Refuge in Insanity


Naruto x Duela


Author's Note


Duela's Apperance





Story Start


''Foxy boy how about this?'' Duela asked as she sauntered out of the changing room in her new outfit.

''Hooooooooooooot daaaayuuum.'' Naruto said letting out a wolf howl and stomping his foot as he whistled. Said blond was sitting on a very plush and satin hot pink couch in one of those many outfit stores for young women suited for those who spent lots of money unnecessarily on clothes just because of a brand name. ''Let's see'em jiggly.'' he said as Duela did a saucy smirk and bent over slightly.

'''re just a perverted little thing aren't you?'' she asked in a teasing tone as her breasts were emphasized by her purple lace push-up bra as she did a twirl showing them off along with her red lace panties.

''I just want to motor-boat 'em for about 5 to 15 minutes.''

People looked on in confusion and disbelief at what they were seeing. Along with the fact that boyfriends were being smacked by angry girlfriends for gawking which seems to have damn near all the time. No matter where you go or what you read you just knew there was going to be a scene were guys gawked like perverts and their girlfriends either glared and started arguing with them and accusing them of things or used the more violent route and smacked them.

Duela then let out a giggle, ''Okay I'm going to get five of both.'' she said as she disappeared back into the dressing room.

''Man...I wonder if she's into cosplay,'' Naruto wondered to himself. If that was the case then she would be the best happy fun time buddy ever. At times like this Naruto was reminded why ever guy loved Victoria Secret's. If not for images of scantily clad hot women then it was the fact they marketed sexy panties for women to buy which was awesome.

''Hey happy whiskers! What about this!'' Naruto looked over to see Duela step out in yet another sexy ensemble. This time it was a frilly light yellow number.

''That is awesome commander Donut!'' Naruto said doing a solute with a dopy grin.

''Commander do-nut...that sounds like...Private Biscuit.'' she said as she did a twirl. ''I'm going to go check out the booty shorts now or would tongues be better?''

''Go with the shorts because tongues are overused now a days. Too many fat, ugly, and girls with no booty having them. So come on Commander let's hurry I'm starting to get hungry.''

Duela did a salute, ''Right away Admiral Butterscotch.''

After stealing some Donuts and Lemonade Naruto and Duela decided to go to the post office. ''Freeze this is a stick up!''

Everyone looked at Naruto like he was crazy as he held up a kunai.''WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU ALL DOING! DID YOU NOT FUCKING HERE ME! GET ON THE MOTHER FUCKING GROUND BEFORE I MOTHER FUCKING SHANK YOU AND MOTHER FUCKING DO OTHER SHIT THAT WILL COME TO MY MIND!'' he said flinging his kunai and hitting one of the employees in the and causing her to fall over.

''General Maple!'' Duela cried out aghast. ''There was no need for such language.''

''But it makes me sound bad-ass,'' Naruto said with a whine.

''Let's rob some bitches!'' Duela said as she did a series of flips over the counter.

''Hey what about that thing with language? ''

''Bitch is nowhere near as bad as fuck!'' she said as if it explained everything. ''I have boobs! Obey me!'' she said as she slung a bag over her back.

''Damn the hypnotic power of those titties!'' he said as he joined over and made off with some bag. The duo then broke into a mansion where the residents were obviously at vacation.

''Hey check this out...'' Naruto said as he laughed his ass off as he read the letter.

Dear Robin,

Okay, so I'm definitely your biggest fan you know totally. Whenever I see you on the news I can't help but squeal and you so tally rocks! I'm always out and about hoping to catch you kick the butt of the villains. Anywhere my number and photo is enclosed here and...''

''Do people have no shame?'' Naruto asked as he continued to ogle the scantily clad figure in the picture. ''I'm pretty sure this would qualify as statutory rape if anything happened.''

Dear Starfire
I wanna fuck you girl. Here's my address I'm ready to get things crackin with this ten inch piece of meat of mine.

Duela read out aloud.

''Wow...all these people are perverts.'' Naruto said as he shook his head in disgust; ignoring the fact he was probably more perverted then these people by far.

''Yeah...hey these Teen Titans are super heroes so fun and crazy stuff happens to them. Want to go and cause confusion and chaos next time something pops off in the city?''

''That is without a doubt the most awesome idea ever crafted!'' Naruto declared as he turned on the TV. ''But first we order Pizza then make plans for Cosplay Tuesday!'' the blond said as he began looking around for a phone.