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Chapter 6


I took out another tight tee shirt. It was midnight blue, with quarter sleeves. There were white stripes randomly criss-crossing on it. I stared at the suitcase that was set up on my bed, open and ready to be filled with clothes as I contemplated about putting this particular shirt in it. Before I could decide, however, there was a knocking on the frame of my open doorway. Looking behind me, I swung around fully and lifted the shirt up for my interested-looking younger sister to see.

"What do you think about this one?"

Strolling over to my closet, she picked out a looser black one out, before taking the shirt I had and replacing it. "This one makes you look less scrawny," she raised an eyebrow. "Where're you going, anyways?"

I smirked before folding the shirt neatly and storing it in the suitcase. "Amu-chan is taking me on a vacation."

This time, both blonde eyebrows rose into her bangs. "Just you?"

I sighed dramatically. "No, unfortunately. Yoru's coming, but I don't mind. Besides," my smirk grew. "We'll have plenty of free time once he's asleep."

Utau scowled at me, crossing her arms under her chest. "Ikuto, please tell me you're not gonna rape her."

My smirk changed into a grin. "Please. It's hardly rape if it's me, right?"

She rolled her eyes. "Yeah, just because you're boney means that you're automatically sexy."

I snorted, bending over so I could grab a box of condoms that were stashed under the bed. "I prefer the term 'lean'."

She stopped leaning on the wall and stood up straighter as I stuffed the box into my suitcase. "Seriously, Ikuto. I'm not kidding."

"Neither am I," I replied, turning around again to face her. My arms were spread wide, gesturing to my truthfulness. I pointed to the box of Trojan. "You just never know when the feeling arises."

Utau glared at me, then took a menacing step forward. "Ikuto, I want you to swear to me that you won't make any moves unless she tells you to."

"But Utau, what if her body tells me without her knowledge?" I opened a drawer and shuffled through it. "Now help me look for those dark gray skinnies I wear sometimes."

Through my peripheral vision I saw her shake her head in annoyance. "No. You're not going until I'm sure you're not touching her."

I chuckled darkly and turned once more. "And who are you to say who I'm allowed to bang?"

Utau threw her hands wide. "She has a child, Ikuto!" She said angrily.

"And yet she still has that fine body of hers…"

"Ikuto! I can't believe you're even thinking about—"

"What are you two screaming about?" A woman in a white summer dress came in, her long blonde hair flowing down her back. Mom looked tired as she rubbed her light violet eyes.

Utau flipped around and grabbed her by the shoulders, shaking her slightly. "Ikuto's going to rape a woman who has a kid, Mom!"

Mom's eyes grew huge as she rounded on me. "What the hell are you thinking—"

A man walked into my room, joining our family. His hair was a shade darker than mine, and he had more wrinkles, too. He was wearing striped pajamas as he yawned. "Souko, darling, how am I supposed to sleep when everyone's yelling?"

Mom rolled her eyes at Dad. "Please. It's already…" she checked her wristwatch. "…Nine-forty-five. For the main CEO of the Easter Corporation, you sure sleep in late." She glanced back at me. "Anyways, Aruto—"

"Dad! You need to make Ikuto stay home!" Utau said loudly, glaring harshly at me.

Our father raised a quizzical eyebrow at her. "And why would I need to do that?"

"Because I'm going on a trip to Hitachiin Lake with a girl that I'm interested in and Utau's worried that I'll, quote-unquote, rape her." I interrupted in a bored tone of voice.

Utau scowled heatedly at me. "You forgot to mention the fact that she has her own five year old son to care for."

Dad glanced at me before taking the steps. His light violinist hands landed on my shoulders, making me stare at him full in the face. It really was particular how much we looked alike, now that I stopped and took a look for myself. Honestly, we could've been twins if he wasn't so old.

"Son," he started, stopped and shook his head like the word sounded weird. Especially since he almost never called me that. "Ikuto. Ikuto, my dear, dear boy…" He sounded pained, in a way. "My son. My only son." He smiled, then. Smiled a small, sad smile. He hugged me tight, and I just wrapped my arms back around his skinny frame. He pulled away and then looked me in the eyes.

"Make sure to use a condom," he said, winking at me before walking out of the room.

"Aruto!" Mom shrieked, anger flaring. She marched out, before we heard a loud, resounding SMACK! fill the room.

I grinned at my sister before grabbing my packed suitcase and leaving the room. She followed me to the front door before finally seizing my shoulder.

"What is it?" I said in an impatient tone. I wanted to go and see Amu!


And Yoru. Sure. Throw that little thing in there.

"I'm coming with you." Utau's eyebrows were slanted and she was frowning. I shrugged, but I was still curious.


"You'll just have to find out when we get there, won't you?"

When we finally got to the door of the appropriate pinkette, I knocked quickly, not wanting any more time wasted. The faster we got to the lake, the faster Yoru would get tired, and the faster I would have alone time with my little strawberry.

Instead of seeing my perfect fantasy manifested, Yoru answered the door. His eyes widened when they hit me, but then they narrowed when Utau was in his sight. Her own eyes got bigger.

"Ikuto! You never told me he got cuter!" she squealed, clapping her hands while staring at Yoru.

Quickly, he tugged my sleeve. Knowing what he wanted, I leaned down, wondering what was wrong. He raised his palm so it was on the edge of my ear, covering the next words he said from Utau.

"What is the ugly lady doing here?"

I burst out laughing, before sweeping Yoru off his feet and carrying him inside. Utau stared at me, eyes huge from alarm.

"Ikuto? What did he say? Ikuto!"

"Calm down and come inside. He just said you're pretty," I shot Yoru a warning glance to contradict me before setting him down. He nodded slightly, before sitting on the couch. He pointed behind him to the closed door that led to the bedroom.

"Mama's in there," he stated simply before flipping on the Super Nintendo and continuing his game of Zelda. Utau sat down beside him, still staring at him. She tried to ruffle his hair, but he gently leaned away from her hand. She sighed, but scooted a little closer to him before questioning him about the game. Easily, he launched into what he was into so far.

I set my suitcase down beside the couch before walking to the door. My hand wrapped around the cool-feeling knob before I turned it.


I sighed once more as I slipped on the light pink tank top. I had forgotten the night before to plan out what outfit I should wear. I know that it should be comfy and light, since I would be driving all day. I know that I could have a chauffeur do it for me, but I don't feel like spoiling Yoru too much.

I mean, I hadn't even figured out what pants to wear yet, so I was just standing in front of my closet, clothes strewn everywhere without any bottoms on.

What the hell, Amu.

What the hell.

My eyes slanted in disdain as I delved further into the wardrobe, searching for some top or bottoms that I could wear that weren't on my floor yet. I exhaled again, finding nothing spectacular. I put my forehead to rest on the cool wall by the closet as I closed my eyes. Ikuto was going to be here at any minute and I still wasn't ready—

"Hello there, Strawberry-chan." A husky, deep voice would whisper into my ear. Gently licking the shell of said ear, his lightly muscled arms would fold me into a chest. I would gasp slightly as I stuttered out, "I-Ikuto—"

"Yes, Amu?"

My eyes flew open, darting to my right to the bluenette's head that was currently residing itself on my shoulder. He kissed the joint between my shoulder and my neck, making me shiver softly.

"W-What the hell are you doing here?" I whispered, eyes huge. He smirked into my skin before biting it gently and leaving a small red mark.

"You rather moaned my name, don't you think?" he murmured back, grin growing. "You weren't thinking something dirty, were you Amu?"

I quivered, my mind flashing all the different things we could do—The positions, the way I would scream, the way he would groan—

"O-Of course n-not…" I muttered out, a scarlet blush making its way to my face. My eyes were getting more and more lidded. My blush grew redder as his cold hand made its own path to the front side of my lower stomach, hovering just over the elastic band of my panties.

"And is this a present to me?" he teased as his other arm came around to the higher up part of my torso. Suddenly, he grabbed my breast, making my eyes pop open just when the first hand drifted away from my panties and to the edge of my shirt, pulling it up.

"I-Ikuto!" I shrieked, gripping onto his hand and trying to tug it away from my chest, my blush flashing. "G-Get off!"

I could practically hear him roll his eyes. "Why? We've done more than this before. I've seen your naked boobs before, what does it matter?" He replied impatiently. His hand drew the fabric that was previously on my tummy upwards, just below my actual chest.

"Ikuto!" I whisper-yelled, somewhat desperate this time. "Yoru is in the other room!"

"He was last time, too," the bluenette retorted before growling in a heated way, "And you'll just have to be quiet."

I grabbed his arm with both of my hands this time, since my last attempt failed. "No. More." I hissed out, managing to stop his arm from moving.

Sighing, he squeezed tighter onto my breast, forcing a mix between a yelp and a moan come out from me. "Ah, ah, ah," he sighed into my ear, the smirk already in his tone. "What did I say about being quiet? Now you'll just have to be punished…"

The promise brought a bit of heat into my lower stomach, but I ignored it as I pushed back from the wall. We landed on the king sized fluffy bed, my back on top of his chest. Before he could make a move, I flipped around and straddled him, grabbing onto his forearms and holding them down. My boobs were practically hanging in his face, but it was better than him raping me.

He grinned below me, his eyes sparking a fire that burned trouble. "You know, Amu, I really do love it when a girl takes control. Although I must say, never would've thought you're into S and M—"

"Oh, shut up," I growled, the ever present blush still there. And my heart was beating really fast—



I specifically told him that I didn't want a relationship, because I couldn't do this right now. And what was happening?

My…My heart.

What the hell.

Ikuto, while I was being distracted by what-should-be-simply-not-be-there-thoughts, took the opportunity he was given and lifted his head up, nuzzling my breast with his nose. I jumped a bit, surprised and embarrassed. He inhaled, a happy expression flitting across his face.

"What are you d-doing?"

He grinned up at me, poking his nose directly onto my nipple through the cloth.

"W-Would you stop that!" My mortification was amplified when I heard my son's voice carry from the other room.

"Mama? Are you and Ikuto-san done yet?"

My eyes grew huge as I stared down at Ikuto, who had paused at hearing the boy. Then we heard Utau in what sounded a realization.

"Ikuto…?" She gasped, before a thundering to the door.

"Fuck," the man under me muttered before using my lack of focus to flip me over, crawling over my body. He shoved his face into my boobs once more, before breathing in heavily.


Utau broke through the door, smashing it open before pausing to survey the scene. Once done with that, she pushed Ikuto to the floor off of me before tackling him.

"Amu!" she yelled out wildly as Ikuto struggled to get her off of him. "Grab some clothes and go into the other room!"

I nodded. I was too dazed by the situation at hand to not do what she had asked. I grabbed a tee shirt and a random pair of soft shorts from the bed before running into the main living room. Yoru was looking at me confusedly, like I had taken away a cookie he was eating for no reason.

"Utau, get off of me!"

"Not until you calm down!"

"Mama, what's going on?"

Quickly sheathing myself within the clothes I held, I opened my mouth to explain to the young boy what was happening, when a few knocks reverberated from the door. You could still hear Utau and Ikuto fighting, my own son continuing to ask me what was wrong, what was happening, why wasn't I replying, but all I could hear was the knocks on the door. Something was drawing me to answer it, but I wasn't quite sure what.

Yoru was off the couch and was tugging on my hand. "Mama, someone's at the door…" he said, glancing at it worriedly.

Everything was slow, like I was underwater. Who could it be, who could it be? My brain kept asking.

What was wrong?

In a place far, far away, I knew I was slowly heading towards the door, slowly turned the cold knob to the right before pulling back, letting the door gracefully hang over the carpet. I stared to the other side, my brain gradually understanding who it was that was there. Yoru was hanging onto my sleeve, his furrowed brow becoming more pronounced as he stared hard at the stranger to him.

"Hello, Amu-chan," Tadase said.

Ah, that's what was wrong.

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