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The upcoming assault was going to be big, loud and deadly. A lot of people were going to die but according to the "higher ups," New York was a major city that we could not afford to lose. Besides being the world's financial capital, there was also a morale factor concerned with the city. The American people saw New York City as the city that never sleeps. After the counter attack, it will also be known as the city that never dies.

The tank that we had come into the FOB in was severely damaged and was not safe to be brought back into battle. The Bradley was also hit very badly during the firefight, killing Private Eryu Hideyoshi and Corporal John Fredericks. Sergeant Falci was hit in the torso, leaving a large wound that looked similar to that of a white phosphorous injury. The loss of our squad mates hurt us deeply, though it took the greatest toll on Rogers and Coleman, both of whom had known them when they did their two tours in Iraq. They, along with everyone else, wanted payback.

The FOB looked like it had experienced heavy fighting. There were many blood stains on the floor and large craters littered the forward defense line. The entrance was flanked by two posts boxed in by sand bags and each had an M240 LMG with two operators. There were also other defenses down the line surrounding a large area that stretched on for about a thousand yards on each side.

Behind the entrance were several vehicles ready for cavalry duty, mainly Humvee's but the occasional Stryker or M3 Bradley were there as well. We apparently had the only M2 left. There were more sand bag fortifications here as well, although these were only manned by one man on a machinegun with several riflemen patrolling the vehicles. There were also a couple soldiers' with FIM-92 Stinger missile launchers. Many of the soldiers there were from multiple units, Marines, Army, National Guard, even a few Navy personnel were on guard duty.

Farther back from the vehicle depot is what seemed to be a fire support center. This area had multiple forms of artillery, mortars, and anti-air systems. There were six 105mm howitzers shooting a mixture of High Explosive anti infantry artillery rounds and M712 Copperhead anti-tank missiles. There were also multiple M224 60mm mortar systems being operated by Marine and Army personnel. They were following instructions from a forward observer and were following commands from the senior mortar operator who stated the firing adjustments and giving commands to fire.

"Adjust three degrees, forward twenty yards then let it hang!"

"Hang it!"

"FIRE!" This pattern repeated multiple times on each of the mortar stations until someone stated that rounds were complete. Behind the artillery and mortars were some anti-air placements, SAM platforms, Stinger stations and even a couple of old 40mm BOFOR's.

Our rag-tag group walked towards a tent that Colonel Wilkins had led us to. There, a couple of men came over to escort the civilians to another part of the base. For some reason they thought our group were ALL civilians.

"You kids come with us, it's not safe for you to be fighting," one of them said grabbing my brothers' arm and attempting to pull him in another direction.

"Hold it Corporal; only the ones that don't want to fight have to go with you, everyone else is old enough to fight in the military." Rogers said, putting a hand on the soldiers shoulder. I told my brother he was done fighting, and that he had to go look for mom and dad.

"Fine," he said; angry that he couldn't help fight anymore, but also relieved that he was getting out of the danger zone. "But any more aliens you kill will not count towards the final score, we're in time out." I smiled at him, and he smiled back at me. After this he joined the corporal and the private accompanying him. Ferdinand Carter turned to us, holding his daughter in his one good arm.

"Thank you all for what you've done, we couldn't have made it had it not been for you. Thanks for protecting me and my daughter." He also turned and joined the two soldiers and my brother.

"What about all of you? Aren't you all non-combatants?" said the second soldier, an Army private.

"There's no such thing here today sir, were all fighting for our lives." Sean said, shifting his stance and his rifle. I looked towards the rest of our group, Frankie, Angelo, Matt, Robin and Sean were all nodding their approval, and we were all ready to fight.

"Whatever, you three come with us, Colonel, you're wanted in the debriefing room in the main building. The rest of you, go rest up, counter attack is in twenty four hours. They're not good at fighting in the dark, so that's when we hit the city. Words coming in from the Mojave Desert, apparently they found a way to disable the drones. The SEAL's are trying to find out where their CAC is." The corporal then took my brother and the Carters to another area, Abigail Carter waving to us over her father's shoulder.

"Rest up all of you, you've deserved it." The Colonel said, walking towards the debriefing room in a large concrete building. We in turn, headed towards a wreck area that some soldiers pointed out. It was really just a room with several soldiers sleeping on couches and chairs, but hey, a nice sofa beats standing up in an Abrams any day.

"Well, at least the people from my town hit them back, hope it's not too bad over there." Angelo said, dropping onto a couch that was unoccupied, Crash followed shortly after sitting next to him. "You're from California?" she asked stretching out and leaning her head back.

"Yep, came here on a scholarship for playing soccer at Cornell. I was in the city for an exhibition match with Kings College when we were attacked, I made it out of the Hotel where I was staying and eventually ran into these guys," referencing to the group we picked up at the bank.

"Lucky you," I said, plopping into a chair and closing my eyes, "I'm gonna try and sleep, wake me when I'm needed." I felt a slap on my head and realized I didn't take of my tank cap yet. I opened my eyes and saw Robin grinning down at me. "Is that your night cap? Looks good on you." She said chuckling slightly. I took it off and threw it at her, "What's with you and hitting me in the head? It's like you're obsessed." I said once again closing my eyes. Feeling really tired now

"Is that a bad thing?" I heard her say before drifting off to sleep.

They found the Command and Control center on one of the barrier islands surrounding New York City. Apparently the Ravagers saw the need to place their base of operations on Liberty Island, next to where the Statue of Liberty lies. Apparently they were using the closeness to a body of water to funnel water into their ship, using that to fuel their vehicles. Word from Los Angeles said that they got lucky bringing it down, hitting it with an Anti-Tank missile in what was believed to be a munitions pit, causing explosions to rupture throughout the machine. The area that we were attacking made it more difficult to achieve our goal.

The SEAL's that found the CAC, saw that there were really only two options, neither of them were preferable, but then again, nothing is in war. The first option was to simply order a major airstrike onto the island. The problem with that was that we were unsure whether or not our non-nuclear weapons would be effective enough to penetrate that far into the ground, plus, our Air Force might get knocked out of the sky before they even got there. Also, if an airstrike was ordered, a major landmark of our nation would be lost, the Statue of Liberty. Seeing the statue go down would be a morale loss for all Americans and possibly the rest of the world. If the greatest nation could not hold their own against the invaders, then what chance did the rest of the world have?

The most definite way of taking out the CAC was a series of beach landings. The first would take place on Governors Island where a large amount of enemies had set up an aid station and a logistics point for their hover vehicles. Marines and Army would take them out with combined support from both branches Air Corps. Air Force was also going to aid us by sending in A-10 warthogs to either strafe enemy positions or provide anti air against the drone 'colonies' that our stingers couldn't shoot down.

After securing Governors Island, Apache Gunships would soften up the ground forces stationed at Liberty Island, meanwhile, our troops would move across the water in landing craft to assault the island. The SEAL's also found out that they were using the elevators in the Statue of Liberty to move up and down from their control center to the surface. That's how we would enter the CAC, through the elevators and stairs that lead into the underground section of the Island. Once there, we would use French MATADOR anti-bunker missile systems to hit the weak point of their munitions pit. The additional breach charge on the MATADOR would allow the hit to ignite their munitions, taking down their air power. Then, we would have a chance of counter attacking and later helping out the other nations in need.

The higher-up's decided to go with the beach landings, they wanted to make sure that we got the CAC. And my group was going to be with the first troops that were landing. We were going to support a few Abrams that were landing in a Navy LCAC hovercraft. From there we would secure Fort Jay, set up artillery positions, and then support the Abrams assault on the enemies, moving building to building. We were ready to kick some ass.

For the past five minutes we were riding in the hovercraft with an Apache gunship hovering above us, escorting us to the designated landing zone. The helicopter was piloted by none other than Warrant Officer Valentine, she had been transferred to her old Air Corps and was escorting the craft that were assaulting the beach. Colonel Wilkins was designating the attack, observing from an out-of-battle perspective. Lieutenant Coleman and my friend Sean were part of the crew on one of the Abrams, Sean was apparently a great gunner for the Bradley so they gave him the role on a main battle tank. Lieutenant Lawrence was leading a squad of twenty, consisting of our group from the city and several other new soldiers whose units were wiped out in the attack. We were designated Survivor Squad.

"McGrew, You will be commanding fire team three, You, Greenholtz, Gordon, DiAntonio, and Alexander will sweep the Northern end of Fort Jay, the enemies Aid Station is located there and you are to breach the fort. Use whatever force is necessary to get inside, the Abrams and air will cover the outside. The rest of our group will be coming in the western end, causing crossfire to develop. The fort is only secure when every one of the Ravagers has been killed, got it?" I looked at the map that Traverse was showing me as he explained the plan. It was simple enough but it could all go wrong in a minute, we might not even make it to the island, but, might as well hope for the best.

We ditched our civilian weapons and were issued standard military ones. Seeing how the enemies were significantly stronger, one man on each fire team was issued an M14 Enhanced Battle Rifle. They would act as a marksman and would focus on one shot kills to the enemy instead of suppressive and concentrated fire. Matt was the marksman. Our squad was also fitted with two M249 Squad Automatic Weapons, or SAW's. Our team got one which was carried by Robin, who had received training on how to load and unjam the weapon at the military base..

"Landing in three minutes people, stay low, aim true and we'll kill all of these Alien Bastards. Get to your Teams and get ready to-" The Lieutenant was cut off as an alien mortar landed ten feet to the right of our craft, shaking the personnel on board and knocking some to their feet. "GET READY!" yelled our Gunnery Sergeant. As he said this, Rogers rallied his team to his departing zone on the craft. I followed his actions and moved my team to the correct area.

As we arrived, another mortar fell from the sky, this time hitting one of the LCM-8 landing boats. The Craft erupted in flames and an explosion sent the soldiers on board and pieces of metal flying everywhere. Looking to my right I saw one of the crewmen operating a .50 cal machinegun get hit by a volley of the aliens incendiary bullets, igniting his clothes and leaving the man dead.

Overhead, I saw Valentine and her gunner opening up with a volley of Hydra rockets, hopefully hitting some targets. She then moved the helicopter forward more where she continued to use all types of weapons to decimate the enemy.

"30 seconds! Get ready," Lawrence called as he cocked his M4. I got down behind the Abrams that we were supposed to follow to the Northern end while the rest of our group engaged the enemy at the main landing sight.

When the doors dropped, the Abrams were met with a volley of rocket and machine gun fire. Most of the machine gun's bounced off of the sloped armor and the Explosive Reactive armor repelled the incoming rockets. The Abrams responded with a volley from their weapons systems, 120mm cannons, .50 cal machineguns and 7.62 mm coaxial machineguns opened up on the enemy positions.

The Abrams began to move out and we followed ours to the extreme left where it continued to lay down suppressive fire with its weapons. We were following a little too closely because when ever its main gun fired, I heard a loud ringing noise that hurt my ears and sent a shiver down my spine. We rounded the north western end of the fort where a large open area was presented.

"Matt, Robin, Lay down fire while we move!" I ordered to the two who jumped to their bellies and began opening fire on the enemy with support from the Abrams. Angelo, Frankie and I sprinted as fast as we could to a building that was overlooking the enemy's position. I was hoping to get a better shot on them while the other groups moved up on the other flanks.

"Frankie, breach the building," I said as we took cover behind the building. Frankie kicked open the door to find a surprised alien, standing eight feet tall and about to bring up his weapon. Crash fired fully automatic on the creature, tearing it apart and killing it. She stepped to the side to allow Angelo and me to move in while she reloaded.

As I moved into the building I shot the alien one more time in its weak spot to make sure it was dead. Inside there was a living room that had a dining room adjoined into it. I looked left and saw a staircase leading to the second floor. I pointed it out to Angelo and he moved up, me following close behind while Gordon secured the ground floor. We moved up and saw to more aliens trying to shoot through windows in what appeared to be a bedroom. I dropped one with three shots while Angelo killed the other. He moved into the room and made sure it was clear. I began to look left when I saw one of the Ravagers moving towards me, and fast. It swung its biotic arm at my head and I ducked, dropping my M16. It then attempted to stomp on my face but I rolled to the right, pulling out my .45 and turning around to shoot it. As I turned, it shot a couple of rounds above my head, I fired the entire magazine into it, tearing it apart with the large bullet. I loaded a new magazine and picked up my rifle as Angelo came out of the room and Frankie stated that the ground floor was clear.

We then checked the rest of the rooms which were empty. We then all began firing from windows that gave us good shots on the enemy positions. Combined with the fire from the Abrams, we were able to quickly neutralize the enemy infantry and their single support weapon, a 'walking gun.'

My squad regrouped outside the Northern entrance to the fort, the Abrams had gone to support another area of the operation. "You guys ready?" I asked, looking at each one of my squad mates. They all nodded and I gave the order to stack up, I then radioed to Lieutenant Lawrence that we were ready. He confirmed and began a countdown from three to one, going on one.

"Three…two… one!" At this Angelo and I burst in shooting at anything that wasn't human until our magazines were empty. On the opposite side, the rest of the squad were performing similar actions and began using grenade launchers to kill the enemies. My group moved up to the second story where we spotted more enemy, infantry, an officer class, and some new kind of alien that we hadn't seen before.

It being new, however, did not mean I wouldn't shoot it. I raised my rifle and fired at its weak point, dropping it. The rest of the enemies were tightly packed on the elevated lane so when Robin opened up with the SAW, they quickly fell victim to the 5.56 mm bullets that tore through their bodies. I looked around and saw that the rest of the Fort was secure and people were already brining in some of the 60mm mortars that were packed in on the landing craft.

As the rest of my squad went to go assist in the set up of mortars, Robin and I walked towards the new breed of Ravager. What we saw, was possibly something that showed that the aliens were not built completely for war. This 'class' seemed to stand at only about five foot ten and appeared to be chubbier than the other types. It was also unarmed, no biomechanical weapons attached to its arms. However, it did have what appeared to be a built-in HUD system on its head, where the visual receptor slit of the aliens usually was, was now a large panel that appeared to be a built in computer. It also had multiple instruments with gauges scattered along its arm.

"Lieutenant! There's a new kind of alien here and it looks like some kind of intelligence probe!" I screamed to Travis who was directing the mortar fire. He gave command to Rogers and ran up to us. He looked down and reached for his radio to report back to Colonel Wilkins. As he turned it on, a gauge on the alien's body lit up and some form of words appeared on the display.

"That must be how they tracked our radio signals, these guys must be solely dependent on figuring stuff out." Robin said as she observed what the read-out was doing.

"Traverse, do you think that these things control the drones as well?" I asked seeing one of the Abrams get blown up by a drone. As I said this, the alien shot its arm up and punched me in the chest, forcing me back. Traverse shot a burst into it killing it. At that moment, a drone 'colony' fell out of the sky, falling apart as it did so and sunk into the water.

"Guess so," he said reaching for his radio, "listen up squad leaders, there's a new target of opportunity, a shorter version of the aliens controls some of the active drones and track our radios, and hit them if you can."

As I looked up the aliens were now just starting to be finished off by our air and tanks. At that moment, our Apaches and a flight of A-10's and F-18's flew in to strafe the ground on Liberty Island. That was our queue to get back on the boats. We piled in with the three Abrams that were assigned. Apparently the Abrams that was lost didn't belong to our squad. Which was good. We had lost three men in the attack, and two more were wounded, one of them was Rogers who had a bullet wound on his right shoulder. People who I hadn't even know for more than four hours had simply died in a matter of minutes, although there was nothing I could do, I felt that I could have done something to save their lives.

We loaded the LCAC and headed off towards Liberty Island while airborne troops deployed from helicopters secured the rest of Governors Island. Looking up, I saw a large air battle between our jets and helicopters and the alien drones. The furball grew in size as more and more drone 'colonies' joined the fight. Colonel Wilkins must have requested more air support because one of the two squadrons of F-22's that the United States posses joined the fight. They fired multiple AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles at the enemy drones, destroying multiple of the intended targets. They joined the furball, tearing up the skies with their advanced engines. However, the maneuverability of the enemy drones proved an even match for the F-22's and losses were heavy on both sides.

Looking back down, I noticed that we were almost at the island and Traverse was already giving the thirty second warning. I checked my rifle and sidearm and made sure they were good to go. I looked up as the doors dropped, there weren't many enemies left from the air strikes and many of them were mopped up by the Abrams "breach."

Our squad, and others, rushed to the statue entrance, dodging strafing runs from the enemy aircraft as we neared the entrance. When we reached it, three soldiers from another squadron rushed into the building and found the entrance to the underground room. As the rest of us were about to move up, the three soldiers brought up the elevator. When the doors opened, five aliens were in there about to get out. The three soldiers opened fire and were soon joined by the rest of our assault team. The Ravagers were eviscerated by the onslaught of bullets and they fell to the floor.

The large cargo elevator could hold twenty people at a time so we had to space out the people going down between four trips. My squad and five other troops were going in on the third trip. The first group, an Army squad led by a veteran Captain, descended into the ground. About a minute later, the elevator arrived back up at the main floor. The next group was a Marine squad led by a second lieutenant, they also went down. Another minute later, the doors opened again, this time, three wounded men were in the elevator, our squad moved in as an Army medic saw to the injured soldiers.

The elevator ride took about twenty seconds, when the doors opened there was a dark hallway that had scorch marks and bloodstains on it, it was illuminated only by a small series of fluorescent lights, some of which had been shot and were sparking and crackling. A Marine from the second squad was waiting for us, he was wounded in the leg but not badly.

"Keep moving up, the rest of the team is already assaulting the CAC, they need your MATADOR's get moving!" He screamed as he hopped onto the elevator. The two soldiers in our squad that carried the MATADOR's were a Sergeant from the Army and a corporal from the Marines. We moved into the corridors following the sound of machinegun fire and explosions. As we got deeper in, there were multiple electric nodes surrounded by puddles of water, they were sparking and seemed to follow wires into an area where we heard more shots from.

We followed the wires and eventually came into a clearing where a monstrous machine stood supported by several beams made out of some kind of alloy. Before we could get a good look at it, it opened fire with what seemed to be a large caliber cannon.

"Get to cover!" Rogers screamed as the shots began coming closer to us. We moved towards some sort of power warehouses that the Ravagers had constructed. They were about thirty five feet tall and surrounded the large structure. Behind each was a human or ravager squad, exchanging fire and the occasional missile or grenade. Most of our squad went left with the lieutenant but the two MATADORS's, Angelo, and Crash moved to the right with me.

We moved behind the rectangular structure and began engaging enemy troops swarming out of the CAC. I told the MATADOR's to hit the notch above the suspension, where their machine guns and ammo pit was located. One got down on his knees on the right side of the structure and began to line up his shot but he was struck down by multiple cannon rounds. Frankie and I pulled him behind cover and checked for a pulse. Frankie looked up at me and stated he was dead by shaking her head. I cursed but saw the other MATADOR from the Marines get a shot off at the enemy CAC. At this time more troops from the other squad moved into the area and bypassed our area.

I moved to the left to help out the corporal while Frankie picked up the MATADOR launcher and fired on the CAC. As she began to reload the launcher, a missile flew into the area of the structure that she was taking cover under. The building blew into large pieces of rubble. One of which began to fall onto Frankie.

Seeing the impending danger, Angelo jumped to his feet and tackled Frankie out of the way of the large piece of rubble. A slab of concrete landed soundly on her right leg and a loud cracking sound was heard. She let out an agonized scream and fell into Angelo's tight hold. He then proceeded to drag her to the more secure structure. As he was dragging her to the warehouse, a round pierced his leg, causing him to falter and grit his teeth in pain but he continued to drag her to cover, dedicated to protecting the strong girl.

Seeing that they were safe, I began to dig the missile launcher out of the rubble and grabbed the last salvageable piece of ammo. I began to load it when all of a sudden a loud metallic groaning noise was heard coming from the enemy ship. I looked at it, while it was being continually hit by MATADOR missiles, it began floating as its support beams were ejected from the base of the control center. I heard from the dead sergeant's radio"Take it out!" quickly! The drones are pulling it out and away from the island, our air is too preoccupied! Take it down!"

As its support beams ejected, I saw a point that one of the other missiles hit, it was very damaged and a large hole was in the CAC.

"Corporal! Focus fire on the hole in the ship!" I yelled at the other Marine holding the MATADOR. He nodded and took aim. He fired his missile and it struck home, blowing a hole in the ship that was even larger. I then saw that the hole was glowing, the incendiary ammo of the turrets was stored there. I took aim, held my breath and fired. I watched as the missile flew into the hole in what seemed like slow motion. When the missile hit its mark, the first blast of the two stage system simply ignited the ammo in that room causing a large explosion, but the second stage struck deeper into the ship, exploding the main ammo room and destroying the ship in large firestorm, incinerating all the alien infantry that were close to the ships take off point.

"You did it! Their air is dropping out of the sky! This is Colonel Wilkins, all air units respond to this message, Broken Arrow, repeat, Broken Arrow, Kill all enemy units in the city. We're taking New York back."As the colonel's message was transmitted over the radio, I dropped the launcher and stood to my feet, we'd done it, we took it out.

"Good work Marines!" yelled the other squads as they rushed over to congratulate me and the corporal whose name I still did not know. Matt walked over to me and gave me a high five.

"Fuckin bastard, that was my kill!" he screamed, joking now that the worst was over. I smiled and high fived some others. I looked back at Angelo and Crash and saw that they were already treated by a medic and locked in a passionate embrace. I grinned even more at the sight and turned around again. As I did Robin attacked me with a bone crushing hug.

"Guess you are the knight in shining armor," she said. I smiled and returned the hug. "It's not over yet, we still have to help out the other nations," I said looking down at her. "But for now I guess I am." I said as I leaned down and kissed her. Even though there was still a large amount of fighting to do, at least there was a chance to save humanity. And one thing was for sure; you don't fuck with the Marines.

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