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Why would he transfer out of Hearts? Emily, what is he five? A Hearts student? I heard they're dangerous especially the ones from the Abyss sections. He seems creepy, we should stay away from him. The words flew chaotically around the classroom in rush whispers.

Break smiled as he heard each and every word said about him. The students seem to be excellent stage whisperers. Maybe they all take drama, he mused to himself and bit into his candy once again. These rumors weren't anything new, since people tend to stray away from what they don't know. "Well, Xerxes find a empty seat and I hope you guys will treat him well?" Oscar said as his voice turned strict.

Various forms of yes and nods were seen and heard, making Oscar nod in approval. The teenager seemed happy enough, he could probably fit in.


Alice looked around with a scowl, the only desks that were empty were behind her and across from her. She didn't want this clown to sit near her! The brunette, was glaring daggers at the clown as he plopped down across from her. Luckily, looks couldn't kill so Break was relatively safe for now.

Leaning over, she whispered to Oz, " I don't want to sit next toe stupid clown! He seems annoying."

"It's your fault you scared practically anyone who came near the two seats," Oz replied fiddling with his pencil, "Besides, you may like him? You should honestly make more friends Alice."

Alice snorted at his reply. Like? She barely liked anyone, it was a surprise to everyone that Oz was friends with her, he was popular after all. She continued to glare at the boy trying to come up with ways to make him move far away from her.

The albino couldn't help but grin at the girl's irritation, he found it simply hilarious! Deciding to add to the fire he turned to face the girl and said, "Hi cat-ears! I'm your new classmate," and extended his sleeve covered hand and gave her an innocent smile.

Alice, on the other hand was inwardly twitching. She despised it when people gave her nicknames, though she gave them out freely. Her excuse? I can't bother with learning names of my servants! They are lower then me! She wanted to punch him, it wouldn't be so hard since his face was right in front of her. Glancing about, she noticed Oscar looking at the exchange. Damn it! I'll get him for this, she thought mentally scheming and turned to the front again.

Break withdrew his hand and grinned. He knew they would be interacting again, he would make sure of it. He unwrapped the Jolly Rancher that he found in his pocket and popped it in his mouth. He turned towards the front as Oscar droned on about school news. Five minutes, he thought quickly jutting something down on a strip of paper and then balling it up. Brinnnggg, the bell echoed, signing the end of the period. Break quickly threw the ball at Alice before getting ready to leave. Students jutted awake around him as he grabbed his backpack slinging it over his right-shoulder followed the crowd.


Alice and few other students remain behind as students filtered in the door. She had Oscar first period and she would trade anything not to. Right now, the brunette wanted to hunt the clown down more then anything. She glared at the paper that hit her in on the nose, from the clown. She was contaminated with probably idiot germs right now. Sighing as curiosity got the best of her she unwrapped the paper.

Hey Cat-Ears!

I'll meet you at lunch (we have the same lunch period). I can't wait to meet your friends.

Her eyes twitched as they read the message. He did the two things that royally pissed her off: calling her cat-ears and making a decision for her. She would get back at him, she swore to make that stupid clown regret it. Looking down at her notes she began doodling gruesome doodles of dead clowns.

She saw Gil peak over at her, raising an eyebrow as he saw her drawings. "What seaweed head?"

"I'm not a seaweed head! Why are you drawing clowns shouldn't you be paying attention to class?" He answered, nose scrunched up at the horrid drawings.

"Stop telling me what to do. Remember you're a manservant and therefore lesser then me. I do not feel the need to answer to you," Alice said, pulling the imaginary ranking she had over him.

"Oh please, you know Oz would want to know what made you so pissed. Besides we're all your friends much to your dismay as well as mine," he said, trying to give her smile that proved to be futile.

Alice drew a quick label over the clowns before a hand snatched it up. Looking up, she saw Gil read the name and his golden eyes widened with shock. Seeing the reaction, Alice raised her eyebrow and asked what happened.

A shake of the head, he handed her back the picture and turned towards the blackboard. His message was clear, it was the end of the conversation. The seaweed head could always be stubborn when he wanted to.


Xerxes Break was sitting in his math class with a strange smile decorating his face, one corner higher then the other along with the shimmering glint of his eye announced that he was up to no good. Classmates who noticed this knew that the man was plotting, after all he was a Heart. The enemies, the people who they should stay away from at all cost. Break knew people were looking at him. He saw the few glances people sneaked at him between math problems. It was quite annoying being the center of attention. He was supposed to be invisible, a shadow on the wall that could disappear in the darkness, only being noticed when it suited him. It was how he survived. It was how he lived.


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