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Preview of Supergirl Girl of Steel

Coming soon to and DC Elseworlds

The Third and Fourth season of my Supergirl mythology arrives…

"I have to what?"

"At least finish your education Lara,"

"You guys want to kick me out of the house already?"

"They are many more options in the world than working here in the farm."

"Lara?" Chloe said, "What are you doing here?"

"Need your help about something," Lara said, "Ma said I should get at least a degree..."

"Here…Gotham University."

"Hey you've forgotten this….I'm Lara Kent by the way."

"Barbara Gordon," the girl said, nodding at her.

A shot of Batgirl taking down a bunch of thugs…

"Say, you need a ride?"

"Na," Lara said, "I..Someone is coming to get me."

Old enemies returns…

An entire girl covering her entire body into ice as she fired spikes at Lara

As new ones appears…

"Seven peoples were killed last night," Chloe told her.

"Heart attack?"

"With twenty something years old…I don't think so,"

A shot of Supergirl on the ground weak…as a man stood over her, his hands glowing with power…

"Have we met before Mrs. Kent?" Lex Luthor asked, "I've felt like we did…"

"If we did, I would have remembered that encounter," Lara said.

As in every hero…

A flash of a silver version of the S symbol…

There is a dark side…

Lara holding Chloe by the throat a smirk crossing her face.

"Lara…you didn't…"

"Oh yes I did Chloe…you're the first to see…for what I truly am…A Kryptonian with without human compassion."

As the ultimate sacrifice…

"My Father Jonathan Kent told me that I was put here for a reason, finding that reason will be my true calling," Lara said, standing inside the Fortress, "Maybe…this day of reckoning has arrived."

A determined look crossed on Lara's face.

"I will risk my life to make sure this world see another day of peace…as you have taught me…Father."

Will be made…

"Supergirl is down…I repeat…Supergirl is down…"

"Lara," Chloe breathed…



Coming soon.

Yeah, it will be up soon. when i start writting it.

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