Chapter Six:

Inves's Vision


Lords Sidious, Vader and Inves, with a plethora of troops, arrived on Naboo, just a few standard miles outside of the capitol.

"We must journey about 2 standard miles north through some forest to arrive at our destination," announced Commander Kenton, to his superior, General Jordon.

Jordon nodded at Kenton and said, "We should send a scout team in… I don't want Lord Sidious or Lord Vader to get hurt,"

"What about Lord Inves, General?" Commander Kenton asked.

"Commander, he knows how to take care of himself," Jordon said, putting his binoculars up to his eyes, "The Archives should be a quick trip, only lasting a day or so. They Emperor will probably take some papers with him, so have your troops be ready to carry a load, Commander Kenton,"

"Yes, sir!"

"Dismissed," cried the General, "I hope we don't have to carry the entire Archives back… that would be a job. But let's hope we get a few things…" the General whispered to himself.

"Sir!" cried a trooper.

Jordon turned and automatically saluted his trooper, "What is your name, son?"

"Cadet Cody, s-sir! I'm h-hear to ask a-about the mission. Y-you see, this is m-my first o-one and I-I'm nervous…"

"Oh, don't worry," the General stated.


"It's just a transport mission, son," the General said, "If you want, I'll put you on duty with the land speeder transporting some of our men to the Archives to defend our Masters. You like that?"

"Yes, sir!" Cody said, happily.

"Dismissed, son," Jordon said, smiling under his helmet.

The trooper half-walked, half-jogged over to his Commander. General Jordon saw that Cody was nervous and had trouble getting the words out, so Jordon went over the Commander.

Jordon came up behind Cody, slapped a hand on his shoulder and looked at the Commander.

"So," said the Commander, "Who are you? I'm trying to tell my trooper here that he cannot transport the troops, because we already have a transporter, but he won't listen, saying he HAS to do it,"

General Jordon smiled and said, "I'm General Jordon and I just gave this Cadet here a strict order to transport our troops over to the Archives. I think he's doing the right thing in telling you that he has to do this. Now, Commander, he would be violating Storm Trooper Law 1.26, Paragraph 2, line 4 if he were not to carry out this order and that means what, Cadet?"

"Death by firing squad, sir," Cody said, confidently.

"That's exactly right. Now, if YOU were to violate a direct order by a superior, which I shall give to you in a minute, it would mean what?" asked the General.

"Death by Space…" said the Commander, quietly.

"And that means what?" asked the General.

"You will be thrown out into Space, with no gear whatsoever and will surely die in less than sixty standard seconds… Law 1.26, Paragraph 2, Line 1, sir," the Commander spat the last word.

"Now, let this young man pilot the speeder and if he does well, I will promote him to my right-hand," the General said.

"To a Commander, sir?" asked Cadet Cody.

"Yes. I trust you, Cody," said the General, "You came to me and not to him for advice, for more reasons than one, but nonetheless, you came to me and that means you acknowledge your superior, Pillar One of the Three Pillars needed to be a Commander. Pillar Two is, a thirst for Knowledge, you have that in going to a, if I do say so myself, wise General for advice. And the Third and Final Pillar: The Ability to Carry out Orders Whatever the Case May be. You shall show that in transporting these men to their specified stations. Can you do that?"

"Sir, yes, sir!" cried Cody.

"Then here are your orders," the General grabbed the papers from the Commander and gave them to Cody, "Read them over, for we need to get those troops over there before Lords Sidious, Vader and Inves are. Which means we need to be there by dawn tomorrow. Get a good night's rest, Cody, that's an order,"

As Cody saluted and walked away, the Commander said, "What are you doing, General? Giving a Cadet a chance to become a Commander OVERNIGHT! That's outrageous!"

"Watch your tongue, Commander Connor. I pick my own Commanders, and I picked you out of 40 other troopers because I thought you had the Three Pillars. I then realized you miss the Three Virtues. Patience, Bravery, and the most important trait of all…"

"What?" Commander Connor asked.

"Humor," the General stated, plainly.


"Whoa," Inves said as he entered the stone temple.

"Yes, Inves… 'Whoa'…" Lord Sidious said.

The stone temple had shelves going up 20 feet, and it was stocked with scrolls, holotapes, and books. Inves was deeply impressed, having not seen a book before, but knowing what they were.

"This is amazing! I don't know where to start!" Inves yelled, his voice echoing.

"We're going to move the archives into the Death Star II, so you can start where ever you want to, Lord Inves," Sidious stated.

Inves ran up to a shelf ad found out something:

It was alphabetical!

So he now knew where to start: He ran up to the "S" section and found "The Definitive Guide to Sith History" by Jedi Master Yoda.

Inves grabbed the book and flipped to "Recent History".

He looked and looked and found what he was looking for:

"The infamous Count Dooku, was killed by his Master, Lord Sidious, after finding a new apprentice, Lord Vader,"

Inves dropped the book and had a vision:

He saw his father, on the floor, with Inves over him. Inves had a lightsaber over his head and was about to strike down Vader, but just as he threw the lightsaber down to kill him, a tall man, with dark hair and blue eyes attacked Inves from behind.

That was it.