family are well known in music and business, Nightrays specialized in athletics and business which made the families compete to become the top in business. The Rainsworth and Barma family on the other hand, have been friends since the opening of the Academy. One specialized in the arts and media and the other academics and politics, it was no wonder that they could help each other thrive by investing and helping each other. Alice could repeat the information in her sleep, all the students were require to learn the school history like the back of their hands after all.

"Now, I would like to introduce a new transfer student from Hearts Academy. Please welcome him! Now, come in boy! Don't be afraid," Oscar encouraged as the door in.

The door opened as a boy walked in, clad in a white jacket and black pants. Alice and the rest of the class carefully examined him. His red eyes were striking against his pale skin and white hair. His eyes were calculating and scanned over each and everyone of them. A doll was strangely on his shoulder, made from blue cloth and auburn hair, it's black eyes seem to be peering at you no matter what angle. The silence was broken from the crunch of a lollipop stuck on his mouth as he simply said, "My name is Xerxes Break, but please call me Break, and that's Emily, " he gave a small smirk and bit into the red lollipop once again.


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