For princesspearl's 200 flavors challenge

first up: lucyscorpius

love confessions on paper napkins

a series of nextgen drabbles & freeverse

He's silent,

as he stares at the four walls surrounding him,

everything he thought he knew has fallen apart only f i v e minutes ago,

she called him blind,

said there must have been some kind of mist keeping him from viewing things,

told him she







but he doesn't know what that word means,

he's [S C O R P I U S],

he doesn't fall in love.

And yet, here he is,

headoverheals for this girl with an obsession for cinnamon hazelnut coffee


a habit of being late to potions.

How did it happen?

He knows how he fell for her,

but why would she love him?


He's got eyes the colour of charcoal

a h e a r t five sizes too small.

And yet, she does,

and he's made a ((terrible)) m i s t a k e.

/pick yourself up & go find her, boy.



gets up off the bed && runs down to the gryffindor common room,

it takes a lot of persuasion,

but Albus lets him in.

lucy, young lucy,

she looks so shocked when she sees him standing in the door way of her dorm,

(she's always underestimated him, after all)

her eyes widen and she opens her mouth,

but he's too quick,

and his lips are covering hers perfectly in a second,

and he knows instantly,

as she







him back,

{he's f o r g i v e n}


as skinonskin contact is made,

he knows everything will be alright,

just so long as he's got her.