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The sun was beginning to set over the shimmering ocean in bright tropical orange, the repeated routine never diminishing in splendor each coming sundown atDestiny Islands. Terra sat comfortably on the soft sands of the beach, the ocean's waves barely reaching his feet as it crept to its extent. He heard footsteps walking towards him and he immediately recognized the blue haired maiden from the side of his vision.

"Mind if I join you?" Aqua asked.

Terra gave her a welcoming glance before looking back at the sunset, his calm silence granting her request but noting her of his troubled thoughts. She sat beside him and brought her legs up in a confined embrace, her arms loosely wrapped around her knees.

She laid her head on her knee and proceeded to stare at the brunette, no doubt making Terra uncomfortable from her profound awkward watch. He coughed clumsily as a means of questioning, but received no sudden explanation.

But finally he gave in. "Okay, why are you staring at me?"

"I'm just waiting for you to admit what's wrong with you," She answered simply, getting a raised eyebrow from her friend.


"You heard me," She retorted, breaking her gaze to stare off into the sea. "So what's the matter?"

Terra recovered from his blunt reaction and recollected his composure, trying to present some maturity but failing miserably in the girl's eyes.

"I'm just… trying to figure out where I stand in all of this," He sighed. "Like what I should do next."

Aqua glanced at the troubled brunette, finding his longing sense of belonging pulling her closer. She didn't want to admit it, but thoughts began to float in her mind about Terra and her… together. It was a surprising thought, not once did she reply to the endless guys that have been yearning for her attention on this island. They all seemed trivial and imitative, caring for nothing but her appearance. But Terra was different, his personality mirrored hers yet oddly didn't as well, like they were opposite sides of a coin, different perspectives but in the same essence.

Writer: Terra ForceXIII

~*~ Hitomi no Tsubasa ~*~

Chapter fifteen: rekindled moments

A day after the recent incident of their duel, the two Unversed admitted no recollection of their actions. Master Eraqus told them what happened, which brought more worry and concern between them. The master warned them of any further interaction between them, suggesting that they should spend more time apart.

Aqua recalled her master's words to be absurd and drastic, making her feel like a teenager whose been punished for spending time with her friends too often. She continued to think of more colorful words to describe her situation while she walked aimlessly through the small town; unintentionally ignoring the greeting calls of the familiar faces she walked by.

Her attention was drawn towards two children playing on the side of the street, a boy and a girl running past Aqua with cheerful giggles. When she looked back, she realized that they were chasing a stray cat. Normally she would smile from the innocent sight, but the moment only reminded her of Xion and Roxas.

"This place is great," a male voice spoke, making her turn towards the familiar brunette.

Terra stood beside her with his gaze fixed on the children in the distance, his arms crossed casually over his chest while Aqua looked back at the kids, Terra noticed her troubled expression, a sigh escaping his lips before attempting his pep talk.

"You know… if you feel that concerned about the kids, you could go find them again. And if you want, I'll join you."

The bluenette gave him a questionable look, wondering if he was being serious. All she got was a confident smile from the tall Unversed, which made her chuckle under her breath. That was one thing she liked and hated about Terra, his certainty was admirable and yet foolish at the same time. But in the end, she couldn't help but admire it the most.

"You think we can find them?" she asked.

"Those kids never seem to learn, so they'll probably find trouble soon which will be easy to spot," Terra chuckled.

Aqua's expression drifted into doubt. "Yeah… that's what worries me the most."

Terra gave her a sympathetic look, his attempts at cheering her up were proving to be futile. But his attention was stolen by an interesting site, a street vendor who was handing an ice cream cone to a child. He stared at the intriguing site with puzzled thoughts of what ice cream might taste like, since he couldn't recall if he'd ever had one before.

All the while, one of Aqua's eyebrows rose from his sudden silence and turned to see what he was looking at. She could only guess that he was staring at the ice cream vendor, his amnesia being a good excuse for his sudden fascination for ice cream, Aqua figured.

"Would you like some ice cream?" She asked casually, with a hint of teasing in her voice.

Terra scratched the back of his neck in shame, having to be reduced to a situation identical to a child begging for treats. "I can't remember the last time I had any."

Aqua chuckled lightly. "Well that seems unacceptable; everyone on the island has at least had one ice cream before."

Without further thinking, Aqua grasped Terra's hand and dragged him towards the vendor. The salesman welcomed them with a smile, his grey eyes meeting with theirs with no such hostility. Terra felt such goodness in these people, how kind and warmhearted they compare to the others outside the island.

"We'll have one RoyalBerry and one Rockin' Crunch please," Aqua ordered, handing a couple coins in the man's hand.

"Sure thing, little lady," the vendor answered cheerfully, reaching under the stand to grab their ice cream in the icebox.

After they received their treat, they proceeded to stroll around the town's streets. Aqua pleasantly licking her raspberry ice cream while Terra's attention was strictly focused on biting chunks off his chocolate brown popsicle, occasionally groaning from the sudden brain freezes.

They decided to walk near the island's edge, witnessing the never dreary sunset that sank ever so slowly beyond the ocean's edge. Terra walked silently with his popsicle stick between his lips, his hands firmly in his pockets while they walked around the beach. Aqua walked beside him on the ocean's side, the waves lightly brushing against her feet to provide a sense of relaxation from their tiring stroll.

"So did you enjoy the ice cream?" She spoke, trying to attempt another conversation.

Terra gave her smirk, the popsicle stick still between his teeth. "I think I found my all time favorite food."

"You liked it that much huh?"

Terra laughed, holding the stick in his fingers before returning it to his mouth like a cigar. At this moment, Aqua realized that he hadn't checked the stick yet.

"You should check your popsicle stick to see if it says 'winner'. If it does, you can turn it in so you can have another one for free," she mentioned.

The thought of having another Rockin' Crunch clicked in the brunette's brain, immediately pulling the wooden stick from his mouth to excavate it with great excitement. He smiled greatly as the word 'winner' appeared indented on one of the stick's sides, a giggle escaping Aqua's lips from witnessing Terra's childish reaction.

"I'm guessing you'll want to go back for more," She stated.

The brunette didn't answer; his calm gaze was fixated on his prize. Thoughts of a calm life here on Destiny Island floated in his mind, the idea of beginning a new life here was clouding his past troubled thoughts. He could stay here forever, enjoying a calm life without worry about the HOC watching his back. But then he remembered about Aqua and the kids, how they still needed him. This moment of peace was only temporally, a goal that he could look forward to after finishing his quest finding the kids.

He began to realize that this may be his true purpose, that he could live a life of enjoyment on this island among friends. He was so deep in thought that it took him a few seconds to grasp that the popsicle stick wasn't in his hand anymore, his calm gaze quickly shifting into a dumbfounded expression.

He raised his head to see Aqua a few feet ahead of him, waving his popsicle stick in her hand in a mocking tone. "I think that since I was the one who paid our treat, I should get the free ice cream." She teased.

Terra's eyes ferried and he grunted in stubbornness. "Hey! That was my reward, give it back!"

Aqua stuck her tongue out. "If you want it, come get it, big baby!"

Terra immediately sprinted after the bluenette, Aqua laughing enjoyably as she dodged his frontal gesture and quickly running down the beach with Terra close behind. They splashed the incoming ocean waves as they ran, the sounds of their vigorous laughter being heard faintly near the beach. The orange sun stretched their shadows across the beach, their splendor catching the attention of the passing onlookers that walked near the town's edge.

After what seemed like forever, both Unversed collapsed on the sand with heavy pants equally distributed from their exhausted lungs. They watched as the sun became a sliver of light over the sea, the blanket of the night sky almost covering Destiny Island completely.

Aqua spoke between pants. "Whatever path you choose, Terra… just remember that you'll always have a home here."

"Thanks… Aqua," Terra whispered.

At that moment, the sun disappeared over the ocean with only its dwindling rays left behind. After a few minutes of recuperation, they decided that it was best to head back home. But before they could react, their peaceful silence was shattered by an unfamiliar welcome.

"Well now, I hope I didn't interrupt anything important," a voice spoke enthusiastically behind them.

Both Unversed looked back with equal intensity showing on their faces, seeing a man wearing a black cloak standing a few feet away from them. He looked about Terra's age with short platinum blonde hair and fair skin, his lavender eyes shimmering in the night light. His lips were curved into a confident smirk as his hands hung loosely on his sides, showing no sense of caution or hostility among his fellow Unversed.

"Now that you guys have had your little break time, I think it's time we return back to the game."

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