The human cat, Blair, sat crouched over a decorative cabinet while clad only in a small towel. The deadites had cornered her, but her climbing abilities kept her out of reach. They chanted to her.

"Join us!"

"I'll swallow your soul!"

Her long, purple hair swayed as she looked them over, confused. Her Halloween Canons seemed to have no effect. They just kept coming back. "Meow?"

Since the rise of the Kishin, the Witches' Clan's power had dwindled. All the spells and incantations and potions between all the witches were futile. Each witch would blast a deadite or two. The deadite would rise again. A witch would fall. Another deadite would be part of the demon army. The process would repeat itself.


Eruka, the toad witch, recognized a zombie when she saw one. The girl attempted to cast a protection spell around herself. She ran to the supply room to get the materials. The deadites ran after her. The materials were of no use.

She was taken.

Ragnorak pushed Chrona forward. He coached the child, "Soul isn't Soul anymore! Just kill him! Remember how things worked with Medusa? Just kill him!"

A nervous smile crept across Chrona's lips. "Y-yeah … I just kill him."

Soul grinned at the challenge.

Black*Star and Death the Kid moved out of the way as Ragnorak, now in sword form, dragged itself across the floor of the castle towards Soul with Chrona as a still attachment. It swept at the boy's feet, but he sent spikes of his own black blood to impale Chrona. Chrona, in turn, hardened its own blood so it would not be penetrated. Ragnorak screamed and the sonic wave knocked Soul on his back.

As Tsubaki watched, Maka brought her attention to a different fight by firing the shotgun at her. The bullets were deflected when the Demon Queen waved her hand. Maka sent a flying kick at Tsubaki, the queen taking matters into her own hands and flipping Maka to the floor instead. That move left Tsubaki open from behind and Ash took advantage. He snatched the Necronomicon from her waist. The Demon Queen, of course, immediately noticed and called out to her subjects. "My minions! Protect the Necronomicon!"

Deadites crawled out of the woodwork. Another small army formed in the castle of Shibusen. Death the Kid yelled, "Ash! Maka! Chrona! Keep fighting! Black*Star, Liz, Patty, and I will hold them off!"

The sisters called off simultaneously. "Right!"

Black*Star jumped onto the heads of the deadites. He braved reaching his hands into their mouths to pull out their spines. These weren't possessed people. They had to be creatures that crawled out of Hell itself. Maka landed a blow to the back of Tsubaki's head. Tsubaki tossed Maka into the opposite wall. Chrona looked around to the blood that Soul had already spilled by cutting into the child. Chrona turned each individual black blood droplet and turned them into spikes. Ragnorak cried, "BLOODY NEEDLE!" The needles all successfully pierced Soul, but he only kept moving. It was as if he didn't feel any pain at all. Even Chrona felt pain.

What had Soul become?

Lord Death was no longer in bad condition. Soul may be evil. He may be nearly unbeatable. But he did not possess the power of a Kishin and he did not possess the power to defeat Death itself. The entity hung his head. He had been caught off-guard when Soul had changed. There were very few options left.

He had the chance to stop Soul then and there, when he got out of his hospital bed. But he hadn't. What were his options now? Leave to go help his students? They were in the very heart of war at that moment. A plan was set. He could only watch by the mirror as the fate of his world and the human world combined began to unfold.

Tsubaki attacked Ash with shadows. He wasn't hurt, but he tripped to the ground, letting the Necronomicon slide out of his grip. As Kid kept firing off Liz and Patty, Black*Star jumped from between more deadites and gabbed the Book of the Dead. He attached it to his pants and avoided the oncoming zombies as he gained his weapon's attention. Maka saw Tsubaki run towards Black*Star, so she tossed him Ash's shotgun. Black*Star caught it and used it against the horde at Kid's side.

Ash fought against the shadows that encircled him. He tried to see through it, but apparently shadows are only tangible when they want to be. Tsubaki left Black*Star. After all, this was all about the Promised One. Soon, Ash couldn't even see the fight as it developed. He was in total darkness. Tsubaki was the only other sight to be had. She leaned closer to him, her face shifting before his eyes. "You will die now, Promised One. You will die and the evil shall rule."

He struggled, but to no avail. With a shake of his head, he adjusted his hair out of his face to reveal a smirk. "Yeah, yeah. Do you have any idea how many times I hear that a week?"

Tsubaki chuckled at his arrogance as she clenched his face, her nails digging inside of his skin until there was the faint dripping of blood. "No, please don't give up, Ashley. It will make your soul all the tastier to devour."

Looking panicked, ash asked her, "So you're really gonna do it, huh?"

A small yet thunderous laugh escaped her. "Was there ever any question?"

"But you know …" A smile took him again. "I'm not the only one who can read a passage of a book."

Her eyes widened. The book. Williams did not have the book. Williams did not have the book. Which meant someone else did. The shadows slowly released Ash. Tsubaki turned to where she had seen Black*Star. The boy was buried in her army.

Soul sent spikes of his blood again and again into Chrona. Chrona blocked what it could, so Ragnorak boosted the child's power by releasing more sonic screams; it seemed to be the only way to slow Soul down. "Screaming resonance!" Even though the attack inflicted damage to the weapon, he wouldn't go down, much like the other deadites. Chrona was beginning to tire.

Death the Kid was beginning to feel cornered. Liz and Patty were getting tired. Even their Death Canon had no effect. The creatures were absolutely disgusting and asymmetrical. They crowded around him. Liz screamed, panicking again. "H-how do we beat them?"

Patty repeated after her sister. "Yeah, how? How?"

He admitted, "I … I don't know." Kid shot his weapons off, attempting to delay the inevitable. Soon after he nailed a few that were getting too close to him, Black*Star flipped over his head and kill more with the infamous boomstick. The reaper made a note to thank him later.

Ash stood and ran to Black*Star, sawing through every deadite in his path. The roar of his chainsaw demanded attention from more of the deadites, but they only became more victims. Maka distracted Tsubaki, fighting with her hand to hand. The Demon Queen would use her otherworldly power, and Maka would deflect it. Without Soul by her side, her one hope was the combination of her courage and the Angelic Aura she inherited from her mother.

Ash finally reached Black*Star, grabbed the Necronomicon, and ran with him and Kid to get away from the horde. The Demon Queen noticed him fleeing but could do nothing. Maka was putting up too much of a fight for an ordinary meister. At any rate, her legion was chasing after the Promised One. A good amount, at least. She would not be defeated.

The trio killed the last of the deadites chasing them as they ran through the halls of the academy. Ash locked a door behind them, but it would only serve as a minor blockade, not a barrier. He knew this. Williams shoved the Book of the Dead into Black*Star's hands. "Ok, we gotta hurry, kid. Find the passage you read that started all this and maybe – just maybe – if you read it backwards these demons will go back where they came from."

Black*Star nodded. He opened the book. Minutes later, the blue-haired boy was still figuring through the pages of the ancient text much like a monkey picking fleas out of fur. Kid and Ash grew more annoyed by the moment.

Chrona couldn't stand anymore. Soul walked closer, barely a cut on him. While the deadite curse prevented him from dying, it also seemed to unlock a new function of the black blood. The two seemed to work together to heal Soul. He was unstoppable. He leaned down over Chrona, who was shivering at the sight of him. Even Ragnorak could no longer find the energy to fight. Soul's face was an inch away from Chrona's. "I'll swallow your soul."

Maka began to tire as well. He legs failed her as she crumbled before the Demon Queen. Tsubaki was becoming weary of Maka's insolence. She reached her hand over the meister's face. Her soul would be hers.

The Angelic Aura glowed around Maka, creating a lightshow of wings that crept out from her back. The queen's hand was forced back. Maka was protected, but she could not fight. Tsubaki became infuriated. She screamed, "My legion! The Promised One has escaped with the Necronomicon! Find him! Kill him! Kill him and everyone!"

The familiar moans and screams echoed down the hall. There was pounding, pounding, and more pounding at the door. A small window of the top of it shattered, an undead arm stretching through. Ash forced his back against the door to buy Black*Star more time. Death the Kid aimed Liz and Patty in that direction in case they broke through.

Black*Star howled, "Yahoo! I found it!"

Ash yelled, "Well read it! Backwards!"

Black*Star ran through the passage once in his head. He loudly pronounced each syllable, struggling to not only speak in another language but in another pattern as well. Soon, the pounding stopped.

Soul clutched his head just before reaching Chrona. It felt to him as if every fiber of his being was pulled apart piece by piece. The deadites in the academy disintegrated. Tsubaki began to feel faint. She fell to the floor beside Maka. Throughout Death City, the curse began to lift. Blair climbed down, careful of ashes left behind. Eruka was freed, as were the other witches and reapers.

Soul looked over to Tsubaki and was surprised to see Maka defeated as well. Still, the fact that he was conscious meant that he wasn't trapped anymore. Soul was still a victim of the black blood, but he was alive. "Cool."

After time had passed, it was revealed that although the majority of the deadite was from Hell and many victims were freed, there were still reapers who died during the incident. A memorial was scheduled in their memory. In the Shinigami Realm, or Death Room as Ash learned it was called, Liz, Patty, Death the Kid, Black*Star, Tsubaki, Chrona, Maka, Soul, and Lord Death himself were lined up to see Ash off.

Black*Star rubbed the back of his neck and handed the Necronomicon Ex Mortis over to Ash. "I'm sorry I caused all of this. The least a big person like me can do is put an awesome but deadly book in a place where no one can find it!" He smiled.

Liz interrupted, "And maybe now you won't read ever again!"

Tsubaki blushed, remembering how surprised she was to catch him reading.

Ash snatched the book; he may like Black*Star, but still couldn't trust him. "I'm going to miss you kids. The kids in my world are lame – they always get eaten."

Maka added, "Lord Death found a portal that opened this morning. I'm guessing that's your ride back."

Death interrupted her. "Having you over was so nice, Ashley! Once again, I apologize for my student nearly causing the apocalypse."

Ragnorak shouted to Black*Star, "And it better not happen again!"

Chrona calmed down its other half. "Please, Ragnorak … I still don't know how to deal with you!"

Ash nodded, a little creeped out. "Uh, yeah, ok. So I have my ride back? Great." He added, laughing, "Later, screwheads!"

"Bye-bye Mr. Chainsaw Man!" Patty screamed unpredictably. Lord Death led him away and back to his home. Death the Kid looked to him in admiration while Liz calmed down her sister. Tsubaki whispered, "Thank you."

Soul shook his head, and then ran to greet Ash one more time. Maka tried to run after him, but soon she realized it was futile and only smiled as Soul turned Ash around. The Promised One looked more confused than anything, but Soul stopped him in his tracks with his arm in scythe form. The weapon's grin revealed all he had to say before it was said. "Stay cool, man."

Williams smiled as well. The two bumped fists and Lord Death once again led Ash through the portal and back to his own world.

"Shop Smart, Shop S-Mart!" Ash Williams called to some customers as they left the store. The times when his life is normal are bittersweet. Sure, there are no monsters to kill him. There are no threats to his life and everything was easy to handle as could be. But, everything was boring. That, or annoying. Exhibit A was playing before him as two kids were fighting in the aisles. He was going to tell them to break it up, but saw it as a mock-fight.

The older boy was dressed as Soul Evans, a friend as Black-Star, and a younger sister as Tsubaki. He wondered how this was possible. Those people were in another universe! But with a turn of his head, posters and plush items were visible. Right next to them were DVDs. All were labeled Soul Eater. Williams smirked to himself, picking up both "weapon" and "meister" sets.

"Looks like I can catch up with my old friends after all."