I've decided there will be an 8th chapter, an epilogue. Also, how awesome was that finale!

This one focuses on Chase a little more, get tissues handy, you were warned.

Chapter 6: Involved

Thump Thump

Wilson heard the thumping of House's tennis ball against the wall of the observation room. House had finally turned serious about things, and he spent most of his waking hours in the observation room. On top of that, Chase had almost broken into the room to get at Cameron, vowing that he would not let her go out alone, and that if she died, he wanted to die first. He was completely serious about that, Foreman found him in the locker room tearing his wrists open with a surgical knife. They decided to keep that from Cameron, but they told Wilson while she was asleep.

Sleep. It was about the only thing she could do. She slept like a cat for most of the day. They could drink water but still, food wouldn't stay down. They had been in the room for just over a week. Cuddy made daily phone calls around the world to famous doctors everywhere, trying to find out if this new disease has ever been seen before. So far, nothing.

"Hey guys!" House shouted, startling Cameron out of sleep and making Wilson jump. As much as Wilson disliked House's annoying antics, he was glad for the interruption, and actually looked forward to talking to House; anything to break the boredom.

Wilson and Cameron looked up. "You're famous!" House said.


Cuddy spoke up, reading from a news article: "Word has spread across the country about the two young doctors quarantined inside an operating room after being discovered to have an unknown disease. The disease, which is now being called Incurseitis, Latin for 'Invasion'. Incurseitis has only 3 know victims, one of which is dead. The entire Princeton, NJ area has been evacuated, except for a select few staying to assist the victims. Early symptoms include but are not limited to: dizziness, rapid blinking, dry cough, shortness of breath, and eventually coughing up blood. The famous symptom of Incurseitis is a purple bruise-like color to the flesh. Anyone with these symptoms or anyone who has been near someone with these symptoms within the last 24 hours is urged to call 911 immediately.

The CDC and many other organizations have started funds for research towards a cure. They are currently accepting donations and volunteers with a medical background. To donate or for more information, call 800-1-624-2020." Cuddy finished reading the article and looks down a the two of them.

"House is right. You're famous." She said.

"But…why us? New diseases are discovered fairly often. What about children dying of cancer?" Wilson asked.

"I don't know. Maybe because this has the whole city evacuated, maybe because it took a victim less than a week after symptoms. I really don't know, but get this: Since this article was printed this morning, the President has started a separate fund, paying scientists and immunologists at University and Knoxville to work towards finding an antibiotic. Speaking of which, we need your blood." Cuddy said.

Foreman appeared at the box where they passed things through. He was in a hazmat suit and he put a needle and 4 vials in the box and shut the latch. Wilson put on gloves, removed the needle and vials, and took 2 vials each of his and Cameron's blood. He placed it back in the box and shut the latch tightly. Foreman carefully removed the vials, looking scared even though he was in a hazmat. "Two more in an hour." He said, before giving Wilson a sympathetic look and walking away.

Cameron scratched at her inner elbow, where she took her blood. Cuddy's phone rang. "Hello? Oh-oh my god! Yes, I'm on my way. Where? I'll be right there." She quickly hung up.

"Who was that?" House asked at the same time Cameron asked "What's going on?"

"That was Thirteen. Chase is hurt."

"What happened!" Cameron cried.

"He jumped off the railing of the second floor."


Cuddy waved her hand. "Tell her what's been going on." Then she left.

Wilson explained how Foreman had found Chase in the locker room. Cameron's worried expression only grew when Cuddy came back with news.

"He's okay, just a little back injury." She said.

"Where is he?" Cameron asked.

"Thirteen's taking care of him."

"Please let me talk to him!" Cameron begged.

Cuddy sighed. "Okay, let me call Thirteen." Cuddy flipped open her phone and stepped out.

Thoughts were racing through Cameron's mind. This is all my fault, I made him feel this way. Why does he have to be such an emotional idiot! Then she immediately felt guilty for thinking that. Wilson sensed her worry and put a hand on her shoulder to calm her down. Cuddy re-entered with Thirteen and Chase.

"He's here, Cam." Cameron straightened and almost fell off the table.

"Chase! Oh my god, are you okay?"

"I'm fine." His voice cracked.

"You are such an idiot! How stupid are you to try something like that! Don't you think I'm suffering enough?" She shouted, tears in her eyes.

"You don't think I'm suffering, watching my best friend and girlfriend in pain, suffering, and being torn apart, and dying, and I'm expected to keep it together?"

Everyone fell dead silent. Cameron started crying.

"I'm sorry! No, I didn't mean it! Allison! Alli, please!" Chase pressed his hands against the glass. Cameron only cried harder.

Wilson spoke up "Really, Chase, how bad is it? We can't see you, so you could be lying." Wilson shot a concerned glance up at the window. Thirteen filled him in. "It really isn't that bad, he'll just have to take it easy for a little while, he mostly hurt his back." She turned to Chase "Just no heavy lifting for a few weeks."

"Guess I'll have to pee sitting down." Chase replied. Cameron sniffled and laughed, rolling her eyes. Cuddy brushed Chase's shoulder as if saying 'good job lightening the mood'.

It was the first smile seen out of both Wilson and Cameron since the day they had been trapped in the room. The last time Chase could remember seeing Cameron smile was earlier in the day that she and Wilson got quarantined. He greeted her that morning with a rose, just because he was crazy about her. Just the thought brought a tear to Chase's eye. At that moment, Chase promised himself that if he was going to commit suicide, he would wait until Cameron was dead, even if she wasn't going to die from this. He just knew that he couldn't go on living without her. But for now, he had to be strong. For Cameron.

"Don't cry, baby." He whispered. "Don't cry…" Tears began to silently fall from his eyes. He pressed his cheek to the glass, and ran a shaky hand through his hair. Thirteen rubbed his shoulder gently, and that sent him over the edge.

He completely broke down.

He slipped out into the deserted hallway, wiping his eyes on his sleeve and thinking about all the memories he had of Cameron. When he first saw her, standing in House's office, when he asked her out for the first time, so nervous he could barely speak. He remembered waking up next to her, tangled in the sheets, blond hair spilling all over the pillow. Sometimes they would take long drives around in the countryside, just because they could, talking about everything and nothing.

Chase dropped to his knees, breathing hard, trying to force back the tears he knew were coming anyways. Emotionally exhausted, he laid down right there in the middle of the floor, finally allowing himself to cry himself empty, but nothing would come.

After two hours, he finally went back into the room, and watched a sleeping Cameron, pretending her leg was just hidden under the sheets, like when they would wake up in each other's arms. Even when everyone else went to get some sleep, he stayed in a chair, hand pressed to the glass, as close as he could be to her, all night.