Bella's Point of view

I didn't have much time to say anything, as Paul shifted me behind him, taking a protective stance in front, his eyes focused on the three strangers that had entered the scene.

Edward was right next to him, standing in front of Alida, his eyes narrowed as he also watched the new people, looking at them, as if they were some kind of threat.

I just didn't understand, at all what was going on, and it really was beginning to annoy me. No one was giving me any answers, yet the atmosphere was getting more and more tense.

"What have we were," The first stranger spoke up; his skin was dark, more so than any of us here, yet his eyes were bright, in the color of crimson red. The eyes was matched the eyes of the other two with him.

What where they…

They seemed to hold their bodies in almost unnatural ways, moving to roughly, to savagely, as if they didn't know how to move naturally at all. Judging by their wore out clothing, and the mess of sticks and leaves that stuck through there matted hair, and clothing, they had been living the in wild.

"Hello, I'm Carlisle, this is my family, and just a few of my friends," Carlisle spoke up, him and the rest of the Cullen's where standing much farther in front of Edward and Paul, seeming to be standing as still as statues.

Sam and Jared on the other hand, never seemed to stop moving. Every inch of their body seemed to tremble in front of these three strangers, and their expressions held nothing but impatience, and anger.

"I see, we didn't know this territory had already been claimed," The dark man spoke, glancing between the two people that stood on each side of him.

The other man, though much lighter in skin tone, had long blonde hair, pulled sharply back into a pony tail, and judging by his aggressive movements, he too was growing impatient as his eyes moved from each of the Cullen's, back to Edward and Paul.

Paul made a deep noise, his body beginning to quiver, just like Sam and Jared, his hands not clenched up into fists.

"Seems to me we have two fair maidens being protected over there, what's their value to this game, snacks I'm sure ," The blonde haired man spoke.

This caused several more growls from not only Paul, but most of the Cullen's, including Edward.

"The humans; aren't to be touched," Carlisle spoke, his voice still just as calm as ever.

"What does he mean humans?" I whispered, looking over to Alida.

Alida froze, staring at me in complete anxiety, looking like she was ready to explode in any second, but she just shook her head, taking a quick glance away from me.

She knew what was going on, that much was clear, but she wasn't telling me anything. Why?

Paul was the one the really seemed to be getting angered now, watching the blonde haired stranger closely.

"Keeping them for yourselves, that's no very polite," The blonde spoke, taking a step forward in our direction.

Just in that second, I gasped as the Cullen's each where moving to block the blonde, growling, and their stances all turning protective.

"I suggest you all leave," Carlisle spoke up, "We don't want any trouble,"

"And let the rest of your kind no, on your way back, to where ever you came from," Sam said with a voice that I didn't find comforting at all.

These strangers, they reminded me a lot of the Cullen's, apart from the eyes, and their more savage-like appearance. They all where unnaturally build and defined, with sharp movements, and eloquence.

There was no doubt a connection here.

"We will go, now, and never look back, if, you let us sample one of your… pets, I'll take the brown-eyed one," The blonde spoke, the only one that hasn't already moved back in a slow retreat.

The only girl of the three, moved to stand at his side, her wild mess of fiery red curls dominating the top of her head, as she gained a sneaky smirk.

"Paul don't," Edward began, looking over at Paul as he went running forward.

"Paul," I called out in fear, and worry, but before my very eyes, I watched as the man I loved, turned into a huge wolf.

All three of the strangers now stood with their eyes wide open, and in a flash they all were gone, running back into the woods with a speed that I didn't think was humanly possible.

"Quick, he is planning on coming after Alida, and Bella, we need to get them out of here," Edward called out, his hands clasping Alida, around the waist, quickly picking her up into his arms, and running away.

Again, he was gone from sight in seconds, leaving me behind, my legs shaking, my heart racing in my chest so hard, that I could hardly breathe.

"Bella, we can explain, we really can, but we need to get you out of here," Carlisle spoke moving over to me, watching down at me with concern.

"Paul, you stay here with Bella, we are going after them," Sam spoke, and with that, I watched as he also turned into a wolf, Jared doing the same, before they both went running into the woods where the three strange people had gone.

The wolf that had once been my Paul now came over to me, his head down low, not meeting my expression.

"Paul, are you ok?" I felt my voice shake.

He slowly looked up at me now, his head moving up and down in a nod.

I breathed out, letting tears slide down my cheeks as I went over to him, and embraced him tightly. Not able to hold back my silent cries.

But in seconds, I was being lifted up and onto his back, Emmett looking up at me, making sure I was on Paul securely.

"Sorry, but you need to get out of here now," He spoke, and looked down at Paul. "Get her back to our place, its safest there,"

Before anymore could be said, Paul was running now.

The world around me blurred, and I felt myself hold on tighter to Paul's back, squeezing my eyes shut as nausea set in.

So my boyfriend was a werewolf… and my sister was dating some kind of… creature… that much was for sure…

The only thing that really had me the most upset was, no one told me anything, I was the only one in the dark… didn't they trust me enough to tell me their secrets…

I didn't understand a lot of things at this moment, all I knew was, Alida and I were in danger, and we had to get out of the area as soon as possible. Or we would become… "Snacks"

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