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People would kill to have my kind of power.

It's painful.

It feels like someone is filling my body with energy. Thick energy. My body can't handle that much essence. My muscles begin to swell trying to make room for it. They swell so much I feel my skin stretching to its thinnest limit before virtually tearing apart. My body starts throbbing, aching, yearning…

The energy cannot be contained in the confines of my body and instead begin to crawl across me, bouncing, sparking and stinging in the forms of small lightening containing enough force to kill an average human. I'm untouchable.

My hair brightens to a royal shade of gold shaming every beast and human that stands before me. It emits energy, beauty - a sense of untainted power that draws them eagerly to it in absolute awe. My eyes turn from a cold dark black into a bright and fierce teal that could pierce a human soul.

My senses heighten. I can smell out an enemy. I can hear even the slightest trace of movement; I can see their energy aura surrounding them. It's overpowering.

My energy, my strength hits limits that are physically impossible to the human race. My power is colossal.

It's painful.

My transformation of absolute power and strength is only triggered when it's needed.

It's generated by desperation, resentment…

The first time is always the hardest.

My body is consumed in dark energy fueled by hatred. It's powered by absolute rage. It doesn't matter who I am. It doesn't matter how I feel. I become ruthless. I become vengeful.

I destroy.

I'm rash and belligerent, aggressive…

I act on impulse.

And my impulse is always the same.


Progressively after every transformation it hurts less and less. My body becomes used to the agonizing pain, the hatred and the anger…

And I become numb. No longer can I feel the burning pain in my muscles and skin, but instead the burning turns to desire… the desire to hurt… to cause the pain that I cannot feel…

I feel nothing but fury. I'm numb. I feel no physical pain. I feel no emotions. Empty…

I never thought I was different.

I was born with a tail. I thought everyone was. I thought maybe I would grow out of it, and become more like my parents. I thought everyone lived the way I did. I thought everyone did school at home, played with their parents all day, and traveled by a nimbus.

I was homeschooled for most of my life. I always had my nose stuck in school books. I wanted to be outside. I wanted to play with my dad. I wanted to train. I wanted to fight.

It's been my life.

Train. Fight. Train. Fight. Train. Fight. Train. Fight.

I never had distractions. I was always focused and built for one thing. Built to obliterate.

Sure, we save the world all the time. I mean you would think after everything that's constantly happening here people would move to another planet.

So I'm always training.

Training to save the world. Sure, it sounds noble, but my intentions are always the same.

To destroy an enemy. To tear him to pieces. To win. I always win.

I've spent my whole life with the weight of the planet Earth on my shoulders.

And tomorrow?

I start high school.

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