"Quick this way!" The elder flower maiden commanded leading them through the woods to a door. As soon as they entered it the men ran pass. Cher stopped curiously gazing at the rapidly blinking radar pointed toward the vine covered section of a cliff.

"Is that thing broken?" questioned a commanding soldier. He was a rather thick man with a handle bar brown mustached.

"I don't think so, but the girl did drop it…" Cher continued to fiddle with the radar seeing if it would beep in any other direction.

"Are you sure this girl is even a flower maiden? Cheza died and she was the only-"

"The tracker wouldn't work if there was no flower maiden."

"How can there even be a flower maiden like that?"

"She's obviously not from this world, considering she came through a vortex of lunar flowers. Which we both know have all been destroyed here."

"I see," the officer nodded gesturing his troops back, "we will have to fix the radar and continue.

(Time skip, the lady tells her story and why vixen should stay)

An angered Kiba roughly grabs Vixen by the hand pulling her away.

"Let's go Vix." His gruff voice grounds out.

"Wait!" cries the older lady, Vixen stares back with blank eyes. Her face a hardened mask portraying nothing. Toboe looks at Vixen's hand in KIba's apprehensively then nods.

"What is left you in this world?" the kit begins, voice emotionless, "You've lived your live in hiding, if that could be called living at all, and now it's time to stop hiding, permanently. You no longer have to hide, why would you want to? You can be free. As for me, I refuse to stay. I have a mission to carry out and I won't stop until I do. People die, young and old, babies, youth, and elderly. You're asking me to abandon my friends and leave my family never knowing what happened to me for your own selfishness. My mother and father have had enough pain; I will not be the reason for any more of their suffering. I'm sorry you're wilting but I have family and friends to return to and nothing will stand in my way of that." She began walking out the door, their leaders hand still clasped tightly in her own. They stop only for him to open the door for her, "….not even death".