Hey everyone, this is my take in the DC UNIVERSE and i`m making it about Supergirl. Just imagine a world as if Kal-El had send his daugther to Earth. there is still the Justice League and everything but no Superman. hope you enjoy


Part one


Lara Kent is average to everyone in Smallville High, but with best friend Chloe, she works on the amazing abilities she is developing and questions her origins to discover a secret bigger than she imagined…

Diana Prince is the Student Council President, and one of the most beautiful girl at the school, adored by all and a model student with perfect grades and smarts. Her past is clouded with a mysterious necklace as her only clue.

The two living different worlds, bonded one day which will last them through their trials, as destiny will unite them as the world`s greatest heroes.



Lara was having a great dream. It was one of those dreams that you see yourself in the clouds, floating weightlessly through the air, making her feel oddly free as if she was doing something as natural as walking…


The alarm clock tore through the dream, making the girl snapped her eyes open…and a gasp escaped her lips.

The ceiling was only an arm-length away and before she could way anything, she was slammed back down on the bed which cracked loudly beneath her.

"Lara, is everything alright up there?" a woman`s voice yelled

Lara didn`t answer immediately, her mind wondering what just happened.

"Lara," the woman yelled now coming through the door.

Lara glanced up at the woman whom had red hair and an apron on her front. The woman starred at her.

"What was that noise?" she asked.

Lara smirked, "Nothing Ma, just fell out of bed."

"Well, get dressed, or you`ll be late for school girl," Ma Kent said smiling.

Lara nodded.

Her mother went out of the room and Lara got out of her bed, catching her reflection on the mirror.

A raven haired girl starred back at her with sky blue eyes and a narrow face. For fifteen years old, Lara Kent was quite tall, reaching 5`7. She quickly headed off toward the bathroom so that she could get ready for school.`

Some minutes later, Lara came downstairs dressed in a red shirt and jeans. She glanced around the room. Her mother was putting breakfast on the table and her Dad was working on the toaster.

"Morning Dad," she said heading straight for the fridge and taking out the gallon of milk to take a drink.

"Take a cup young lady" her mother warned.

"What? I`ve already drunk it," Lara said, smiling innocently at her Mom.

"You listen to your mom kiddo," her Father said, now coming toward the table, " that way, it will keep the both of us out of trouble."

"Honestly, it felt like i`m raising the both of you," Ma Kent said.

"But you still love us don't you" Pa Kent said.

"Yes, I do."

She give him a quick peck.

"Hey, Mom Dad," Lara said, "I think something happened today."

"Oh! Really,"

"This morning when I woke up," Lara said, " I think…I think I was floating."

Both of her parents looked at her, surprised.

"Floating?" Her dad repeated, " You sure you weren`t still dreaming?"

"No," Lara said slowly, "At least, I don`t think so."

"Mh-mh," her mother said, "Now you better hurry or you`ll miss the bus."

Lara glanced at the clock and surely noticed that the bus will be passing in front of the farm in a couple of minutes, so she simply grabbed a toast, before running out of the door. It was bright morning in Smallville today and Lara continued to run until she arrived in front of the Kent Farm entrance. She glanced around and noticed the bus speeding away from her.

"Ah, man," she murmured.

Lara started to run after it yelling for the bus to stop and she let in a burst of speed. Then suddenly, everything blurred around her, and for some odd reason.. she didn`t feel one bit tired…

Confused, she stopped running, the stone crunching under her feet, and she glanced around when she noticed the bus has vanished.

What the…where did the bus go?

Lara then hears the sound of a large vehicle in the distance behind her. When she turned, she was shocked to see that it had been the school bus that she had been chasing.

Her mouth dropped open.

How the hell did she outrun a school bus in open road?

Shaking her head, Lara waited for the bus until it was in front of her to get on. When she got to the school, Lara quickly get off the bus heading off toward the school Student Council Room, where she knew she`d be able to find Chloe. Chloe Sullivan had been her best friend since their pre-school year, and they had stayed friends till today. Even thought they are in the same grade, Chloe was younger than her, and smarter than her too which she was glad to have around.

She arrived in the Student Council Room, and pocked her inside.

They were a couple of the Student Council Members in, a few she recognize as Allison Lang, Pete Ross. She found the perky blonde furiously writing something on a piece of paper.

"Hey Chloe," she called.

Chloe glanced up and noticed her before waiving at her.

"Lara, you`re early today,"

"I know," Lara said, "What are you working on?"

"Mr. Banner essay," Chloe groaned, "I swear this teacher is trying to make me go insane with all this research."

"Well, you`re taking Honor Classes right?"

Chloe nodded.

"Something amazing happened today," Lara said.

"What`s so amazing this early in the morning?" Chloe asked.

At that very moment the bell decided to ring.

"I`ll tell you at lunch," Lara said smiling.

"Okay," Chloe said.

Lara turned around and bumped into someone.

"Oh! I`m sorr…"

The rest of her apology died in her throat when she noticed into whom she had ran into. It was a beautiful goddess like girl with long raven hair and clear blue eyes. She was about a couple of centimeters taller than her, but Lara knew who she was off course.

Diana Prince.

The Student Council President and probably the most popular girl in school.

"Hera, are you alright?" Diana asked.

Lara realized that she had been starring at the girl for a prolonged amount of time, and quickly looked away, feeling warmth in her cheeks.

"I…I`m fine sorry," she answered quickly.

Diana smiled, "Well, if you`re sure. Now go or you`ll be late."

Lara nodded before starting quickly off in direction of her first period.

Diana watched her go, giggling softly.

She is too cute, she thought.

She glanced at the blonde that was gathering the papers into her bag.

"Chloe who was that girl?"

"Oh! That`s Lara Kent," Chloe told her, " she is my best friend…what did you ask."

Diana smiled.

"She…is an interesting person."

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