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PROLOGUE – Fighting Destiny

Terra opened his orange eyes in a slow matter; his body facing down on the hard cold ground beneath him. He was surrounded by broken pipes, fallen walls, metals of all kind. A beam of light shined down on him, figured it must have been the collapsed floor he was on a minute ago.

He felt no energy, he was running on fumes, using nothing but will to lift himself up, but even that wasn't enough. He grunted as he fell back down, feeling a jab of pain on the left side of his torso. He panted, his body going up and down stressfully.

"Damn it… I have to…" He groaned in his head, clenching his teeth in stubbornness and his eyes filled with determination.

He tried again, using his strong arms to lift his useless body. He stopped and flinched as he heard a splashing sound from underneath him. He looked down with blurry eyes to see a crimson red liquid on the ground, a big splat.

He felt his heart pumping faster in fear, looking over his shoulder with an expression that was afraid to look back. His eyes widened in shock, his mouth a gape, a little blood trickling from his lip.

"No… it can't be…"

He had a piece of sharp metal piercing through his side, the sharp broken end on Terra's front and the other sticking out of his back. It was grey with crimson stains of blood cascading down its sharp end and dripping down on the floor.

Immediately the realization of his condition brought forth a wave of agonizing pain, Terra coughing and falling back down to the floor. He was slightly to the side because of metal shard in his body. Terra clenched his teeth hard, reaching down to touch the broken shard but immediately retreated from the jolt of pain.

"No… I mustn't…" He groaned in a low tone, fighting the pain to even breathe. "W-Why… why did she…"

He arched his neck, looking in front of him. He gasped as he saw a familiar blue object near him. It was a star shaped pendant, the light reflecting off its blue surface. Terra's eyes lowered in sorrow, the very image of her beginning to crumble his aching heart. He reached out, panting as he fought the pain, his fingers gracing the ground in a feeble attempt to move closer to the star shaped pendant, but failed and returned back into his closed position.

His failed attempt brought nothing but sorrow; painful memories of her. His body ached in pain and his heart was cracked with sadness, his very soul sinking down into despair.

He felt weak. Not because of this situation, not because he failed to even see it coming, but because he couldn't do anything to stop it. He felt his own blood leaking out of him, his mind breaking away from consciousness. He was losing himself, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

The only comfort he had was the warm morning sunlight beaming down on his bleeding form, his orange eyes beginning to close for the last time. He heard a whisper drifting towards him from his memories, a female whisper that he knew so well. It was a sad voice, one of sorrow and regret. It was her voice…

"I'm so sorry…"

Writer: Terra ForceXIII

~*~ Hitomi No Tsubasa ~*~

Chapter One: Reconnected

Many days ago…

He opened his eyes slowly; everything around him was a dark blur. He was resting his back up against the wall, feeling his body shake and motion left to right, realizing that he must be on a train. He brought his hand over his aching skull, trying to regain focus.

He took a better look around, seeing that he was in the storage area of the train. Big metal Boxes stacked near the walls with a label on it "HOC: Hollow Bastion", the sun's light shining from the only window. He stood up with a grunt and looked out the window, but then darkness covered his vision as the train rolled into a tunnel of some sort.

"Where am I?" He spoke in a deep voice.

He looked over at the direction the train was going and found a metal door leading towards the front of the train. He walked near it and the door split open in a whoosh. He walked through and entered a different room entirely. There were seats stretching along the wall to the other side, seatbelts and straps rustled in the train's movement.

He kept walking till he found a mirror, stopping and turning to see himself. He stared into the man before him, his dark tan skin and chocolate brown hair that spiked downwards to his neck. His body was bold with a tight black shirt that showed his large collarbone. But then he focused his attention on his eyes, they were a deep orange, like dark gems. But what caught his attention was the small orange pendant around his neck, its shiny surface showing some glare of reflection. At one tip, a light but sturdy necklace made its way back and forth on his chest.

The brunette brought his hand up to his chest, his fingertips touching the pendant as it twinkled from the touch.

"Who… am I?" He questioned.

He couldn't remember anything, the only thoughts that went through his head was the brief flashbacks of three minutes ago when he first woke up.

Suddenly his body was pushed to the side by the sudden stop of the train, causing him to fall over on his side. He cringed, lifting himself back up to hear a siren screeching in his ears, looking to see a red light flashing on the metal ceiling.

He reacted quickly and ran to an emergency hatch that was near him, forcing the ruff red handle down as cold air breezed over his skin. He opened the hatch with a loud clang, his right arm going over his eyes because of the cold wind. It made his hair stand on end, goose bumps appearing on his shaky tan skin.

He forced his orange eyes to fight the cold, taking in all he sees. He couldn't believe it, how huge it was. He was on a train connected to a railway inside of a dark castle, the railway exiting down a tunnel to another part of the castle. Above was an endless dark void with more railways stretching across one end and exiting out of another tunnel.

"So this is Hollow Bastion," He thought.

The tall brunette couldn't imagine such a thing, looking around in wonder. There were no walls, just pipes of different sizes making up for walls. The brunette's heart skipped a beat or maybe two, because the train rocked over his side, metal screeching and roaring as the train tipped. He heard a loud bang, which must've been the cause of the train's rocking.

"Crap, this is bad!" He yelled.

He sees another train railway beneath him, just a couple feet beyond his reach. He's gonna have to jump. As the train continued to tip over, the brunette jumped, his teeth tightening as he barely made it to the ledge of the railway below him. He slammed into it with a grunt, rolling over on his knees.

"What the hell was that about?"

The sound of roaring metal made him look over his shoulder, seeing the train he was just on flash before his eyes then fall out of site. He noticed flames and smoke ascending from the front of the train, figured that's what caused the trian to tip but he was curious at what caused the explosion in the first place. But he looked down the railway behind him, seeing the end of the falling train slam into the railway he was on, shattering the bridge and making him shake on his feet.

"Damn it, why me?" He yelled again.

Seeing the railway crumble towards him, he quickly ran the other way without looking back, hearing the bridge crumbling louder behind him was more than a sign that he should move faster. He looked over at his left, seeing a circular platform with stairs leading up to other circular platforms. He jumped, rolling onto the ground on impact and ending up on his back.

He breathed heavily, his chest rapidly moving up and down. After much struggle, he lifted himself back up again, looking up the stairs that led to nothing but more platforms and stairs.

He sighed. "Wish I was back on the train…"

The first thing that popped into his conscious was pain, a very agonizing headache that shocked his sleeping brain. By instinct alone, he opened his mouth to get oxygen into his lungs, using what little energy he had to move his neck around in a desperate attempt to shake the dizzy feeling in his head. He realized that he was on his back, twitching his fingers against the unknown floor, but he didn't feel anything particular, just a soft feeling around his hands, which means he must be wearing gloves.

He heard a voice, a female voice, someone speaking in front of him. He thinks he might have heard an "Oh crap!" or "I'm sorry." But his thoughts were washing away immediately as they entered, like a bottle being filled with water even though it has a hole in the bottom, meaningless.

"Hey, wake up!" A watery voice spoke.

He didn't argue; he wanted to gain consciousness as quickly as he could so this aching feeling will go away. He slowly opened his eyes, being greeted by nothing but swirly colors dancing around. They were moving back into place as they revealed a dark blur looking down on him.

"Wow, that's some gash on your head. I need to clean that up," The voice spoke again.

He opened and closed his eyes repeatedly to see if the picture in front of him will become clearer. Eventually it did, and when it did, he didn't feel as bad. The first thing he saw was her, a girl about fifteen with short jet black hair, her dark azure eyes directed at him with wonder.

"Thinking about getting up yet?" She asked.

He opened his mouth to say something like "who are you" or "where am I?" but what came out was "Huh?"

He reached out to her, seeing his black gloved hand for the first time. She took it, lifting him up on his shaky legs which forced him down on his knees in defiance. The girl came to his aide, a hand on his shoulder with the other floating as if trying to find a good place to settle like the other.

"Hey, do you remember anything?' She asked softly.

Now that broke his blurry prison, his mind becoming clearer to think of the one thing he remembers. But what was the point, the bottle has a hole at the bottom remember.

"N- No… I… can't remember…" He panted, his head lowering in sorrow.

When he looked down, he noticed red liquid dripping on the floor. That's when he figured out why his head hurts, his right hand going to the left side of his bleeding forehead. He cringed it fright, not knowing what's going on or why he's hurt, complete panic over an unknown circumstance.

"Oh, don't worry, I'll fix that up for you," She said.

The girl pulled out a napkin out of her small bag around her waist, gently placing it on his head while he continues to pant.

"Who… am I?" He groans.

"Your name is Roxas," She answered cheerfully.

That was his name, Roxas, a title he will be branded by forever. He liked the name.

"W- Who are you?" He moved on to the next question.

The girl hesitates for a moment, biting her lip as she struggles to answer. "Xion…" She speaks boldly. "We… we're best friends, Roxas."

"We are?"

The girl smiled, going back to fixing his head. After they were done, Roxas stood up and took a good look at himself, wearing a dark black cloak with chains around the collar, black gloves with boots. Xion was wearing the same thing, which puzzled Roxas.

He looked around the dark space, gasping as he didn't even realize how huge the place was. They both stood on a large circular platform surrounded by stairs leading to other circular platforms. Large pipes made up the walls of the area, some large enough to fit a house. There was no ceiling to see, only darkness. There were electric ways leading up the stairs and into other platforms, flashing different colors as it continued to spark its way up.

"Where… are we?' Roxas asked amazed.

"Hollow Bastion, not really a safe place for… people like us," Xion answered hesitantly.

Roxas looked over at Xion. "Why do we wear the same cloaks?" He asked.

Xion quickly grabbed his hand with both of hers, making him feel something strange in his stomach. "I'll tell you later, but now we have to leave."

She started sprinting up the stairs while dragging Roxas who was tripping over himself with confusion.

The tall brunette made it to a place that seemed more promising, The Grand Hall, another large circular platform but at the end was a humongous monstrosity of a machine. It was shaped like a heart with many dark colors swirling through its center, like a portal of some kind. Lightning surged through it and a small patch of stairs leading up to its level where you can even touch the portal if you dare. Pipes and clockwork machines roared around it, smoke fuming out of the pipes.

"What the hell…" He whispered.

But something grasped his attention, or should I say someone. In the middle of the platform, a woman was laying on her back, her body completely still and unresponsive. Her figure captured the brunette's eyes and locked him into a trance.

Her light blue hair that glistened with the heart-shaped portal's glow, her face looked soft and calm, her sleeping eyes rested hazily under her eyelashes.

He took a step forward, walking over to the unknown beauty in front of him in silence. He kneeled down; gasping as he saw a familiar pendent on the woman's chest, but it was blue. Could she be connected to him he thought. He lifted her upper body up, his right hand under her neck while it felt the soft traces of her blue hair.

"Hey, are you okay?" He whispered.

The maiden's expression changed, her relaxed eyebrows narrowing down while her lips quivered. She muttered soft nothingness, her body making soft adjustments against the brunette's body. Her eyes shook, slowly opening to reveal watery sapphires that looked up at him with awakened emotions.

This face seemed familiar to her, she didn't know where or how, but she felt like she's seen it before. Her lips moved with the first thought she came up with, a name.

"X… Xe…mnas?"

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