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Chapter 13

The Lair echoed complete silence.

Not even the hum of the generators or overhead lights were heard. Only the thick, blanketing silence.

I found myself standing in the upstairs hallway, wondering why the Lair seemed so empty. I called out for Raph, then Bre, then Donnie, Leo, Mikey and even Splinter. I couldn't even hear the sound of my own voice.

I turned over my shoulder and now found myself in the bathroom, standing naked before the floor to ceiling mirror. I couldn't understand why I was there, or why I was naked, but I stood watching myself in the mirror.

Suddenly I felt odd. My skin seemed to tingle, to itch, like it was…stretching. I watched as a bulge formed on my throat, pushing up against my skin like it was trapped. The bulge expanded and lengthened, and soon I realized a shape was forming.

Beneath my skin was an arm, a hand curling on my throat. With my own hands I clasped my throat, feeling the hand underneath my palms.

Fear gripped me and I tried to scream, but only heard a high pitched ringing noise as a face pushed up against my stomach, mouth open in a disgusting smile.

I bolted upright, breathing hard and drenched in hot sweat. The bed around me was soaked, and Raph snapped awake next to me, eyes wide in concern.

"Babe what's the matter?" he shot at me quickly. "You havin another episode?"

I breathed out heavily and ran my hand through my hair. "No…just a bad dream." I lifted my shirt and looked down at stomach, running my hand across my own skin, scared to death by what I had just seen in my dream. Raph sat up and scooted closer.


"I'm alright, it's just something I saw…It was really…freaky."

"Do you want to talk about it?" Raph asked, putting his arm around me. I shook my head.

"I don't want to think about it." I whispered, leaning my head against his chest. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into his lap, cradling me.

"I know it's scary babe, but we're gonna get through this. You ain't alone for any of this."

I looked up at him and smiled gently, and he kissed me tenderly. "I'm so glad I have you."

"You don't even know how happy I am that I have you." He replied and kissed me again, this time a little more deeply. He continued to kiss me, each exchange becoming slowly longer, more intense, more passionate, more sensual. More hungry. I adjusted myself so that I straddled him, my chest pressing against his as he held me, lips still on mine. His hands dipped from my waist to my thighs, where his fingers played with the edge of the fabric of my football jersey night gown. Gently, I put my hands on his, guiding them under the fabric where they ran back up slowly across my skin, caressing my hips, stomach, moving higher and higher…

Raph broke from my lips to stare into my eyes deeply. I bit my lip and smiled and dove back in for another kiss as his hands continued to search me, closing in my chest for a moment before he moved back down and peeled off my jersey. He stopped momentarily to run his eyes over me as I sat before him in my dark lingerie before he continued to kiss me, running his hands across my skin and his lips moved to my neck. I dipped my head back and tightened my hands around his biceps. His hands moved up my thighs where his fingers brushed against me, and I immediately knew this was going much farther than one of our usual midnight make out sessions.

He fell back onto our bed and I broke from his lips. He watched as I reached behind my back to unhook my bra and slowly removed my underwear, and as he pulled me against him and rolled on top of me, his whispered "I love you" into my ear as we became one in the darkness.

Leo made it back to the Lair quickly, carrying a barely conscious Bre in his arms. He began heading toward to lab, muttering to Bre (who most likely couldn't make out what he was saying) how he needed to wake Donnie so she could be treated for whatever was in her drink.

"No," Bre protested, causing Leo to come to an abrupt stop. "Don't wake Donnie, I'll be fine, I just need some sleep."

"Uh…are you sure?" Leo grumbled, knowing it was against her best interest to sleep instead of being checked out. Bre nodded, her head rolling onto Leo's shoulder. He sighed and headed to her room, laying Bre on her bed and taking off her sandals and bracelets for her. He covered her with a sheet and sat down on the edge of the bed, gazing at the wall.

"Bre…I've got a lot I need to say, so…just bear with me." He sighed again before continuing. "I want to apologize for the exchange we had the other night. About what I said about relationships being petty. I…I didn't mean it. Any of it. And you had every right to be bitter with me. Raph told me you cried over it…he straightened me out a lot, and I've been meaning to make it up to you ever since. But…ugh I'm just so stupid sometimes, Bre. I'm so caught up in the duties of being a leader that I forget to appreciate the good things in front of me… I've been forgetting to appreciate you. I care about you so much and I just don't understand why I've been trying to push those feelings away. I finally decided I don't want to anymore. I want to embrace those feelings. I want to run to them. Because…you see…with you…you just…you make me feel…whole. Sometimes I feel like Raph is really the leader of the four of us, cause to be honest, I was scared to be the first one to make a move. And then Raph and Eleana got serious and…I felt like I had enough confidence to do the same thing. What I'm trying to say is…that I'm sorry…and…if you'll have me…I want to make something out of this. I want to make something out of us. So…what do you say Bre?" Leo squeezed his eyes shut and sat silently, waiting for a response. For a voice, for a laugh, for tears, for a slap, for anything. But there was nothing. "Bre?"

Leo turned to see Bre rolled on her side, sound asleep. He smiled and sighed, pulling the sheet up to her chin. With a slight hesitation, he leaned down and kissed her cheek before standing and moving toward the door. "I know you didn't hear any of that, but I can't wait to say it all to you again. Goodnight, Bre." He whispered and left the room, closing the door behind him, not noticing as Bre's soft pink lips pulled into a gentle smile.

"Goodnight, Leo."