I do not own the actual Cinderella Story. This is just my take on it, so I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1: The Wicked Witch of Grandview

Cameras flashing, people staring, news reporters rushing over in hopes of getting a few

words from you as you enter L.A's most infamous modeling agency to prep for your first big photo shoot.

You're posing for the cover of TeenVogue, and everybody around you is chanting your name as if you

single-handedly took down a group of ninja sumo wrestlers. Kaylee! Kaylee! Kaylee!

"Kaylee! Kaylee! Kaylee May Woods, if you are't done folding my laundry in two minutes, you're

grounded for a year!" Stepmoms...so predictable. They always somehow find a way to ruin daydreams.

"Calm down, Donna! I only have one shirt left," I called downstairs in response.

"That better not be attitude I hear in your voice, missy! Or you can add another month onto your dish duties!"

Donna Laramore. Isn't that the most evil name you've ever heard? I was too little to remember when my dad

died, but as the story goes, Donna was offered a scant amount of money to take me in as one of her own.

Apparently "one of her own" is code for a servant girl, because that's pretty much what I am. At sixteen, you'd

think she'd cut me some slack. I can't wait til the day I'm discovered and become famous and never have to see her

disgustingly ugly face again. No more taking orders from The Wicked Witch of Grandview and her two flying

monkeys, Gretchin and Opal, ever again. Just me, the best model in L.A, and my super hot prince charming living the

life I can only dream about...when I'm not getting screamed at to do gross chores, of course.