"Are you ready for our tutorin' session today, tutor pal?" Jenna asked as we dashed down the hall to our next classes. You know what I just realized? Well…I'll tell you! I cannot say no to her. I can't just ditch my best friend on her brilliant and might I say terrifyingly elaborate plan to get us dresses for the stupid ball she wants to go to! See, if I weren't such a caring person, I would just tell her to go shove it and leave it at that. But no…I have to be a nice person! And it kills me!

"Oh, you bet! I can't wait to get my tutor on, Jay!" I stated with a very over exaggerated grin on my face that most likely would resemble a smile painted on one of those super weird clowns people hire for birthday parties in big rural areas.

"Great! So, I'll see you then, Kay!" And with that, she was gone.

I watched her wavy locks and moderately priced blue multi floral print satin espadrille trim flats turn the corner as I continued to speed down another hallway. You would think that since the past experiences I've had in the halls here at my oh-so wonderful high school haven't been too dapper that I would stop walking so fast!


Well…it's now safe to say that my lesson has been learned.

"Ouch! Oo, are you alright?" he questioned, holding his hand up to his head as was I.

"Well, geez! You know, you don't have to keep running into me to get my attention, Nathan Cruze!" I jokingly admitted.

"I don't? Huh…I'll take note of that right now! Thanks, Kaylee Woods!" Nathan shot back with a sly smile, taking out a pen and actually writing something down on his hand! I leaned over to see what it was that he was taking note of exactly.

"You're really taking note? Haha you're something else!" I laughed.

"I try to be! And I guess that's why I signed up to decorate the gymnasium for that dance coming up without realizing I would still be the only name on that list come the last week to set things up. Now, I don't know about you…but I cannot decorate the gym in a week by myself when there aren't even decorations to set up!"

As he assisted me at picking up my photography pictures…again…I thought out loud.

"If you have time after school, I could help you make some calls to get the decorations in by the day before the ball." Wait…I shouldn't have said that! Goodness…how stupid of me! Of course Nathan…THE Nathan…isn't going to want help from ugly old me! UGH! Why do I have to be so odd?

"That would be great! Just text me the address and I'll see you when I get there, Woods! Here's my number," he took my hand and wrote all seven digits on my palm. All. Seven. Digits!

"Alright, see you then," I smiled. "Oh, and Nathan?"


"Watch where you're going next time, would you?" I giggled as I walked past him and into my photography class.

It seems like it was just yesterday that I started taking photos of myself posing professionally. My teacher, Miss Patsy, adores my pictorial art. The assignment over the weekend was to take eight meaningful photographs of ourselves showing no facial expressions…using only our surroundings as the story. I hope mine are worth at least another B+!

"Kaylee, there are only seven photos here and an odd looking processed piece of meat on bread in a baggy. Where is the eighth photo?" Miss Patsy investigated.

"I…I uh-…oh no! I ran into Nathan, literally, in the hallway right before this class and he must have taken my eighth picture! And I suppose that he'll be missing his sandwich at lunch," I replied. "That's okay, I did take extra photos for the fun of it! May I hand one of those in instead?"

"Does it still fit the criteria?" she asked.

"Yes, ma'am."

"Then hand it on over, Miss Woods!" she said with a smile. Being her favorite student sure has its perks!

As soon as I got to the house after school I ran up the towering staircase with haste, and as fast as my dainty legs would carry me, I zoomed into Donna's office (which she never even uses) and snatched up a professional looking yellow envelope. Then, I covered the kitchen table with photography class pictures of myself and carefully chose some of my favorites to send to Mr. Ronald Moore at Style Matters located on 5th avenue in a town only about two or three hours from here. Sending these photos could be life changing for me! Or not…who knows.

Before I even got the table cleared of my photos, there was a knock at the door. Nathan.

I ran and opened the door. "You made it!" I exclaimed. "Come on in!"

"Thanks, Kaylee! You know, I really appreciate this," he said as he stepped inside and closed the door behind him.

"Oh, don't thank me yet! We haven't even made any calls, and you can't expect this to be a cake walk!"

"Of course not! It's the catwalk, duh," he laughed…and I couldn't help but do the same.

We made some calls in the kitchen and just like that, the decorations were covered! Including an actual catwalk from one of Hiedi Klum's fashion shows! And, of course, lots of sparkly things and lights to illuminate the faces of those who walk the catwalk on Friday night. Then, after a few hours of laughter and work, I was once again alone in Donna's huge house with yet another huge list of "tasks" to tackle. Here we go!