Chapter One:

The Battle at Mustafar

"No, I am your father," Vader said, Standing above his son, Luke, who was dangling from a ledge.

"Join me, Luke and we will rule the galaxy as father and son!"

Luke had just lost his arm; he had also lost all hope that the rebels would win this "civil" war. He answered with all conviction, "Yes, I will join you! Just help me, father, to become the most powerful Jedi ever!"

"I will, son. Now, come, the Emperor will be happy to see you, now," Vader said, walking away.

Luke shimmied himself over to the main walkway and followed his father, Anakin, to the Emperor's shuttle. Luke had to sneak over there, as to not be seen in his weak condition.

Aboard the shuttle, Luke's arm was fixed with a hand that resembled his father's robotic hand, unbeknownst to him. Vader went over to the medical droid and said, "It's time for the final transformation," He turned to Luke, "the Emperor is in the main bridge. I suggest you go and find him, and he will make you more powerful than ever,"

Luke walked over to the bridge, his new arm working off signals from his brain. He lifted it up and pressed the button to open the bridge door.

Lord Sidious turned and saw Luke, and told him, "Go to the Mustafar system and kill every Storm trooper there. If you want to know why, the answer is that they're an elite guard and they plan to betray me. But first, bow. Yes that's good, I knight you as Darth… Inves. Now go. Oh, I almost forgot, here,"

The Emperor used the Force to hand Luke his father's lightsaber.

"There are Sith robes outside this door. I hope you enjoy them. Oh, and remember, Inves; 'Anger is the path to the Dark Side'." The Emperor laughed and disappeared.

Luke went outside and found the robes, which were black Jedi robes, but were… different somehow.

Luke put them on and got onto an old fighter and flew to the Mustafar system, intent on killing for his new master.

Once he arrived at Mustafar, he was confronted by three Storm troopers, "Hands up, what be your name?"

"Darth Inves. I'm a new Sith lord and I've been sent on a mission of-" Luke never finished his sentence.

He just pulled out his lightsaber and slashed the troopers. This brought two more troopers over to the landing area.

They didn't ask questions, they just fired their blasters and the blasts soon hit them in the chest, deflected by Inves's lightsaber. Inves walked to the main area of the station, and walked into the control room, unchallenged the whole way.

"Must be a small group, or a big meeting," he thought.

He walked into the control room and when asked of his mission, he slashed all of the troopers, letting not anger, but hate be his guide.

After 10 minutes on the planet, he had cleared it of the rebel troopers

He traveled back to the main Empire starship and met with the Emperor.

"You've done well, Darth Inves. I pray you have some information for me?"

"Yes, there are rebel bases on Hoth, Endor and Tatooine. I suggest that I and a group of soldiers go and take over the Tatooine base, but Endor and Hoth will be harder targets, as that Endor is the main base and Hoth is more remote," Darth Inves said, spilling the secrets he swore to protect.

"Darth Inves, you're new mission is to lead the 501st Storm Trooper Division into battle on Tatooine. I have men on there that will gladly abandon their posts to attack the base. Now, Inves, go."

Inves walked out of the room, going to his fighter, with Storm troopers ready to die at his commanded. He was finally a respected leader. He finally was powerful. He felt more alive than he had ever felt.

Luke Skywalker died that day.

Darth Inves was born.