Chapter 1

Hellllllooooo….this is Icecreampopstar here :) Now I bet you're wondering….why am I on XxBlackDawnxX's account? Well its quite simple my children of Eden, She and I are working on a story together and I got dibs on the first two chapters :)BTW, the character Bree, is based off of me…you'll understand by the end of this chapter. Ok on with this shin dig :)


It was quiet…too quiet.

A certain purple ninja was busy uploading the newest security system for the lair. "You can never be too careful" was his motto…or was it Leo's?

But anyway, as the purple clad turtle, otherwise known as Donatello or Donny or Don, was sipping his cup of coffee, he heard movement form the back of his lab. Don just simply sipped his coffee in a casual way until he felt his intruder behind him.

"Don't even think about it" he said in a monotone voice. It was none other than Mikey, trying to scare his brother Don.

"AH man" Mikey whined taking a chair by him. "Ok give, how did ya know it was me?"

Don simply shrugged, sipping his coffee. "I'm a nerd, I know everything" he said when his beeper ringed, signaling that his break time was over.

"Back to work." He groaned.

"Work?" Mikey scratched his head.

Don sighed while typing away. "Yes, work Mikey, something that requires patience and energy, something you don't have"

Mikey waved his and. "Energy yes…patience…not so much" Mikey patted his brother shell and left the lab, where he found Raph and Leo arguing.

"For the last time RAPHAEL" Leo argued, putting out his name for emphasis. "No!"

"I don't need ya permission Leo! I can do whateva da hell I want!" Raph yelled.

Mikey rolled his eyes, heading to the couch. "Could you two just kiss and make up already"

"Ain't no way I'm kissin him" Raph jabbed his thumb at Leo.

"Yea well, I wouldn't want to kiss your sloppy beak either!" Leo sneered.

Mikey sighed, grabbing the remote. "SO what was it you guys were…um are, arguing about?" he asked.

"I have an idea of where da Purple dragon's main base is but Fearless Leader" Raph turned directly at Leo. "Said we should wait fer Splinta's approval" he mocked.

"You can wait till he's done resting" Leo then scoffed. "Wait, maybe you can't cause your too impatient!"

Before Raph could throw the first punch Don stepped between them. "Hey, hey, hey" He then made a time out signal. "Let's just take a breather, Raph go to your punching bag, Leo get some fresh air, it will do you some good" Don ordered.

"Wow, Don, you almost sound like Leo" Mikey teased form his spot.

"I know, but someone has to be the peacemaker here" he said going to his lab again. Raph and Leo glared at each other before going their separate ways.

New York, topside

Leo jumped from Roof to roof trying to calm himself, he needed some time to think, time to clear his head. He and Raph had always fought true, but it was different this time.

Mating season

The turtles had started showing side effects the beginning of 13. Raph had gotten his first which would sometimes bring up the argument that he was older, but that was an entirely different story. Splinter knew that the boys either needed to mate or fight their way out of the raging season.

Fighting was easy it seemed. All they had to do was patrol at night and take down criminals, then by the time they got home, their hormones would be in check.

Besides, it was the only choice….besides mating

And they knew that was impossible.

Leo ran until he reached a certain rooftop he had always liked, it showed a perfect view of the rare country side of New York. One thing he and Raph had in common was that they both could never get enough of the beauty of nature. Raph would never admit such a thing, he didn't have too.

Leo imagined what it would be like to live there, no foot, no purple dragons, just him, his brothers, his father…maybe even April and Casey and they're upcoming child could live next door, Leo mused.

As long as he was dreaming, he could imagine a wife by him as well. The thought of having a young woman in his life, whom he would need as much as she needed him sounded tempting. Maybe a few children too.

"Heck, why not throw in a unicorn" Leo chuckled, staring at the moon began to arise, saying goodbye to his dear friend the sun.

With a sigh, Leo started to head back, when he heard a rustle from below. Peering down, he saw a woman trying to get away from a man.

Simple enough he thought as he jumped down.

A little earlier

The clacking of shoes hit the sidewalk as a woman in her early 20s was on her way to a bar. She had a smile fixed on her soft lips, a song in her heart, and an engagement ring on her finger.

She couldn't be happier as she went to pick up some of the finest beer for her and her fiancé. Her dirty blonde hair was tied in a low ponytail, bouncing on the back of her jean jacket, hiding part of her v neck white shirt. Her legs, covered with dark jeans, moved quickly, as she was trying to surprise her fiancé with a romantic dinner at home, just for the two of them. Her freckles shined in the moonlight

AS she rounded the next corner, she entered the bar called Jackson's. She went up to the bartender.

"Hey" she greeted, showing her teeth.

"Hey there" he said, whilst cleaning a cup. "What's up?"

"I need your biggest bottle of Shepherd's choice please"

The bartender raised an eyebrow. "Whoa, got some plans for tonight?" he asked smiling.

The girl smiled. "Sure do" she dug in her purse, reaching for her credit card.

The bar tender grabbed the bottled and glanced her up and down. "You know, it could be free, if you, ya know…"

"Sorry taken" she said holding up her finger, with a diamond ring on her finger.

"Can't blame a guy for trying, hey doll" he said with a wink, giving her the bottle.

"Guess not" she chuckled. "Thanks"

"Anytime beautiful" he said cleaning the rest of the cups, when he spotted a man and a woman making out furiously. "Uggg, they could at least have the decency to do it in a bed room"

The girl rolled her eyes, "Oh come on, they're probably in lo-" but she stopped right there, when she saw who the man was.

The man opened his eyes, smiling, but his expression changed when he saw his fiancé. "Bree! OH GOD!" the woman who he had been making out with simply glanced over. Bree stormed over, the bottle in her hand.

"Hello Jake" she said with an underlying growl.

"Who's Miss Pussy?" the woman asked.

"I used to be his fiancé" she said throwing the bottle at the man along with her engagement ring. "Here Jake, a gift to you and your whore!" she shouted, running out of the bar. The woman shrugged before looking at Jake.

"Now, where were we?" she said in a seductive like manner. Jake simply ignored her and ran after Bree. "I guess the fun is over" she said grabbing her drink. The bartender came over.

"I get off soon babe" he suggested, wiggling his eyebrows. The woman simply shrugged.

"Whatever" she said, drowning her drink.

Bree ran across the sidewalk, her tears smearing her face. As she ran, she could hear Jake calling her, but she ignored him. How long had he been cheating on her? Was there another ANOTHER woman? Or was this the first time?

She didn't know and didn't care, all she knew is that she had to get back into the apartment, pack all her things, and leave town, maybe.

Suddenly she was grabbed by the arm and dragged into the alley way. She opened her eyes to see Jake's face.

"Where do you think your going?" he asked shaking her. Bree could smell the booze on him.

"I'm leaving you!" she shouted. Jake simply held her tighter.

"NO you ain't" he said coming closer to her, whispering in her ear. "Your mine bitch! I'm your fuking fiancé"

Bree shook her head. "NO! I hate you Jake!" she tried to get away from him but he simply laughed in an evil, masochistic kind of way.

"She wasn't the first one ya know" he taunted. "After I proposed, and you wouldn't have sex, I decide to go have my own fun"

Bree glared at him. "I made a commitment to never have sex until I'm married" she then shouted, "YOU KNEW THAT YOU BASTARD"

"SHUT UP!" he said slapping her face. Bree tried to push him off of her, but to no avail. Jake started to unzip his pants.

"Don't worry," he said in almost a gentle way. "Once I have my way with you….no more cheating"

Bree tried to push him off again. "You need help Jake!" she then felt him fumble with her jeans. "Dammit let go!"

"I would do what the lady said" a voice said form behind.

Both stopped to look where the voice had come from, but only saw a big silhouette in the darkness of the alley.

"Mind your own business punk, this is between me and my girl" Jake sneered, turning back to Bree.

Bree mouthed help to the stranger. Leonardo understood.

"From the sounds of it, I say she's not your girl anymore" he said, stepping closer. "I'm gonna give you one more chance, let her go"

Jake chuckled darkly before turning around. "You wanna dance hombre? Let's dance" he said letting go of Bree, causing her to fall. Before Jake had a chance though, Leo had already punched him several times in the chest, sending him flying back.

Bree gasped as she saw his nose bleed. She should have ran from the sight, but was too shocked to move.

Jake barely had time to stand up before he was knocked out again, this time, remaining unconscious.

Leo felt proud for defeating his enemy, but his carelessness gave away his identity, he saw the girl, named Bree, and found her starring at him. But what was strange is how she looked at him.

Not with Disgust, not with horror, but with Shock and curiosity.

"Umm" she stood up shakily. "T-thank you, f-for saving m-my life…sir" she mumbled, but he understood.

"You're welcome" he then cocked his eye. "You're not scared?"

"You gonna hurt me?"


She smiled. "Nothing to be scared of then" there was an awkward silence. "So um, are you a real turtle, or just some dude who's into makeup and costumes?"

Leo laughed, "No it's real" he should leave, but for some reason, he couldn't leave her all alone.

"I overheard your umm argument" he said glancing at Jake then back at Bree.

"Argument being the nice word for it" she mused. Bree looked at Jake.

"You live with him? If you don't mind me asking" he added.

"Used to" she scoffed. "Which reminds me, I better get back to the apartment and grab my stuff before he wakes up and finds me" she then dig into her purse, trying to find a pen and paper. "Gotta get everything, then outta town" she then grasped her head. "Whoa Nelly!"

Before she could pass out, Leo was by her in a flash, holding her up. "How about I carry you to your apartment?" He suggested. "Could you get a hotel for the night where he wouldn't find you?"

"I have some money, but not a lot" she said trying to balance herself without help, but Leo didn't let go.

"You're in no shape to go to a train station or an airport" he said. Bree only raised an eyebrow at him.

"What do you suggest then?"

Leo averted her blue eyes and thought. Could he take her back to the lair? Leo could already sense he could trust her. All of him and his brother's were taught by splinter, how to sense truth….it was really called trusting your gut, but never the less, Splinter had taught them.

And when Leo looked at Bree, he knew he could trust her. It wasn't the trust like he had with Karai, where it wavered and he was stupid enough to believe her.

"Well?" Bree asked, not liking the uncomfortable silence. Finally, Leo sighed.

"You could with me for a while" he said. "We will go get your stuff and then I can take you back to my home"

Bree thought about it. "Ok, I guess I don't have a choice then huh?" she then glanced at Jake. "What about Dick head over there?"

Leo chuckled at her choice of words. "Got a cell phone?" he asked.

After calling the police, Leo carried Bree and jumped from roof top to roof top to where the said apartment was. Bree held on tight, directing where her and Jake's place was.


How could he do this to her? She would never cheat on him. He had always said he would never hurt her and always protect her. Was it all a lie?

Of course it was dip shit, she thought. Bree wanted to scream at him, punch him as hard she could. But what good would that do? She shouldn't be even thinking about him anymore. She glanced at her right hand, which was empty, feeling cold from not having the ring on there anymore.

"Is this it?" Leo's voice ripped her out of her thoughts.

"Yeah" she answered; Leo carried her in the living room, taking a glance around.

"Nice place" he said.

"Thanks" she then noticed something.

"Um, you can put me down now" Bree blushed, while chuckling.

"Oh, uh sorry" Leo gently put her down, and then remembered.

"I'm sorry, where are my manners" Leo then bowed. "My name is Leonardo, but you can call me Leo"

Bree giggled at his greeting. "My name is Bree….you can call me Bree" Leo laughed along with her.

Suddenly awkward silence, but then Bree made a motion with her hands, forming a turtle.

"Awkward turtle" she said giggling.

"Excuse me?" Leo asked a skeptical.

"Oh it's nothing, my friends and I did that in high school" she then frowned. "I'm sorry, did I offend you?"

"Oh no, it's just that, it's something that Mikey would come up with"

"Mikey?" Bree questioned sitting down. Leo joined her on the couch, both of them facing each other.

"My youngest brother" he explained. "You'll get to meet him and the others"

"Are they turtles also?" she asked, intrigued.

"Yes except our father, he's a giant rat" Leo explained.

Bree frowned. "That's not nice to say"

Leo smiled chuckling softly. "No, I mean really he's a giant-"

"Oh, ok" Bree laughed but then remembered what he said earlier.

"You said others, so you have your father and your brothers…is that it?"


"How many?"

"Three, I'm the oldest"

Bree's expression turned into a shock. "Oh my God!" she then jumped off the couch, grabbed a photo, and showed him the picture.

Leo took it and viewed the piece of art. It was a picture of one girl and three boys that looked a little younger than her. The girl looked like a younger version of Bree.

"SO wait you have three little brothers?" he asked. Bree's smile wavered.

"I had three little brothers, yes" Leo's eyes widened as he looked at her.

"Bree what-"

"We better get going" she said getting up, snatching the picture and any other pictures of her family. She then turned to see a confused but sympathetic turtle. "I'll explain on the way.

Leo only nodded before standing up. "Need any help?" he asked.

"Umm yes actually, there's hidden money in the cab nit in the kitchen, please grab all of it, and if you see any pictures of me and people who are not Jake, grab them, thanks" she said grabbing more of her things. She then retreated to the bedroom to grab her cloths, makeup and shoes.

Leo did as he was told. He grabbed the money, but saw no pictures with her and her family or friends. Just her and Jake.

Bree came bouncing in with a large black duffel bag. "Hola" she said smiling. Leo could not imagine who she could be happy after what had happened.

"Is that it?" he asked.

"Yep, you got my mula?" she asked. Leo handed her the cash. "Gracious" She then grabbed her bag and purse throwing them throwing them out the window and onto the ground, since it wasn't a long drop.

"So where's your place?" She asked. Suddenly she found herself picked up bridal style by Leo. Leo jumped out of the window, placing her down.

"Whoa, you don't waste time, do ya?" she giggled, picking up her bags.

Leo chuckled, "You bet" grabbing her duffel bag from her. "Here, let me get that for you"

Bree smiled adjusting her purse across her chest. "Why thank you kind sir" Leo opened the sewer lid, motioning for Bree to go first.

"Ladies first" he said. Bree raised her eyebrows.

"Sewer?" she stated climbing down. Leo following.

"Expecting maybe a mansion?" he teased. Bree laughed as she followed.

"But of course, whenever I'm rescued by a mutant, I always expect a mansion or castle" she teased back.

And that's how it went until they got to the lair's opening. Bree talked about how she had just graduated from college with an English degree and was planning on becoming a teacher. She also talked about her interests including boxing on weekends, daycare in the summer, and favorite colors foods, etc.

Leo listened, and really listened to this girl. For some reason, she seemed interesting. Of course, he talked with April, but she was more into talking like this with Donnie. It was nice for once to have a girl to talk to in his own way.

Bree would try to get him to open up on the way, saying how she feels bad about just talking about herself.

"When we get to the lair, I promise, we can talk about me all you want" he said smiling. "That is of course Mikey doesn't hog you all the time" he added.

"I can't wait to meet them."

They arrived at the front lair door. Leo looked back at Bree. "Let me explain the situation, then I'll come and get you, I promise"

"Alright don't ditch me now" she said taking her bag and sitting down on it. Leo smiled before entering.

A little later, Dojo

AS Leo had finished his story, all of his brothers sat in the corner, mouths hanging open, at the fearless leader….PERFECT SON, bringing a human down here. Splinter raised his eyebrows in the beginning, but would nod as Leo explained the whole situation. At least from what he had heard and seen.

"I see" Splinter said, petting his beard. "And I understand you trust her?"

Leo nodded. "She is trust worthy master, I swear on my honor" Splinter's eyes widened a little but relaxed.

"Bring her in here; I would like to hear her story"

"So do I" Mikey whispered. Don elbowed him to be quiet. Raph stood up going to the door.

"Where are you going?" Leo asked uncertain.

"You and Splinta may be able ta trust her, but I'm gonna see fer myself" and with that he ran to the door.

"Wait for me Raph boy" Mikey said following.

"Oh boy" Don said following along with his brothers.

Leo looked at Splinter before running into the living room, to see Bree standing in the Living room; Raph hovered over her, starring at her intently in the eyes. Leo frowned and narrowed his eyes at Raph. Mikey and Don stood by awkwardly until Mikey saw her duffel bag.

"Oh maybe she brought goodies" Don grabbed his bandana tails.

"Don't even think about it" he warned. Mikey whined.

A few seconds later, Raph stood up straight, a small smile spread on his beak. "Kay, she's clean"

"Well, I did take shower, so I hope so" Everyone laughed, Mikey being the loudest.

"Names Raphael, but call me Raph" he then looked at Mikey intently. "Not Raphie, or Raphie poo" he warned, turning her gaze back to Bree.

She saluted him. "Sir Yes sir" Raph chuckled.

"Hiya" Mikey said enthusiastically jumping in. "Names Mikey, short for Michelangelo" he shook her hand vigorously. "Funniest and cutest turtle at your surface"

Bree smiled. "I can tell we're gonna be great friends Mikey" she then remembered something. "Oh and I also have a trick to show you." She then made a motion with her hands, saying "Awkward turtle"

Leo smiled as everyone had a confused face on, while Mikey looked confused and amused at the same time. "Umm, what the shell was that"

"Whenever there are awkward silences just do the awkward turtle" Mikey thought about it for a moment, then he smiled.

"That's pretty awesome right there" he said trying it with his hands. "Sweet, I'm gonna do that from now on." He announced as he headed for the TV.

Raph groaned then looked at Bree. "Thanks a lot"

Don stepped in. "Hello, I'm Donatello, but you can call me-"

"Don or Donny?"

Don blinked. "How did you know?"

"Woman's intuition" Bree smiled shaking his hand. Don smiled.

"OF course, well, make yourself at home, oh and it helps if you ignore Mikey most of the time, easier on everyone" Don chuckled as he left for his lab. Bree laughed before turning her gaze over to an elderly rat.

"Welcome Miss-"

"Bree, Bree Collin" she said bowing.

"Well, Miss Collin, no doubt you have some questions, as do we" he then started heading for the dojo. "Come, we shall have some tea, Leonardo will put your bags in our guest area"

Leo smiled grabbing her stuff.

"Thank you so much. I don't know how I'm ever gonna repay you all" she said following Master Splinter. He turned around, almost making her pump into him.

"By never revealing our secret to anyone" he said in a serious tone. Everyone stopped what they were doing, including Raph and looked at her.

Bree raised her hand and put the other on her heart. "Of course, you can trust me; I will never reveal your secret"

Believing the sincerity of her words, Splinter smiled before both of them entered the lair. All was quiet until…

"She's kinda hot"

One by one, Mikey received a smack from his eldest brothers.


Well, there's the first chapter, I will also be writing the second one because it is necessary :)

Anyway, I think I need to get stuff out of the way of the character Bree, who is indeed me, but here are the true facts about me

1.Same appearance as the character Bree based of me

2.I want to major in English and become a teacher when I grow up

3.I can get over things very easily, like Bree did with Jake

4.I HAVE three little brothers, and HAVE parents

And also, I would like to say I love XxBlackDawnxX forever….ok that is all