A/N: Ok, I had this little daydream running around in my head and after seeing someone write something similar (not w/ Soul Eater, but still) I couldn't resist actually doing it. I know I said I'd stop for the summer to work on my novel, but some temptations are too strong to not give in to.

This takes place with the Army of Darkness comics (as the portals explain how he got to Japan) and the Soul Eater anime (as I have not read the manga).

I hope you enjoy

Something Wrong in the Streets

Ever since the Necronomicon Ex Mortis made his life a living hell, Ashley J. Williams had been killing the evil dead and jumping through time and space portals to prevent an apocalyptic nightmare. His next stop was a particularly strange time and place. As he fell out of yet another portal, he cursed under his breath and brushed off his clothes – tan slacks and a buttoned blue shirt, sleeves rolled up for easy access to the chainsaw's mechanics. What he saw was a dark ally and just outside it rundown buildings with neon signs he couldn't understand. Ash scratched his head in confusion.

Across town, a young girl by the name of Maka, donned in a school uniform – questionable as it seems no one else wears it, jumped across the rooftop with her trusty partner in hand on the trail of yet another Afreet egg. Since the defeat of the Kishin, the hunt continued to collect souls who have trailed to the path of the demon in order to prevent him from rising yet again.

[["I don't know, Maka. He looks different from the other monsters we beat. Kinda reminds me of a zombie."]] Soul explained in his scythe form.

[[You've been watching too many horror movies. These guys tend to look different sometimes, and I intend to make you a Deathscythe."]] Maka said through gritted teeth, trying to be stealthy. The opponent had not discovered them yet. In the reflection of the blade, you could see Soul cringe looking at him.

Without warning, Maka jumped down with her jacket filling out in the wind and landed across from it. Soul was right – it looked like an ordinary zombie: rotting flesh, pale yet bloody appearance which otherwise looks perfectly human. But, as she seemed to have to point out to Soul a few times tonight, she knew an Afreet egg when she saw one.

[["Your soul is mine."]]

Maka ran up to swing Soul at it, but before she hit the monstrosity it uttered something that shocked them both: "I'll swallow your souls!"

Typically, they wouldn't understand this – it wasn't their native language. However, in this line of business they knew keys phrases in every language. What with their experience as reapers, they knew when someone was threatening to swallow their souls. There was no time to react to that, however, because the monster grabbed hold of the scythe as she tried to cut through it. It tried to claw its way to Maka, but she used Soul as a type of shield, keeping it at bay. She heard Soul shout in pain. [["Gah! It bit me! Not cool!"]]

[[Soul! Agh, I'll try to get some distance.]] She jumped back holding him, but this was also a sight for someone else to see. Ash had wandered onto their fight just in time. He pulled the shotgun from the strap across his back and, with a couple rounds to the head, the deadite fell. He looked to the little girl. "Hey, kid. Aren't you too young to be fighting the undead? Or even, y'know, hold up a giant pair of scissors like that?"

Maka looked to Soul, both of them confused. [["You know what he's saying?"]]

[["I don't know. But I do know that he killed that thing and a Kishin egg didn't float out. I think we need to take him to Shinigami-sama."]]

"Crap. I don't speak Japanese…"