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Burbank High

4th Period

"Do you think you can do it?" Yakko sucked his stomach in slowly before releasing with a sigh.

"No," Yakko said bluntly. "I don't think anyone else can either. It's impossible." Yakko said to his band instructor, Mr. Warren, a short, beefy, fellow with a bald crown.

"Exactly," Mr. Warren exclaimed. "The theme of this concert is, 'Impossible made Possible'. It's were we take seemingly impossible music and try playing it ourselves."

"I think we should just leave the impossibly hard music to the professionals." Yakko muttered as he looked at the sheet music in his hands. John Stump's Death Waltz. Crap, anyone who attempted to play this song failed miserably. Yakko had to squint to see all the notes on the sheet.

Mr. Warren slapped Yakko on the back. "C'mon son! I saw you play piano on the show. You're fantastic!" Yakko bit his lip and fiddled with his tail in his hands.

"I dunno sir. The Blue Danube Waltz, Jingle Bells, and Camp Granada are really easy compared to this monster of a song." When Yakko found out he was going to be playing the melody of the Death Waltz on the piano he immediately refused but Mr. Warren insisted he play the song because Yakko had, 'talent'.

"That may be, but you seem to always be open to new challenges. Why wont you accept this one?"

"'Cause me accepting to play this song at a concert is like a suicide mission." Yakko looked at the music again. "I can defiantly play the last part though."

"Good because the last part is your solo." Mr. Warren said. Not only was the last part the easiest part of the song it was also the calmest. "Just try to play it Yakko. You'll have two other gifted students play the harmony while you play melody." Yakko shrugged. "And if you play this song I'll let you get out of playing Circus Galop and you can play the snare when we do Hoedown." Yakko sighed.

"You've got to be bloody ludicrous to even want to play any of those songs."

"Well as a student you haven't got much say in the matter. If it doesn't work out then I'll think of a different theme with easier songs. What do you say to that." Yakko shrugged.

"I guess."

"Great! Now you can seat yourself at that piano right over there and start warming up." Mr. Warren said pointing to a magnificent, black, piano shoved to the corner of the band room. Yakko read the gold lettering on the side of the piano that said, 'Steinway and Sons'. A model D, concert grand piano.

Wow, I thought I would be playing one of those upright pianos.

Yakko thought to himself looking at the two other hickory wood pianos next to the massive grand. Yakko sat down on the padded bench in front of the huge instrument. The ivory keys looked perfectly white and untouched. The ebony body of the piano had no finger prints and looked polished and shiny.

Must have cost a fortune.

Yakko started when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He whirled around to com face to face with a Mexican-American, boy. Or a giant rather, this kid had to be at least six feet tall.

"Ehh, Hey Sasquatch, how's the weather up there?" The boy cocked a brow at Yakko.

"Don't make me come down there." The larger student said.

"Is that a threat?"

"Is the sky blue?"

"Touché." Yakko said with a big grin on his face. He loved it when he had small talk conversations like this. "Yakko Warner." The Warner sibling said holding out his hand while he stood on top of the bench so he could be at the other boy's height. The tall boy smiled and shook his hand.

"I know who you are. Joseph Garcia. Call me Joey." He said. "First day?"

"Let me answer your question with a question. Have you ever seen me here before today?" Joey shook his head. "There we have it." Joey snorted.

"You're funny kid. You a freshie?"

"Yes." Yakko said jumping off the bench. As soon as the Warner's feet touched the ground he suddenly felt a sharp kick to the shin. "Ouch!" Yakko yelped rubbing his shin. Yakko glared at Joey. "Why?" He demanded.

"It's kick a freshman day. Only students tenth grade and up can play. Sorry, shorty."

"How old are you?"

"Sixteen, I'm a sophomore." Joey stated. "I came to tell you I'll be playing second harmony." He said, then pointed to a little Asian girl who looked like she was around Yakko's height. "Little Miss. Toyota Suzuki Mazda Nissan there is playing first harmony." Yakko chuckled.

"What's her real name."

"I dunno. It sounds like yours. It's like Yuki or Yokko or something."

"Yuko," She snapped walking toward the boys. "Yuko Mei Kazuyoshi. Stop make fun out of me."

"She's still learning English." Joey whispered in Yakko's ear. Yakko smiled.

"Konnichiwa, Ogenki desuka?" Yakko said bowing while silently thanking his Japaneses language tutor. Yuko giggled and bowed as well, replying.

"Watashi wa genki desu. Arigato!" Joey frowned.

"Well I feel left out." Yuko and Yakko looked at Joey before Yakko whispered in Japanese in Yuko's ear. Yuko giggled and nodded. "What did you say?" Joey begged.

"He said, 'People like Joey should be seen and not heard'." Yuko said, giggling again. Joey shot Yakko a glare.

"You little punk." Yakko raised his hands.

"Hey, as much as I love making small talk, I really think we should start warming up." He said sitting back down. Joey nodded and sat by one of the upright pianos. Yuko put a hand on Yakko's shoulder. "Yes?"

"Looking forward to work with you, Warner brother." Yakko smiled at her broken English.

"I'm looking forward to working with you too, Kazuyoshi sister." With one last giggle, she turned and walked to her instrument to play some scales. Yakko sighed and started to do the same when his dark blue, cell phone in his pocket beeped. Yakko pulled it out and looked at it. Two new messages.

An SMS from dad. Wonder what he wants.

Yakko opened the first message and read it in his head. 'I'm coming home early. I'm at the O'Hare airport in Chicago. I should be back home tonight.' The message cut off there. Yakko opened the second message and continued. 'I'll pick you up at the studio at six. Tell your siblings to get ready. See you later. Dad.' Yakko felt the corner of his mouth bend upward.

No doubt we'll be doing something fun tonight.

Yakko put his phone away as he saw Mr. Warren give him a, Put-That-Phone-Away-Before-I-Confiscate-It look.

Old men and their hatred toward new technology.

Luther Burbank Middle School

Turkey, ham, eww is that supposed to be chicken?

Wakko sighed as looked at the food in front of him. He was hungry. But the school's food looked awful! He could have sworn he saw something move in the chef's salad. Wakko shuddered.

No way. If I eat this junk I'll puke, then I'll be even more hungry.

Wakko decided not to eat. Very out of character of him but he didn't feel like getting sick today. He walked away from the food bar and sat next to Eugene at a circular table. Wakko frowned.

Thought I'd have more friends by now.

He thought to himself. Maybe he wasn't as easy-going as he thought.

"Um. Uh . . . eh. Erm. H-hello?" Wakko turned. He felt a smile split across his face as he came face-to-face with the one who has been following him all morning.

"Hi, I met your mom in the office." He said standing up. "Piper, right? I like that name. It's cutesy and it fits you."

Shut-up. You sound stupid when you ramble about nothing.

"Wakko Warner." He said holding out his gloved hand. Piper hesitantly took it in her own petite hands.

"I like your full name." She said shyly. "You've got that triple 'W' thing going on." Wakko's lips bent upwards. Normally full names the all started with the same letter annoyed people. He knew it annoyed Dot. He didn't know why, he just guessed it was because people got easily irritated.

"Thanks." Wakko felt Eugene nudge his side. "What?"

"Ask if she'd like to sit with us." Eugene whispered. Wakko rolled his eyes.

"Wanna sit?" The middle sibling asked. Piper smiled broadly.

"Can my friends sit too. They love your show." Wakko nodded.

Perfect! It took me awhile but I'm finally making some friends.

"Thanks! I'll be right back." Piper said before dashing off. Wakko watched her go. Dang, just a few minutes ago she was so timid and bashful. Now it's like she's acting as if she knew Wakko for years. Wakko shrugged it off. Sometimes all it takes is a few lines of dialogue along with some compliments.

A few moments later, Piper came back with her friends in tow. Two girls and a boy. One was a short girl with black hair and . . . was that red and purple highlights? She had ghostly, white skin and had dark eyes. She looked quite intimidating, despite the fact that she was slightly shorter than Wakko. The other girl was taller than Wakko with short, mahogany-colored, hair. The boy was most interesting.

Tall, taller than Yakko even, dusty blond hair, and on top of his head was a cowboy hat. Wakko looked at the boy's feet. Cowboy boots. He looked at his attire. Denim jeans being held up by a brown belt that sported a huge buckle with a long-horn bull's head engraved on it, and a plaid, flannel, button-up shirt with a string tie around the collar.

Wakko chuckled and decided to take a page out of Yakko's book and playfully mock the boy.

"Howdy, pardner." Wakko said in the worst western accent ever heard. "What 'r ya'll's names?" The black hair girl snickered.

"Boy, you've got guts to make fun of me." The other boy said with a more believable western accent. "Names Rex Autry. Back at home everyone called me Broncho."

"Moxie Ray." The punk-looking girl said.

"Harley Mason." The other girl said. "I have a twin, Phoebe, but she's home, sick."


"Strep throat." Wakko cringed. He had that once. He got it from Dot who got it from mom when she came home from India after a long business trip.

"I don't reckon I've seen you 'round 'ere." Rex said. "Wakko right? Nice to meet ya'." Wakko smiled.

"I don't suppose you were born around here, were you?"

"Born an' raised on a ranch in south Texas! Cactus Drive Ranch, it was called. Spent my days there ropin' cows, driving tractors, and feeding animals. Every now an' then, I'd have ta kill a rat'ler. Son of a guns dun did kill my grandpapa."

"Wow," Wakko said. "Closest thing I ever came to a cow was when Yakko decided to show some cows in the county 4H."

"How'd he do?"

"Well I guess he did good. He won second out of fifteen in his class and got twenty dollars. All he had to do was walk around the arena holding on to a roped cow, answer some questions while some judges inspected his cows and then leave."

"Not as easy as you think. Them cows can be stubborn little cusses. 'Specially when they 'r in heat." Wakko shrugged.

It looked easy enough. It seemed like the hardest part of the cow show was dressing up in white pants, a white button-up, collared shirt, and white cowboy boots and trying to keep them clean while showing a filthy animal. Though, now looking back on it. Yakko did seem to struggle keeping his cows under control when he showed them. Must have been hard with a broken foot and tail.

Wakko remember sitting on the couch at his parents house when they were home for a weekend, when Yakko came home from his friend's farm complaining about his foot, rear-end, and noggin. He was flithly, covered head-to-toe in dust, mud, and manure. Apparently He had been walking his Brown Swiss cow, he named Bonnie, when she suddenly threw a tantrum, stepping on Yakko's bare-foot, crushing it with her weight, then bucked her head back crashing her head-pole into his forehead with enough force to send him sprawling backwards landing on his butt in the hard, compacted, dirt and mud.

Wakko and dad thought it was amusing. Dot and mom thought it was serious. He could have been killed if the cow decided to trample him. Turned out Yakko shattered his foot, sprained his tail-bone, and sustained a mild concussion. That was the day before they were going to film 'Space Probed'. Had to put it off till Yakko healed.

After that year, he decided to show horses instead, even getting Dot involved in it.

Wakko didn't care for 4H really. He'd rather stick to competitive skateboarding and BMX racing.

"You're probably right. It isn't easy." Wakko said to Rex after the memory. Rex sat at the table next to Eugene. The girls sat on the other side of the round table. "Play any sports?" Wakko asked after a long moment of silence.

"Does Junior Rodeo count?" Rex asked. Wakko shrugged.

"Uh . . . sure, why not?"

"Then yes I do."

"I play volleyball on the school's team. We have our first practice tonight even." Harley said excitedly. Wakko cocked a brow. Maybe too excitedly. It wasn't hard to mistake someone like her with ADHD. "Phoebe used to play but she dropped out and picked up soccer, or as she likes to call it football. Because apparently in other countries they call soccer, football! I find that funny."

Yep, defiantly ADHD.

"How 'bout you, do you play sports?" Harley asked, grinning ear to ear.

"Er . . . on the lot sometimes my brother and I play soccer and baseball. Sometimes Dot would join in."

"Baseball? You should try out for the team!" Harley said. "The tryouts are coming this April."

"No. I'm not that good at baseball. I'd probably get stuck on the bench."

"I wouldn't say that." Rex said. "It's middle school sports, they play everyone. It's not as important as high school sports because they can compete for districts. I know I'm trying out."

"You are?" Wakko didn't find Rex to be the type of guy who'd be into sports like that. "I guess I could try out."

"Ahem." Wakko glared at Eugene.

"What do you want? Can't you see I'm making conversation and stuff?"

"I do see. I was wondering if I could tryout with you two."

"Boy, I don't care. Who are ya' anyway?" Rex demanded of the nerdy boy.

"Eugene Barnaby Robson. We have two classes together, you know." Rex shook his head.

"I ain't seen ya' before, kid."

"Figures," Eugene muttered. "No one else seems to notice me either." Wakko rolled his eyes. He knew Eugene didn't mean for anyone to hear what he just said but it seems the kid forgot Wakko had long ears and therefore, excellent hearing.

This kid has such low self-esteem, it makes me sick.

Wakko thought to himself. Wakko caught Piper's eye and the two stared at each other for a moment before Piper broke off to talk to that Moxie girl. Wakko smiled.

Four new friends. No doubt Yakko has more. I wonder if Dot was this lucky.

Emerson Elementary

Dot walked side-by-side with Meledi and Emmalee as they strolled around the playground. It was the mid-day recess and the three girls were hyper and happy.

"I want you to meet someone, Dot!" Meledi said pulling Dot's arm. "My brother is only a grade older than ours. He's really nice. You'll see!" Dot ran to keep up with her friend. "Zachariah! Zach!" Meledi yelled after a boy who turned around and smiled, seeing his sister run up to him.

"Hi, Mel." The black-haired boy looked past his little sister and at Dot. His jaw slacked a little bit. "Why are you dragging around Dot Warner like she's your pet?" Meledi giggled.

"She's my new friend! Say, Hi, Dot!"

"Um . . . Hi? Doris Belle Warner. Pleased to make your acquaintance." She said holding out her hand. She immediately cringed after saying that.

Darn! I'm turning into my parents. Curse them for showing me proper greeting etiquette.

Dot shrugged to herself. Maybe the Warner children don't have to be misbehaving twenty-four-seven. Pfft! Who was she kidding? Misbehaving is in their blood! But that still doesn't explain why she was behaving. Dot shuddered. Maybe Plotz is right. They're only whacky when they're together.

She sighed. Maybe after school her and her brothers should go out and terrorize some stagehands. That not only will be fun but it will make her and her brothers feel like their crazy selves too.

Zachariah took Dot's hand in his own and shook it slightly. "My sister is friends with a toon." He murmured. Dot let go of his hand. She could be wrong but it didn't sound like Meledi's brother likes toons to much. Even though he knew her name. He's obviously familiar with the show. Zach shook his head.

"Excuse me. I was being rude." He said. "I just didn't expect to see a toon-star walking around with my sister on the playground. Names Zachariah Grace, by the way." Meledi beamed.

"He's a big fan of the show! Just like me!" Dot nodded.

"I'm glad you like the show." She said.

"I have an extremely important and serious question." Zach said.

"'Kay. Shoot." Dot said. Zach took a deep breath as if he were building suspense or something.

"Okay here it goes," Zach said calmly. "Have you . . . met Batman?" Dot cocked a brow as Meledi and Emmalee giggled. "No, seriously! I want to know!"

"Yes, I see him on the lot quite often actually." Zach's jaw dropped.

"Aw man! You lucky girl! Betcha he's really nice right?" Dot frowned slightly. This kid was weird. Sure she just met him but she could already tell he was a little screwy. Like Wakko.

"Uh, I never really made conversation with him before. But as far as I can tell, Bruce is pretty cool." Dot jumped slightly as she heard the school bell toll. She hated the bell. It was so loud and piercing. Though she notice none of the other kids got too startled by the bell like she did. Dot did after all have ears twice the size of theirs.

"Well it was nice meeting you Dot." Zachariah said as students started to enter the building. "C'ya Meledi." He waved at the three girls before darting off into the school. He had to hurry or he'd be late for class. The fourth and fifth grade rooms were at the far end of the hallway.

"We better head in." Emmalee said. "We're having science next. We're gonna learn about physical and chemical changes!" Emmalee said enthusiastically. Dot raised a brow at her.

"Why are you so excited about learning that?" Emmalee looked at Dot for a moment.

"'Cuz I heard the teacher was gonna burn something!" Now Dot felt both brows rise.

"Burn? As in fire?" Emmalee nodded.

Whoa! Is that legal to do? Like in a classroom?

Dot smiled. "Cool! Let's go!" Dot said dashing toward the double doors.

"Wait up, Dot!" Emmalee called after her.

Wow! An experiment involving fire! This outta be fun!

Burbank High

Yakko watched the clock contently as he shifted in his seat.

Five more minutes! Just five more minutes and I'm outta here . . . for the night anyway.

Yakko groaned rubbing the bridge of his nose. The stupid clock wasn't going fast enough and it was really bothering the eldest Warner sibling. He looked to his left were Harmony sat. He was happy to find out they were going to be lab buddies for the rest of the year. Hopefully he doesn't make a fool of himself by messing up a simple equation or something. He'd hate for her to think he was incompetent or unintelligent.

Though maybe his lack of scientific knowledge would even out with her lack of knowledge in history. Last hour she seemed so ditsy and awkward when she answered a question.

'Who was the commander of the Third Reich?' Yakko couldn't help but smile as he remembered when she fumbled with her words and stammered out the answer, 'Adolf Hitler'. He felt like he showed her up when he answered the next question. 'What countries belonged to the Allies? What ones belonged to the Axis powers?' He answered them briskly without stuttering as Harmony huffed and made a comment under her breath that sounded like 'nerd'. Or maybe it was turd. Heck if he knew. As long as he didn't sound like an idiot in front of the class, he was happy.

"Can this clock go any slower?" He muttered to himself. Harmony overheard and decided to answer.

"I'm sure it's going the same speed it normally does."

Three minutes.

"That's what it wants you to think." Yakko mumbled. Harmony rolled her eyes.

"The clock is just being a clock. Don't get angry at it cause it's not going fast enough for you." Yakko sighed and put his head down on the table. He felt Harmony's hand on his back and she slowly stroked him like he was a dog. "There, there, Yakky. As soon as the clock strikes two-thirty-five, you're free to run rampant and be your normal crazy, zany, toony, self." She pulled her hand away as he glanced up at her.

"Just 'cuz I play a crazy character on TV doesn't mean I'm crazy in real life." He said. Harmony gave him a look. A look that told him that she wasn't buying it. "Okay so I'm a little crazy. Maybe I like being crazy! Being crazy is perfectly healthy for toons. If toons aren't crazy than that would be bad, right? Where would the entertainment be? Entertaining humans is our reason for existence."

"Indeed." Harmony said turning her head back to the front of the class room were their science teacher started to randomly sing. "I think Mr. Hickle is crazier though." Yakko snapped his head up.

"What?" He asked. "No one is crazier than this Warner brother." He said pointing at himself.

"Except, of course, the other Warner brother." Yakko nodded.

"And Wakko is the only exception!" He said louder than intended, because the entire class stopped listening to their singing teacher to stare at him. "Ex-squeeze me! Trying to hold a conversation here! I don't need any eavesdroppers, thank you."

Whoa! Where did that come from?

Yakko remembered his dad telling him that he liked to speak before thinking. Which got him into trouble often. Yakko groaned and slumped in his seat. He could hear Harmony giggle beside him.

"Sorry. I wasn't named, 'Yakko', for no good reason, ya' know." Mr. Hickle puckered his lips.

"Boy, I like you. You remind me of myself when I was your age." The teacher said. "Always ran my mouth. Spouted off at teachers every chance I got." Yakko grabbed his tail and started playing with it in his hands as his science teacher went on to say something else, but Yakko tuned him out since everyone was staring at the teacher again instead of him. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Harmony still shaking with laughter.

"It's not that funny, Harm." He said with a slight scowl on his face. His frown deepened when she continued to laugh. "Do you want me to throw a pie in your face. Or would you rather have a stick of dynamite down your shirt? How about an anvil on your head?" Harmony looked at him, still smiling.

"You'd get expelled." Harmony said. "There was a toon once who pulled out her mallet at a private school. She got expelled and even arrested for assaulting another student, who was not a toon, with it." Yakko scoffed.

"She obviously doesn't know how to handle her toon-weapons." Yakko said. He recalled reading that article of the toon girl being arrested. Her name was Ellie something or other. Yakko glanced back at the clock.

Forty-five seconds left.

"I think mentally unstable beings shouldn't wield weapons." Harmony said.

"What's that supposed to mean? Toons aren't mentally unstable."

"They can't control their emotions."

"How would you know? You probably never met a toon before today."

"Actually, I live about a block away from Toontown. I see toons coming and going all the time." Yakko huffed. Not all toons were mentally unstable. They were just zany. And they could control their emotions. Just not as well as humans. Sure toons were inferior to humans but no need to be cruel by saying they were mentally unstable, clowns, existing for the pleasure and entertainment of humans.

That's racist, or prejudice, or anti-toon-ist. Whatever the word was.

Yakko chose to ignore her last statement and continued to watch the clock ticking slowly.

Five, four, three, two . . .

Yakko sighed in relief as the dismissal bell rung. He stood up from his chair and packed his notebook and three-ring binder in his black and blue back pack. He slung the small book bag over his shoulder and walked out the room with Harmony. Lorelei met the two at the door.

"Don't forget to ask whoever is in charge of you to see if you can go to that party this weekend." She said. "Just remember the party is for you, so you have to make a good argument."

"My dad is pretty reasonable. I'll ask him to night."

"I thought you said he wasn't coming till later." Harmony said.

"He left early. He's coming home at around six tonight." Yakko said. "Sent me a SMS telling me so." Yakko said holding up his phone. "I got to go. My psychiatrist is waiting for me."

"I told you! Mentally unstable!" Harmony said laughing. Yakko groaned. He shouldn't have said psychiatrist. That just Harmony more fuel to fire off more insults at him for being, 'mentally unstable'.

"Yeah, yeah. It's hi-lar-ee-ous. Get over it." Yakko muttered walking down the hall.

"C'ya tomorrow, Yak!" Lorelei called. Yakko didn't look back. He waved and continued to walk pushing the double doors open and walking out into the parking lot easily spotting the forest, green, Sedan. He notice the doctor behind the wheel, drumming the dashboard with an irritated look on his face. Yakko opened the passenger side and slid in. The doctor glared at the boy.

"What?" Yakko asked innocently. He couldn't hide the evil smirk on his lips.

"You left me quite a surprise this morning when I dropped you off, didn't you?" The psychiatrist said in his Austrian accent.

"What? You don't like Vaseline on your accelerator pedal?"

"I could have gotten in a wreck!" Scratchnsniff yelled. "How did you do it? Is what I'm really curious about. I was with you the whole time!" Yakko smiled.

"I have my ways." The boy said. "And no matter how hard you pry me to tell you my secrets I'll never say." Yakko yelped as he felt his ear being pinched by the base. The doctor turned Yakko's head so he was looking at him.

"You need to learn some self control. I'll be telling your father about that."

"Dad won't care." Yakko grunted trying the rip his ear from the doctor's grasp. "He taught me everything I know." He hated being punished like a dog. It was so demeaning . . . and most times it hurt. Scratchnsniff finally let go of his ear and started up his car.

"How was your day?" Scratchnsniff asked just to change subjects.

"Got in trouble first hour for talking."

"There's a shock."

"I made seven or more friends."

"Another shock." The doctor said, bored.

"I was told I was crazy."

"Wow, today is just full of surprises, isn't it?"

"And I got kicked in the shin by a sophomore."

"I can't understand why anyone would want to kick you." The doctor said sarcastically.

"And I was invited to a party this Friday."

"Too bad you aren't going."

"And I didn't . . . wait. What?"

"You aren't going to that party." Yakko scowled.

"Why not?"

"There will be bad influences. There will probably be drugs and alcohol there. If any of the paparazzi sees you there then not only will it give you a bad reputation, it will also make the studio look bad." Yakko couldn't help but roll his eyes.

"It's not that kind of party, Scratchy." He said annoyed. It was like sometimes Scratchnsniff liked to play father for the three of them. Much to their dismay. "It's just a welcoming party."

"Welcoming who?"


"Are you throwing it?"

"No, friend of mine is." Scratchnsniff scrunched his nose.

"Yakko you could get hurt. Some of your fans will no doubt be there and you know how excited your fans can get. May I remind you of the episode at the mall when you were with Slappy?" Yakko frowned.

Sure he remembered. How could he forget? It was the day before his birthday and Slappy wanted to treat him with going out for lunch and then seeing a movie. That was when he was rushed by two fangirls and one fanboy who turned out to be really violent. Slappy was in a store and told Yakko to stand outside because she was getting him something, 'special'. So he stood outside watching a few hot chicks pass when he was pushed roughly into a wall. He found himself surrounded by the three fans all demanding that he give them autographs. One of the female fans even asked for a kiss. Disgusted with their rudeness, Yakko tried to escape but couldn't, seeing he was trapped.

He always wondered why those particular fans wanted to hurt him. If they were fans then wouldn't they not want anything bad happening to him? When he refused to give them autographs and a kiss, the fanboy knocked him on the ground. Yakko clipped his tooth on the hard linoleum floor and got a nose bleed. Finally, a security guard came to his rescue and chased the three, 'fans' away.

When Slappy came out of the store holding a black plastic bag and found Yakko sitting on the ground with white paper towels pressed against his nose and mouth, she demanded to know if Yakko got himself into another fight. He told her he hadn't and was attacked by some fans. She then immediately flew into an outrage, ordering Yakko to tell her what they looked like and were they ran off to. Yakko didn't tell her knowing she'd try to blow them to kingdom come. So when they got back to the lot she told Plotz what happened than he got angry at Yakko for letting that happen to him.

Such an odd night.

Yakko thought. "This is different Scratchy! These kids aren't deranged fans. There normal . . . for the most part." The doctor sighed.

"You'll have to ask Plotz."

"Are you kidding he'll say no for sure!"

"Exactly." Yakko let out a frustrated moan and turned his head to look out the window. He'll ask dad. Dad won't say no . . . hopefully. Dad was more cut-back even though he was the head executive of the Acme Corporation. Mom was more over-protective and strict. No way would he ask her. She'd agree with Scratchnsniff saying it was too dangerous or something.

Yakko shrugged to himself. Even if they say no, he was still going.

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