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AN: My third prompt-challenge of the summer! For those of you who don't know, my best friend, Le Requiem, and I are doing this fun little prompt-experiment/challenge/exercise for the whole summer. Each week for the whole summer we're going to be sending each other a prompt, taking one week to write up something for that prompt, sending it to each other for initial comments, and then posting it here. For prompt #3, I wrote two pieces; this is the second one and my attempt at turning a rather crack prompt into something serious.

Prompt: "Oh, you like sleeping? Me too! We should do it together sometime."



There's fire in her veins and as the gravel lies, hard, at her back, she sees beyond the stars. She sees into the gray-green ether of beyond and can't help but feel insignificant in her own smallness.

-Can you see it? Past the stars?-

He lies somewhere to her left, a breath and an ocean away and she trembles at their closeness.

-All I see is you, babe. Shining in the dark.-

But she sees and she needs, needs him to see, needs him to understand.

-Past the stars. It's there.-

He shifts and the world roils beneath her.

-Tell me.-


There's silence like a virus and she feels his eyes roving over her, seeing and not seeing and seeing and not and

-Like a planet going up in flames.-

As she says it, she feels the flames, licking up her skin to find her mouth and kiss her breathless as they scorch her into ashes.

A memory stirs. His mouth on hers and she tastes blood. Her mouth on his and he tastes redemption.

He touches her cheek like she's made of porcelain, brushes long hair out of red-brown eyes, and she feels the scars from a life of murder.

-A star for a star.-

She giggles, low and husky and hysterical, and he wants to drown in it, like salty-sweet water filling his lungs and suffocating him from the inside-out.

He looks to the stars, and feels it. Inside and twisted and wrapped up and ice.

-Can you feel it? Beyond the heart?-


-Darkness. Like cold sleep.-

-Oh, you like sleeping?-

Her voice giggles and she worms her way over to him, brown hair mingling with red, like drying blood.

-Me too. We should do it together sometime.-

His fingers capture hers.

-To sleep…-

She sobers.

-But which kind? The forever kind?-

-Only if you want to.-

-And if I said yes?-

-Then we'd escape this place, and get to the stars.-

-But… beyond them-


-You're sure?-

-With you? Always.-

-Then… let's.-

And there's fire in her veins, but she can't tell. Can't tell if it's all 'cause of him, or

And he's drowning in the sky, but he can't tell. Can't tell if it's her, or

Or the hurt in their hearts scratching harder, harder

Or the needle in their veins, plunging deeper, deeper

They can't tell. Won't tell.

But they have bullets in their hands and roses on their temples

And they sleep.



Fun Fact: In order to write this, I locked myself in a dark room and pretended I was on drugs for an hour. Also, I may have gotten too vague for my own good with this, so if it isn't obvious, they're both way on drugs in this piece. Heroin, to be specific, which apparently (according to Wiki) causes "transcendent relaxation." Also, originally Yuffie was supposed to be the female lead in this, but I liked the dialogue better having it come from Tifa.

Reviews would be greatly appreciated, even for a tiny, vagueish fic such as this one =)