Hunter Redfern

Disclaimer: Ebony and Devon are not real people, although they are there just to do what Paranormalcy and werewolf235 would have done in each situation. We do not own Night World, but we do own Mike, Ebony and Devon. ;D

Setting: Night World

Ebony: Paranormalcy

Devon: werewolf235

Ages: In this story they are not are real ages, lets just say they are sixteen in this story!

Time: 4:00pm

Why they are there: They are the Night World books biggest fans and have snuck into the Night World without being caught, having read the books they know everything, including how to pass as a Night Worlder. They are at the time posing as being Harman witches.

'You know what?'

Devon stopped staring at a certain werewolf with a well built body to look at her best friend. 'What?'

'I don't know.' Ebony dropped her gaze to look at the ground, admiring her shiny black shoes. 'Its just… well, you know…?'

Devon rolled her eyes. 'If I knew what you meant, would I have asked you what you meant?'

Ebony pondered over what her friend had just said. 'Good point,' she smiled mysteriously, 'my point is we are two human girls, in the Night World. It's full of vamps, werewolves, witches and shapeshifters. We need to do some checking out. Go talk to that werewolf, darling. He is just your type, buff, sweet, strong and well… he looks totally hug-able!'

Devon laughed; her usual loud one that attracted un-wanted attention. She ran her fingers through her long brown locks and stared at the werewolf she had previously paid attention to. 'He-' she pointed at the guy, 'looks like the man from my dreams, I want him and you know what I do when I want.' She winked and mimed clawing the air.

Ebony clutched her chest, laughing her heart out. 'Oh, that made me laugh, sorry! That's exactly what I would have done. You are like my twin.'

'You say that all the time!' Devon claimed, laughing along with her.

'That's because it's true!' Ebony took a deep breath to calm down. 'Now…' she paused for effect, 'go tear him to pieces!' she shoved her best friend over there, both having giggling fits on the way.

The werewolf looked up as they sauntered over. He pulled a face as they stopped in front of him; he looked them up and down in a sort of approval which led to Devon's queue. 'Hello, hot stuff,' she drawled sexily.

Ebony covered a hand over her mouth to keep herself quiet while the werewolf stared on in what looked like a horrified look. 'She said 'hello' to you, baby! What do you say back to someone when they say 'hello' to you?'

'Um, you say 'goodbye',' he replied, waving his hand in the air and turning away from them.

They stood there for a moment, mouths wide open until Devon broke the silence. 'Well… that was rude…' Devon trailed off.

'And totally un-expected,' Ebony finished for her, nodding her own head in agreement.

'Should we follow him?' Devon asked as a naughty suggestion.

Ebony bit her lip and removed a strand of her black hair from her face. 'Totally!' she yelled at the top of her lungs. 'I mean, no one gets away with being like that to us, darling. You know what we got to do,' she mimed claws through the air, 'we got to tear him to pieces!'

They ran over to the werewolf again. The Night World was full of casinos and random people they both did not know. On one side of them, there was a black pyramid hotel with a huge sphinx in front. Lasers were flashing out of the sphinx's eyes. On the other side of them there was a sleazy motor inn with a sign saying rooms for $18. The whole place was bright, it was the lights, they were everywhere in some spots, in others they were pitch black, the places were the vampires would hunt.

'He's going into that club!' Devon pointed out, carelessly.

'I can't believe you still know where he is, I lost him like… five or three seconds ago! Um, you think we will be allowed in the club?' Ebony eyed her best friend, her blue eyes piercing through her skin.

'Um, maybe,' she said thoughtfully, an edge of confusion in her voice.

'That's not a very certain answer. Aw, it's a shame. You know what?'

'Will stop for goodness sake saying 'you know what' because I don't have a clue what you are talking about!'

'Ok, no need to get snappy. I was just trying to point out a little fact. This is the place were Poppy came, remember? It was in the book, cool huh? We might be stepping on tracks she had come on.' Ebony remembered, amazingly.

'Oh, yeah, I remember now. That is cool, but not as cool as getting that boy, Ebony, don't get defocused from the task. Ok?' Devon squinted. 'Hurry! We are going to lose him unless we hurry. He has already gone inside that black and white club, crud!'

'Whatever, major loser.' Ebony clicked her fingers in front of her friend's face, Devon in return scowled menacingly. 'Calm down, bezzie! I was only kidding. Race you over there!' Ebony leaped off in speed and style to the club. Devon had no other choice but to follow.

'Damn you!' Ebony cursed as they stopped by the door of the club. 'It's a stupid match if it's a tie.'

'You would have said that if I won, so count yourself as lucky, you did get a head start too.'

Ebony stuck her tongue out. 'I would have beaten you any day, count yourself as lucky that I had high heels on, it meant I had to slow down, if I had flat shoes on you would have definitely lost.' She winked teasingly and Devon shook her head smiling at her friend despite her outrage.

At the door they paused while a body-guard stared at them. He was the scary type, the type you wouldn't want to mess with. He had black eyes, muscles that bulged under his leather jacket and a mat of black hair that looked like a wig placed on his big, fat head. 'Groups?' he grunted, lifting his square chin up.

'Black rose,' Ebony and Devon chorused.

Again, he grunted. 'Proof?'

Ebony clicked the heels of her shoes and he looked down. 'Darling, you really need to get your eyes checked. My proof is on my shoes, baby.' She twirled on the spot to show off the black rose on her high heels.

That left Devon. 'Earrings,' she murmured and pulled her hair away to reveal black rose earrings.

The body-guard coughed and opened the door, he flashed them a disturbing smile and said, 'Have a good time ladies.'

'Oh, we wi-' Ebony began but he slammed the door in her face as soon as she started to speak. She pouted. 'Again, I begin to wonder why everyone is so rude here!' she shouted at the closed door, hoping the guard would hear.

Devon patted the steaming Ebony's arm. 'Come Eb, we are on a mission, remember? She smirked and dragged her friend through the crowd. 'Target acquired,' she licked her lips as she said it.

The werewolf was on the dance floor, shaking his sexy manly body to the beat, the music playing was Tic Toc by Ke$Ha. Devon strutted over, shaking her hips and flirtingly bumping against the werewolf. 'You never told me your name, hot stuff,' she spoke above the music.

He pulled away but was still dancing. 'You again! Are you stalking me or something?'

'No, darling, she is just compelled by your abs,' Ebony flirted outrageously. She batted her eyelashes.

'Back off, Eb! He is mine! Go find your own wolf man!' Devon yelled, annoyed at her best friend for interrupting.

'Whatever!' Ebony moaned, storming off.

Devon slapped her forehead. 'Sorry Eb. I didn't mean it!' But Ebony was gone, leaving her all alone with a werewolf. 'Um… sorry about that to you too,' she said to the guy, feeling almost cruel. 'My name is Devon, what's yours?' she introduced.

'Mike.' He stared at her, his legs began to bend.

'If you dare shift, Mike, I will slap you silly!'

'No, I'm not shifting; I will only shift if you attack.' He sniffed the air and his light blue eyes widened. 'What are you?' he growled, blond hair shaking on his head.

'Um… b-black rose group?' Devon stammered, knowing he knew something was wrong with her.

'You lie.' Mike snarled. 'Your… human.' He said the word 'human', like she was vermin or as if it was a curse, it broke her heart and scared the life out of her at the same time.

'No.' she stepped back. 'I'm a werewolf Goddess,' she joked.

'You are human; I can smell it. How you got this far, I am not sure, but you are and you know too much.' He grabbed her left arm, his hand tightened on it, hard enough it felt like he had broke bones.

'E-Ebony!' Devon screamed. She clawed at his hand with her nails and kicked him in the bits; it didn't affect him at all.

Ebony was sulking by a punch bowl watching the happy couples dance on the floor when she heard her name screamed. She stood up, just in time to see a fire start, except it didn't spread, it moved from one spot to another.

The fire was heading towards her friend. Ebony leaped up, gracefully gliding through the crowd, following the fire. 'Oh God, Devon!' she screamed. The fire stopped, basically pausing on the dance floor. Through a gap in the crowd, Ebony saw a couple fighting; the guy was winning, the girl struggling for all she was worth. She recognised it as the werewolf and Devon. She glanced around once more, seeing the fire, her heart stopped beating as she realised, the fire was heading towards her best friend, but the worst part was when she saw, it wasn't a fire at all, it was a man with haunting features.

'Hunter Redfern,' Ebony uttered the name. She screamed and knocked a couple that had just got in the way of her view out of the way. 'Devon! Devon!' she repeated hysterically.

The flame, the fire, was red hair, it was identical to fire, but it was obvious the moment he stepped through the crowd that she had seen wrong. The fire was there for a purpose, the purpose was to get rid of a certain unwanted visitor on the dance floor.

Devon saw too, who had appeared, she sobbed loudly. The music stopped, everything and everyone went still and quiet as the most evil most powerful vampire in history (apart from the creator herself) bent down in front of Devon, tipped her head up to meet his own.

Everyone stared on in fear and awe. Hunter Redfern tilted Devon's head from side to side. Devon did herself proud and looked defiantly into his golden eyes. She showed she was going to die with dignity. But Ebony was not just going to stand by and let her friend die. She let out a war cry; taking off her left shoe she hurled it at Hunter Redfern's head.

The shoe hit Devon on the head. 'Damn it!' Ebony cursed, letting out a rain of swear words. 'Sorry Dev.' Everyone was looking at her now. 'Will you all stop damn well staring at me! Am I really that amusing?' she yelled, sticking her middle finger up and waving it at everyone.

Hunter Redfern chuckled, his golden eyes glinting as he let go of Devon. 'So it looks like we have earned ourselves some new slaves today, Night Worlders.' Hunter Redfern gazed around the room as if he wished he could burn everything in his sight.

Some nervous laughs started that transformed into cheers. 'Shall we torture the information out of them? Make them work so hard their spines break on day one and feast on their blood?' he questioned the crowd in a voice that gained your attention. 'We will kill the ones who told them about us too, don't you agree?' his voice rose at the end, making the crowd even more transfixed.

'Actually…' Ebony interrupted, she glanced at Devon who mouthed at her to shut up, but she didn't.

'You think you have the right to speak to me, vermin?' Hunter Redfern crooned.

'Yes!' Ebony cheered, throwing her fist in the air.

'Crud! For goodness sake Eb, just shut your stinking face! Do you really want to get us in any more trouble?' Devon moaned, her face looking furious but like an angered Goddess.

'Yes, shut up, vermin. Unless you want more torturing on who told you about us.' Hunter Redfern smirked; the corners of his mouth both turning higher and higher until they formed a smug smile.

Ebony swallowed then began screaming the same name over and over. 'Lucy Jane Smith! Lucy Jane Smith! Lucy Jane Smith!'


'Lucy Jane Smith?' Hunter Redfern spat. 'Who the hell is that?'

'Ha! You can not torture us now because we just told you who told us! Ha!' Ebony laughed, giggled then sighed. 'I just gave our favourite author a death threat didn't I, Dev?'

'Pretty much,' Devon said sarcastically and rolled her eyes.

'Damn it!' Ebony stomped her foot on the ground. Then grimaced. 'Can I have my shoe back… please?' she begged.

'No.' Mike spoke before Hunter Redfern could.

'She wasn't talking to you, hot stuff.' Devon winked, laughing at his stupidity and how she had just made him look a fool.

Mike kicked her head and she spat on his shoe, which ended up with her getting another kick in the head, sadly for her.

'You should shut up, Dev,' Ebony advised.

'What the hell? Ebony, you're the one who should have shut the hell up.'

'Vermin! Shut your mouths or I'll shut them for you.' Hunter Redfern ordered, the crowd started to move away from the scene, frightened by what they could see but somehow knowing it's not over. 'Mike, get those girls in the cages, they can start their new jobs straight away. I will be excited to see their inner flames doused by the end of the week.'

Mike nodded, the guard from outside was next to him now and they were dragging them both kicking and screaming out of the club. The music started again, this time playing Thriller by Michel Jackson. They could honestly say it felt like a thriller at the time.

They held hands as they fought for their survival. But the boys holding them were werewolves which explained the super strength they possessed. Sooner or later the girls gave up; they still held hands as they saw their fate right before their eyes.

A terrifying silver cage, covered in locks, with no keys. There was little space in the cage but both girls were chucked in there. They hugged each other, sharing their fears as the door shut on them. Leaving them trapped like animals.

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