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Extended Summary: It started with a cough. Then shortness of breath, infection of the respiratory system. The disease attacks your nervous system next: dizziness, rapid blinking. That's when you become contagious. The disease moves in a pattern, attacking each body system, leaving it weakened until it reaches the circulatory system. Before that, it will spread to any part of the body to begin the takeover. Whatever it gets to has to be removed or it will get to the circulatory system in a matter of days. But even then, it's still not gone…

Cameron and Wilson catch the disease, they must be quarantined in an operation room, with only simple supplies to survive.

CHAPTER1-how it all began

"It doesn't matter what the patient thinks, if he refuses treatment, knock him out and-"
House was interrupted by Cameron's cough. "Would you stop that! I haven't gotten in one sentence this whole meeting!" House raged, talking over another cough.

"Sorry, I must've come down with something."

"Well whatever it is, take it back to the ER, don't get me sick." He told her.

"Umm… I'm gonna stay…" Cameron insisted, trying to not reveal why.

"Why? You don't work for me anymore. Cuddy sent you to spy on me didn't she? She wanted you to make sure I didn't do anything she wouldn't approve of." House accused.

"You caught me, now-cough-what House? I still have to be part of this case."

House stood up and walked out. "Where are you going?" Foreman asked.

"To talk to a certain little elf." House replied, limping out."


The door of Cuddy's office slams open. Cuddy looked up from her desk and put her hand on her forehead, as if just House's presence brought about a major headache.

"WHY IS CAMERON ON MY CASE?" House demanded.

"So you wouldn't do anything stupid, like you normally do."

"That's just how I run though!"

"On vicodin?"

"No, on my magical farie pixie-dust pills." House said sarcastically, taking two pills out of his bottle.

Cuddy rolled her eyes. House brought his hand to his mouth, then hesitated and added; "pooped by real unicorns." raising his eyebrows, then popped them into his mouth.

"You're an ass." She told him.

"That's why you pay me the big bucks." He said, turning to leave. "Figuratively speaking, of course." He added, turning back and scrunching his face at her, then continuing on his way.

House entered his office where the team was still sitting at the table. "Fine. Run a biopsy on his liver. Looks like we won't have to-" COUGH. House glared at Cameron and spoke the last 3 words with anger, directly at her. "-force feed him. Go get me that biopsy, you," he motioned to Cameron. "stay." He said. The team just sat there.

"Go! Mush! What are you waiting for?" He barked. The team fled the room. "What, House?" Cameron asked.

House took a couple steps closer to her. She turned to the side and coughed, then turned back to him and they were just inches apart.

"House…" she squeaked, lust in her eyes. He leaned forward until their noses were touching. "GO HOME!" HE BARKED. She didn't move for half a second, before she seemed to register what had happened. She jumped back, and wiped spit out of her eye. Her hesitation wasn't much, but enough for House to notice. Her eyes were blinking quickly, but he assumed that was because he had spit in her eye. She left the room but he know she was just going to the ER.

House marched into Wilson's room, where he was eating a sandwich. "Don't you dare-cough cough- take my sandwich." House took the sandwich. "Ugh, you too?" House said with disgust. "Me too what?" Wilson asked. "With that stupid cough. You and Cameron." House complained. "Hmm. Must be something going around." Wilson said.

"Yeah, Must be."

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