Nightfall, the average time for grown men to get away from their families and responsibilities or take a break after a long days work and head over to the most popular tavern in the village. It was rather crowded tonight, probably because it was the weekend, so of course there were going to be men who needed a good break and a good alcoholic berverage flowing in. Some were in groups, laughing and sharing their womanising jokes to each other. Others were drinking away their sorrows in the corners of the pub. Some were just simply out to have a good time, hoping to find a fine mistress to take home with them, whatever their age.

There was one male in particular, indeed on his own, but he was standing opposite to the building, looking in from the outside. His reason was unknown, yet it was obvious that he wasn't from around here. He was young, in his teenage years, with floppy black hair and eyes the color of the ocean. He wore a trench like brown coat, a long, tatty looking black scarf wrapped around his neck, black fingerless groves and black boots. His pale skin stuck out in the night, almost as if the moon was reflecting off his body.

"Pathetic," he whispered, his deep blue eyes glaring at the drunken people.

A bearded old man was trying to pull a woman away into the dark, clearly trying to seduce her. She was laughing hyserically, twirling around his arm like a ballerina, clearly so under the influence that she was out of her mind for even looking at the disgusting pervert. She was looking at him like he was a handsome prince. I guess that's what countless amounts of drink does to your vision. For a split second, he wondered whether to rescue the woman, but he knew it was pointless. Saving someone who doesn't want to be saved. Yet needing to be saved was a different matter. No, it was her own fault, she got into that state. Looks like shes in for a romantic evening, the young boy thought sarcastically, containing the urge to laugh. It suprised him a little, he hadn't smiled in a long time, let alone laughed. Even his euthanistic jokes weren't enough to keep himself merry. His almost smile turned into a frown.

He flicked his messy black hair away from his face and began walking away, not being able to bare another second of the sight. He didn't even know why he stood there for so long, it was so rowdy. He hated places like that. Solitude comfindment was the best in his opinion. Being alone. Friends and lovers? Both were meaningless to him. Not even ememies are worth my time.

The boy continued walking, towards were he stopped yesterday. He stopped in his tracks and looked up at the sign. 'Cherry Tree Lake House.' The place interested him, he wasn't entirely sure why. Perhaps it was the amusing sight of the two girls having a debate at the porch yesterday. One of them reminded him of someone, someone he knew to be dead. She seemed strong, willing, independant, everything that shewas. He shook his head of the dreaded thoughts, before he started to think of the memories he threw at the back of his mind to keep him from going down the wrong road again. The past is the past, there was no going back.

He stepped forward into the front garden, I'm sure the residants won't mind if I sleep here until dawn, and if they do, then I'll get to that later... he thought, as he did a run and jump over the fence. He landed with a bump, gambowling into the grass. He stayed face down on the grass, silent and spread out into a star, hoping that he wasn't too loud. After a minute of no lights being turned on or the back door springing open, he assumed he was in the clear. Wrapping his trench coat around him, he found a good spot to camp and curl up, finally looking forward to a decent-ish nights sleep.

"So... like this?" Vicky asked, swinging her huge red mallet around, trying to hit the target. Luna floated near by, watching intently at her master. The cat had made her wake up at the crack of dawn to start on serious training, but working with someone so clumsy wasn't going to be a walk in the park. Luna face palmed when Vicky missed the target completely.

The Shaman huffed with annoyance, "it's this stupid thing!" She said, kicking the object. The target looked like a deranged scarecrow, it's head drooped miserablely. Why she had to train with this, she didn't know. It was Luna's failed attempted to make it look like an enemy, made out of a couple of sacks filled with feathers for its body, a broken broom for its arms and Luna even drew on an evil face making it look even more stupid. Vicky said nothing about it, knowing that Luna would be annoyed with her even more if she'd said anything about her 'masterpiece.'

"No, your balance needs work! You have to get used to the mallet. If you train hard enough, it'll be as light as a feather in no time," Luna reasurred her, rubbing her temples.

"I need a break."

"We've only just started!" Luna hissed, zooming in front of Vicky before she could go anywhere. She raised a hand and waved her away as if she was a pesky fly.

"Fine, 5 minutes," Luna muttered, flying off angrilly.

"Phew, finally," Vicky sighed, dropping onto the grass in a star shape. It was a nice day, the clouds were extra fluffy in the bright blue sky and the breeze was warm. It was just how Vicky liked it, even though snow was her favorite. She remembered the time when Kelly and herself had last made a snowman, it seemed so long ago, such a distant memory. She was beginning to think whether it was perhaps a dream, since it had been so long the last time she had a really enjoyed herself. Hao was probably wondering where they both were, she dreaded the thought of him finding them. Their mission was still incomplete...

A yawn and a rustle in the bushes made her jump, distrupting her many thoughts. Quickly getting up on her feet, she started to creep towards where she had heard the sounds. She peered and saw a figured lying in the dirt. An animal? She thought, no... too big.

She crept closer. It was a vagrant. It had to be. The person stirred again, revealing his face behind the coat he had over it.

"OH!" Vicky cried, without thinking, slapping her hand over her mouth. The boy of course woke up and sat upright, looking at her, blinking. His black hair was messier than ever, sticking up in random places.

"S-sorry... didn't mean to wake you-WAIT, WHY AM I SAYING SORRY? YOU'RE SLEEPING IN MY GARDEN!" Vicky yelled, waving her arms about madly.

"Hey, can you keep it down? It wasn't exactly a greats nights sleep," the guy said, yawning and stretching.

"Right. So why are you-are you homeless?" Vicky asked. Yelling like that was sure to wake everyone up, she imagined Ren being furious and demanding a fight with the stranger as soon as he saw him. Nobody had come out of the house so far. The chances of Horo waking up especially would be highly unlikely, he could sleep his way through world war III if he had the chance. Kelly wouldn't get out of her nice warm bed even if the house was burning down. Vicky wasn't so sure about Ren though, she was positive he was a light sleeper.

"Not really, just needed somewhere to crash. I didn't mean to get caught really, I just wanted to sleep and run."

"I guess... it's alright. It's not really my house, I'm just staying here for a while... you just scared me, that's all," Vicky admitted, almost completely calm now. She didn't even know this person, yet she already felt so comfortable with him. Perhaps it was his ocean blue eyes that calmed her ever so quickly.

"I didn't mean to scare you, I'm sorry."

"It's fine. My names Vicky," she said bluntly.

"You're a Shaman?" He asked, brushing himself down and getting up.

"How did you know?" Vicky replied, a little suprised. She always thought she looked less like a Shaman than anything. On the other hand, she noticed he never gave her his own name, which was fair enough. Maybe she didn't get the memo, but she immidiately regretted giving him her name so soon.

"I may of looked like I was asleep, but I was watching you train."

Vicky blushed, "little creepy."

Kien laughed, "yeah, it does sound weird. You're good though, even though you messed up a little at the end."

"Thanks. Why don't you come in?" Vicky asked him, watching him put on his backpack. She felt a pang of guilt, knowing that he was sleeping out in the cold. He seemed like a nice guy.

"Thanks, but no thanks. I should be going."

"Really? You don't want breakfast?"

"That's very kind of you, but lets face it, we don't know each other. I was hoping to avoid comfortation, I know now not to make the same mistake as I did when I jumped over your fence and made myself comfy. I could be anyone, and you're inviting me into your home." Kien said.

"You've made your point, I was just being nice," Vicky mumbled, feeling a little hurt at his response. Kien put a hand on her shoulder and smiled.

"I know, I'm grateful for that. I just avoid people, it's nothing personal. I'm sure we'll meet again, perhaps in at the tournament?"

Vicky nodded, smiling back.

"You can count on that."

"Cool. Well, cya around... Vicky," Kien waved, then ran and jumped over the fence, out of sight.

Vicky stood there for a moment. Did that just happen?